Unloco - Face Down Lyrics

I sign at the world
Because you don't seem to care
And if I grow old
Then you were never there

And yet it's hard just to find
The only way back inside
The only way I could let this go
And how could I justify
By taking what's deep inside
And lie face down
And lie face down

And if I could
Then you were so over this
And then we face its soul

I'm face down but no one knows

And I bleed
Then I will bleed for you
And it's hard to see
To see what I see in you

And so I just realize
That everything that I fear
Is back in my face only again
So put me out on this floor
Cause that's the way I've been
Since I lied down
Since I lied down

And if I could
Then you were so over this
And then we face its soul

I'm face down but no one knows

I feel it's the same thing I had
Since I fell hear, I fear...

I sign at the world
Because you don't care
And if I grow old
Then you will never come back

I'm face down but no one knows

I feel it's the same thing I had
Since I fell hear, I fear...

I'm face down but no one knows

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Unloco Face Down Comments
  1. Felipe Pinheiro

    2019 🤘

  2. Moises Gonzalez

    2019 suckasssssss

  3. GC Monkey

    Love dis band, great song! Gracias por la musica...

  4. Marlo Paxson

    Thank you Google Play for introducing me to this band, I know I'm a little to the party, but Google Play plays this band all the time and I love them!!

  5. Jacinta Nielsen

    Back in the day... when street teams existed. I got their material in the mail. Fucking love them.

  6. Shawn King

    Christ where the years go?!

  7. Nathan Sirois

    All the really good bands end too soon😭

  8. fred durst

    man i love being drunk while cranking this badboy

  9. Kwame Coleman

    2000s best years of music

  10. Ysamar Calatayú

    2018 Love this

  11. Hammerking

    velhos tempos

  12. Mario Alvarado

    I saw them opening for The Offspring back in 2001 when i was 14yo, i just remembered them randomly and wanted to listen to them again.

  13. Frieza

    Kill me

  14. green 182

    Is that Brian Arthur ex-Goldfinger guitarist?

  15. Spellman Pat

    is the lead singer Miguel Alvarez from oz ???

  16. S M

    They need to comeback!!!

    Christopher Denton

    simon martinez Hell yes they do. I remember when I get this album I was so stokes. I played this song so much.


    They are back I believe.

  17. S M


  18. Metal GuitarSolid

    Unloco, was me, and my best friend's, favorite underground band. He shot a lethal bunch of dope a few weeks ago, gonna miss him....


    RIP this album got me through some tough times...


    Metal GuitarSolid Source?

  19. KoDeeZ x

    I always have this on a playlist for when i play runescape to bring back all that damn nostalgia !

  20. Jerome Krammes

    At least you can remember them

  21. ElloMyFriend4

    So underrated.. :(

  22. JoshJDee

    How is something so bad possible.

  23. smashley429

    Right I saw them 15 years ago, One of the only CDs i have bough at a concert <3


    saw them in like 03 or 04 and loved them. bought album and they signed it. awesome guys.

    Christopher Denton

    smashley429 when you could buy albums by mail this was one of the first albums I ordered


    Joey your the shot brotha

  25. Diego Viteri

    muy buena ban da

  26. Ramūnas Kvaščevičius

    great song :)

  27. Andrew Price

    Freaking love unloco they are saw awesome people need to play more of there music on the radio. Most underrated bands ever have talent up the ass love them.

  28. Rob Hazel

    One of the most underrated bands ever really...they deserve much more

    Michael McHale

    +Rob “CaliRobbiecation” Hazel They're back around. They do shows here and there and planning on recording soon

    Aaron Mosqueda

    I totally agree, great in concert and the music in rocking. i love this song!!!

    Danilo Aga

    totally agreed

  29. Barricade2091

    My #1 song when I hate the world. 

    Soldado de Juan José Torres

    feel u man

  30. Exequiel Delgadillo

    lo bueno se repite que pedaso de banda    de mis inicios en el new metal seguime con lo bueno

  31. kylgenius

    Unloco is having a little comeback show in Austin, TX in September!

    David Scates

    Saw them in Lubbock a couple nights ago! Fuckin sick!

  32. Andrew Heller

    Always thought the singer looked like steve-o from jackass

    Mike Beyer

    yo me too! haha


    Yup.  But I can see William Fichtner in there too.

    Pogo's Ego

    Fun fact he is stevo cousin.


    i can also see nicholas cage too..

    my usernames an inside joke you wouldn't get.

    @Pogo's Ego no hes not and thats not evn fucking funny immigran t

  33. Wilson Jimenez

    go fuck yourself. i wanted to kill myself listening to this. free buzz

  34. Ilxfauno

    I miss this band

  35. neossayan

    Genial !

  36. jp198404

    there was a time i was depressed just listing to this band for a good month i had to force myself to stop listing to them. god dam i hated it but i really liked this band, sad that they disbanded but if they didn't i probably would of committed suicide listing to them again. the power of music.

    naikjoy x

    Listen to Stabbing Westward - Lies........ and just that song.

  37. Cory Danrich

    I used to own this album when i was in middle school. Still good!

  38. adriana drika

    gostei bastante dessa banda eles são demais...

  39. Juan Andrés Rivas

    check out the video of empty live!!! amazing

  40. Phyllis Hand

    Lol fragular he really does!

    David Draiman is secretly apart of 2 bands and nobody knows :o

    Joshua Wallace

    Phyllis Hand the only time I saw them they where opening for disturbed... Coincidence...lol.

  41. fragular

    their drummer looks like dave draiman from disturbed lol

  42. stephanie reddicks

    Hell yeah man unloco is fuckin awsome!!!

  43. Stefan

    this fuckin video is badass...damn i wish they didnt break up

  44. maddy arkle

    damn songs touch my nerves, too much


    maravillosa banda, de las pocas que en verdad se merecen ser conocidas

  46. Lucifer SkyWalker

    band pretty bad ass,
    song too

  47. nin9pra08

    these guys need!! to come BACK, 4 real!!

  48. Lucifer SkyWalker

    its pretty bad ass check out breaking Benjamin

  49. forseeporno