UnoTheActivist - Spiced Lyrics

[Yung Gleesh:]
(Check, aight, go)
Crack table, black table where we shootin craps at (craps)
Ass crack, boof pack, Act gon' pass that, we past that
30 thousand dollars in the hatchback
Flashback, abstract like who da told pet pack
Knapsack, 30 pints of syrup no flapjack (flapjack)
She take a nigga down, no talkin, no flap back
Young nigga sound like me no sand sack
Sand sack for a billion dollars to get wet wet
What the Hell Gleesh talk about bein back back?
40 gram up and get down they toe check that
Flauntin all down and off and dal and off a private jet
I'm a get it, who ya kiddin? I ain't get challenged yet
Head shot... drink (drink)... stand up... drink (sip)
Sit down... drink (drink), and I ain't lose my balance yet

[Uno the Activist:]
I need to roll a blunt
Ya, what ah ya what hah huh
Coolin on the block smokin dope to the face
Niggas gettin smoked on the block erryday
Partna he a crook of the partner Nine Trey
Sending out the shots, it get hot erryday
Movin out the block with the stalk, set up shop
Mixin up the red with the wop with the work
Oh yeah, free the Wop, throw the guap on the thot (bitch)
Diamonds in my watch, all you niggas finna watch (hey)
(What ya what ay ya what what
What ay ya what what ay ya what what)
They wanna fuck with my team, I keep me a chopper it came with a beam (oh)
No janitor I got the keys these bitches they comin straight for the beast
All of my dope please, it will turn any nigga to a fiend
I swear to God now these bitches they come, no way these bitches won't leave
I keep a drum, loud rututututm, the Bentleys they up in my sleeve (ya)
Niggas they come, but I keep a bum, or leave a nigga on his knees (what)
Bitches they come, mollies on tongue, now all my hoes get along
I feel like I don't belong, I guess I'm on VLONE

[Maxo Kream:]
Ay take that nigga down
Hit him for those pounds then you leave, not a sound
Kick a nigga door, tie him up with the zip tie
Stomped on a nigga, yeah I don't let shit fly
Killers on his head, do the drop for a quick toe, I ain't never been a bitch
Squeeze on the chopper till the gun go click (doot) dogs goin bark, keep it low like Vick (like Vick)
Serving out the trap with the extendo sticks, going for the six-four, no nintendo shit (uh huh)
Sixty for them wops, they three a pop, we got a lot
We pull up on your block, we set up shop, we give em out
Mix Hi-Tech with that wop with soda pop, it's for my cough [*cough*]
Got ten packs of them Xannies, they go for Peyton Manning
Double wrap and seal the pack, hollows, hydros, dirty ratchets
Frontin in that spinach, cabbage, gasses, masks, smashes, spazzin
Catchin blasts, hold the casket, Hi-Tech blastin, taste for taxin
Leave the package down at Franklin, Reptar niggas, we Jurassic

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UnoTheActivist Spiced Comments
  1. Kendrick Haynes

    Uno went in

  2. Chino Casino

    Maxo Wiped his ass with this track

  3. B Taylor

    Uno got the best part ㊙️㊙️

  4. S G

    maxo kream

  5. yung acid

    uno the activist a g

  6. Lancelot M

    yung gleesh a geeeeee dawg

  7. Nate Armstrong

    Yung Gleesh is the worst rapper in the game

  8. Juan R

    Uno slid on this


    this is a gleesh song. it's not by uno

  10. Ted dickens

    This shit makes me wanna chug lean till my dick hurt shit is FIRE

  11. love love

    maxo is the truth.

  12. Gucci2Timez

    man uno killed this shit man

    Stone killer oo

    XanLord true was at the skatepark listening to only uno part🔥


    YVNG STONE yea vro, make some good clips on this heat!!🔥🔥

    Stone killer oo

    Sub bro i gotchuu

  13. TrapVibes

    i am disappointed

  14. beanher

    the 2nd verse was the only good verse really😂 other dudes sounded weak as hell

    Henry H

    splash man L

  15. Ballout

    lol who is yung gleesh

  16. Rickeeey! rickeeey!


  17. Jacob Herrera

    that 21 savage flow tho

    yung smokey

    all of em been rapping before 21

  18. Luc Boyce


  19. tony Alzalde

    came for maxo kream fuck the rest

    yung acid

    tony Alzalde fuck u

  20. A Boii Called Sunni

    this shit wavy

  21. Trapped

    Uno killed this shit though for real,gleeshy did his thing and maxo keep it cool💯

  22. LIL PCP

  23. Krayonshin


  24. Trippy23K Gaming

    Blood Gang Bitxh 034 Piru Shit Wh108P Wh108P But My Bros 60s & 90s Cripz 😈 Plug With The Stones The Lordz The Kings & The 4C Hustlers ⭐️

    Jamarius Heath

    AlphaX_Gamer Gaming fuck that shit

  25. mind5et

    Saw the artists and thought ok then i heard k swisha and lost it

  26. Rayo

    Shit go hard

  27. Kevin Packerman


  28. Zae Joseph

    As soon as i seen the names featured in tha song i knew it was gon be gas

  29. yungBruce wayne

    that shit is lit asf

  30. JMoneyProductions

    Uno shit stay LIT!!

  31. Kevin Schreitel

    maxo kream 🔥🔥🔥🔥😈

  32. Tyler Henry

    playboi carti unotheactivist lil uzi vert and thouxandband fauni is the wave

    Sean Baron

    Unnoticed comment of the millenium


    Damn they all killed it, aint disappointed

  34. Angus Johnson

    this channel has the fire

  35. D Beatz

    When I heard K.Swisha's tag I knew it was gonna be fire.

  36. Jabri Williams


  37. MrJj295

    damn first good gleesh verse in awhile finally

  38. Chad Deline

    trigga maxo never disappoints

  39. Jordan Robinson

    the gleesh dude is weak

    noah emmons

    yeet hell nah

    Legge mento

    boy you weak botch

  40. Ricardo Diaz


  41. Shonen

    Came for Gleesh

    Was not disappointed


    +Metro Boomin' ayeeeee


    same here 🙏

    Carlton Mccombs

    i think we all came to get geetchie


    hell no carlton, came for uno and maxo

    GAbe_ LiVe

    Yung Shonen lo

  42. 555 WOES


  43. Yvng GOAT

    It seem like Uno hasn't been the same since I Doubt It