UnoTheActivist - Feelin Like Jumpman Lyrics

What, what
Boy, I got me a panoramic view now
Uno, I killed it

My view panoramic
Come hang out on the mat
Wanna talk me through, baby like Charlamagne
Ask me for real name, give the hoe the other name
Walk around big diamonds on my neck, 2 Chainz
Feelin' like Jumpman, need about six rings
Told her, "Shut the fuck up, suck on the big thing"
Hello, I'm Drip Reed and I drip codeine

Bitch, I'm a man wit' sell light
Hoe got a fat ass, little cellulite
At nighttime never stop at the red light
Baby, come here, trying to see what the head like
All white diamonds on me, lookin' like a nightlight
Bro was locked up, had to send a little cat eye
Gotta put a lil bitch to skate like esquire
Guess I gotta take my talent elsewhere
Got a big chopper, let it burn like Usher
I can't even cap, I don't fold under pressure
These niggas caps gon' burst like Gushers
Beat a nigga ass, take a four, that's a mud-shot
Seen the nigga next day sittin' at the bus-stop
He done fell flat, wouldn't even heard the gunshots
Shootin' at the stomach, now he lookin' like a nunchuck
Dreads on my head, I'm a little bum bomberclaad

My view panoramic
Come hang out on the mat
Wanna talk me through, baby like Charlamagne
Ask me for real name, give the hoe the other name
Walk around big diamonds on my neck, 2 Chainz
Feelin' like Jumpman, need about six rings
Told her, "Shut the fuck up, suck on the big thing"
Hello, I'm Drip Reed and I drip codeine

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UnoTheActivist Feelin Like Jumpman Comments
  1. SHINE

    Da 808 switch 😈😈😈

  2. Reek Money

    how does this not have amilly

  3. Kyle Ryan

    He birth gunna

  4. Big Chungus HUN


  5. Shad 23

    Once the bass kicks in 🔥🔥

  6. Gabby Lopez

    This shit go awff smoking big gass bitch

  7. but ok idevenk why i have to name my account

    808 went crazy

  8. Aaron Martinez

    0:02 DiG

  9. Francisco Davis

    Before keed, gunna, and gotit


    ⚛🔯✡, ⚛👿🔮🔫

  11. old cat

    bro why u gotta do us like dis with em lit ass minute and half singles

  12. M N

    This is the best song in the world

    M N


  13. Edoardo Biasco


  14. D HAll

    Hardest shit out rn

  15. Matthew 2700


  16. Rafa Litz


  17. yaaah

    Lyrics please. Im tryna make w.e he said a caption for one of my photos 💅🏽

  18. andrew sanchez

    uno u so cool

  19. Diam Tv

    dis flow fye

  20. Its seanskii

    Just patiently waiting for this song to blowup

  21. Maz Skrt

    The video AND song are fire why hasn’t this blown yet wtf

  22. Harjyot Sohal

    wait did this man just change the 808 mid track? thats hardd afff

  23. Txiv Neeb's Waffles and Shrooms Instrumentals


  24. tyler ross

    bae come here tryna see what the head like !

  25. Twizz The Whiz Kid

    Drop a visual for that 'Ashanti' though.

  26. Ryan

    U wanna be carti so bad lmfaooooooo

    fAtbOY JaY

    Ryan wtf you even talking about ?

  27. Isaac James

    one day everyone gunna steal this flow

  28. max stone


  29. Conner smith

    He look more like gunna than gunna look like gunna

  30. UkiGamingHD


  31. 555 HOTLINE

    REWIND X 99......

  32. Jaye Gee

    YESSSSSSSS 😫😫😫😫😫🙏🏾

  33. lil yuckYT

    told her stfu suck ona big thang

  34. Robert Calotescu

    u look like a grown up uzi bruh

  35. lxmonbeats

    @prodcaliber killd this beat

  36. BLAt Bryan

    Assss assss asssssssss assss assa sasss assss assss assssss asssszsssss asssassassassasssaassss only good thing is the beat 😂

  37. Jhonny Wall

    When the full song coming out bro?

  38. Nathan Ikeda

    Anybody else miss splur gang?

  39. Third Eye Genetics

    You gone broke my trunk...

