UnoTheActivist - Left Alone In The Dark Lyrics

(12 Hunna on the beat)

Riding round round round with it
Yeah you know baby I'm committed
I ain't never lie, tell a tale
Baby you can back me like a mother fucking bail
Then I told that lil baby, can you please come here
Let me whisper something in your ear
Let me stick it in your derrière
Waiving your hair don't care
Back home you don't need me
Yeah I want to beg on my knees but
I'm gonna keep it G, so
Now I can't be on my knees
Woah Woah Woah
Why you gotta be this wild
Yeah I want you, you want magic
Why you wanna trip out today
Know we at the top like 42 baby
A bitch gonna hate you too good touché
Why did, why did the blu-ray, stop disc
I don't play games 2K
Nigga try me, Imma pull up with two K's
I don't think your day is today
Drop it, drop it like a bad fade?
I ain't stare at you the wrong way, you on opp shit
Why it gotta be this way (why woah woah woah)

[Trippie Redd:]
Sipping tea baby, ain't no hoe up in my jeans baby
Why the fuck you wanna leave, baby
Yeah, car
Push to start don't need a key baby
I'm just racing, need for speed baby
Do the dash like need for speed baby (aye)
Like a flower I gotta sprout
Moving in and out
Swerving in and out
Switching them lanes
Baby you should stay
Stay for a while, baby
Stay for a while (aye)
Stay for a while (aye)
Come play for a while
Take a break for a while (aye)
Baby stay for a while (aye)
Stay for a while
I just pulled up with a bag, hoe
I just pulled up with a bad hoe
Yeah your bitch can get a bag bro
Got that apple

Baby tell me why you mad for
I don't mean to be an asshole
A lot of hundreds in my bag though
Call a nigga in his bag oh
I don't want you, now I want you
I do not know but it's something about you
Baby be honest cause you like [?]
She gone roll it, roll it roll it
Baby look at my wrist Rollie Olie
I don't trust niggas cause they all phony (fuck em)
Baby act like she know me
She don't know me she wanna get to know me
Baby she suck me she thotting (Oof)
Pockets fat like a fucking [?]
Baby know that she doing the most
Baby I want you, I don't want them hoes
I Just want you, I don't want no more
My love is for you, now my heart is gone
Baby stay true, keep it strong
Imma put you right where you belong
She beat on my chest, like King Kong
Been a minute since I heard your ringtone

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UnoTheActivist Left Alone In The Dark Comments
  1. Irvin Garduno

    This shit is so fucking fire

  2. Ozzy McDonald

    Are they dropin this fucking song soon

  3. idk xxgga

    I remeber listening to the full version shits gone now😩

    Mohamed Hussein

    idk xxgga I got if y need that

  4. Derrick Moss

    Hey guys this is the full song -
    #nowplaying Left Alone In The Dark by UnoTheActivist feat: Trippie Redd via the @audiomack app. @1djdonka

  5. Sev. zen

    Where the leak to it now I forgot to save it someone send/tag me/ add to group chat idk give me this song


    Sev. zen

    idk xxgga

    @simtrixs goat


    idk xxgga Thanks bro


    Put this on SoundCloud pls

  6. Lexi Valdery

  7. Lexi Valdery

  8. NAZ4R3TH

    this song is on my channel

  9. Cozyjaylon

    This hoe dumb on god

  10. Sev. zen

    What’s the official song and when is it official dropping I need this


    lll lll Ay bro I need the song can u plz send

    Sev. zen

    The stay deleting it where it at now?

    Lexi Valdery

    Sev. zen

    D'Mitre Jones

    Pat Jk god bless you

  11. Sev. zen

    Bring back this official gem

    Lexi Valdery

    Sev. zen it’s on my channel

  12. GTR KURO

    What happened to this song? Did they take it down

    Lexi Valdery

    It’s on my channel !!!

    Lexi Valdery

    Sev. zen

    lll lll your link got taken down where can I find this song again ;(

    Sev. zen

    Lexi Kartrashian your post got taken down not even a month out ;(


    ByThett what is it called