  40. Bigews05

    I hope I’m not the only one that hear gunna when he was rapping I think I’m going insane PLEASE TELL ME THERES SOMEBODY OUT THERE THAT HEARS IT TOO ok but he did lowkey take playboi carti adlib but still please tell me there’s somebody who hears gunna in this man voice

    Culture Vulture

    Both gunna and carti ran off with Uno's style that's why

    fAtbOY JaY

    Niggas like you still sleeping 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

  41. Its Silxnt

    Uno got big ass eyes

  42. Luis Rosario

    Not what the youth needs cant even understand this niggas

  43. Tom Snipes

    Hot caca💩💩💩

  44. DukeEnt

    This hoe beatn 🔉

  45. CedgeNegativeZero


  46. leonard sanchez

    he sound like lil got it and lil keed this flow garbage

  47. Maso24k

    Sound like LilGotIt! Lmfao 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️it's cool doe uno u known for stealing flows

    fAtbOY JaY

    Maso24k FOH 🤣 you big cap

  48. Freebase Reese

    WHOLE MOOD💪🏾💎🔥.

  49. ImOnTeeVee

    This go dumb but would be retarted if the bass was louder

  50. Daji

    bro the flow on this is crazy

  51. ImDontai


    fAtbOY JaY


  52. Tcnmg OGPAPII

    Free Reggie 💚💚💚 on folks

  53. solaris

    Uno was inna Raq recently? I see hella Chicago mfs.

  54. I-Vanessa R


  55. Gastros Wings

    Got a big gun let it burn like Usher. That’s fuhh up

  56. D1 Vlone

    Not Reggie baby

  57. Jordan Brown

    need a whole uno album of these type songs THENNNN AND ONLYYY THENNN he should go back to old uno

  58. jose manuel

    Slapper of the year!!!⚰️⚰️⚰️

  59. Big Nook

    Uno a trendsetter no lie just watch in 6 months what the other trap artists sound like and they gon have the same flow

  60. Louis Casal

    0:43 snapped 🔥🔥

  61. Gray Davis

    voice biting bash barti

  62. Fasho Rosay

    This shit fye y’all trippin lol

  63. 55villar

    Lol playboi catri took dudes flow n ran with it.

  64. willy

    Go crazy!!!

  65. slatt Cruz

    all these rappers sound da sameeeee
    And this someone who actually listen to all aspects of rap

  66. Steff

    SHIT had me bored af

  67. Your Friend Greg

    Woah I just slipped into a k hole listening to this shit

  68. MilkyWay

    This thahhh heato

  69. Reek Money

    my view ..

  70. Alicia

    Feeling like that Beezy 🥂😍💎❄️🦁💯

  71. Mohamed osman

    Walmart brand playboi carti

  72. A-aron

    1.25 🔥

  73. luh 4rehn

    i need to know what striped jacket that is he’s wearing 😓

  74. Phillip Anthony


  75. Fashboi Beats

    Before the mili🤝🥇

  76. Sayan Andrews

    i love this non melody all bass beats uno go hard on these

  77. sonjack1981

    Uno the God.

  78. Veronica Gill

    I mean- this is. Nice

  79. Juan R


  80. marvino139


  81. Nez ECKS

    Niggas gon ignore that fact that this is a “Free Uzi” bite? 😭😭😭 song hard but goddamn

  82. Gold Leo



    Dreds in my head I’m da Rasta boy bloodclot twin ⛓🖤

  84. I am JET

    RIP 2013-2017 uno. I don't think I can fuck with all this "woah" shit.

  85. ONE PUNCH MAN ヲぱグ


  86. Sur 4th

  87. Rayarchive Gaming

    He trynna do that uzi shoulder roll 😂 0:16

  88. iAmSlump777

    This bih hard!!!!!

  89. snowglobal Kid

    you dig🔥🔥🏀☄️

  90. bender rodriguez

    Lol, people stay making the same sound. Same shit, over and over and over. These 1 minute songs are hilarious too. Writing music is tough, but 1 minute songs??????

  91. Tsunami Waving

    Damn Uno still using thugs flow, smh please go back to "My Woes" type of flow.

  92. isaac k mabry

    Sounds like "Sauce it Up" by ilovefriday

  93. UnoTheActivist

    All white diamonds on me lookin like a night light. DIG!

    Alexander Korolkov

    Ты что творишь? Разнёс мне всю квартиру 🥵🥵🥵

    Kaymo Fetti

    Broo its crazy cuz that line automatically hooked me to this hoe

    Deal Mar

    Where is dynamite ?


    sometimes I wonder if uno make his own beats. It's way too synchronized.