Unloco - Crashing Lyrics

Every time that I bleed it's my affection
Every time that I come clean it's my humiliation
And everything that I say, I say to save myself
Everything that I say makes
My world come crashing down
Every time you're near me
I feel I'm crashing down
Every time that I breathe it's to keep you alive
Every time that I see it's to watch you say goodbye
No more words inside my head
To save my ass this time
No more words inside my head
When it all comes crashing down
Every time you're near me
I feel I am crashing down
I feel I am crashing
Every time I breathe I breathe for you
And every time I move I move for you
And ever time I see I see for you
And everything I do has been for you
Every time I breathe I breathe for you
And every time I see I see for you
And everything I do I do for you
And everything I do makes it
All come down
Everytime you're near me
I feel I'm crashing down

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Unloco Crashing Comments
  1. Rodrigo Pinto

    damn... i miss the old nu metal

  2. Brandon Barrett

    This my shit!

  3. Jimmy Skaggs

    The ex singer for unloco is now a local singer here in San Antonio Texas,very cool dude to hang around and his new band is great

  4. Tydus Tarien

    This song is amazing at 1.5x speed

  5. Sean Hurley

    Little Nicky and Music As A Weapon 2 brought me here.
    Fucking good band.

  6. awg6397

    Its a goddamn shame music like this isnt still being made in 2019

  7. kireid champion

    This that shit, from 04


    Best Madden song ever?

  9. sykotikxneumonik

    I was really into this band in high school about 10 years ago. Thanks Google play music for helping me remember this band by sticking them in my nu metal playlist.

  10. 510LIFE OAKLANDER510

    MADDEN 04

  11. Lebron James

    who still listen to this in 2017 besides me?


    Lebron James me

  12. Spartacus

    Everytime you´re near me I feel like crashing down

  13. Justin Taylor

    Madden 04, arguably my favorite Madden game and soundtrack.

  14. DonNoDraper

    Madden 04 best song I remember sophomore yr. of college not playing the game.e just listening to this song lol. #Goodtimes

  15. liloreolil

    isn't there a different version to this song? I don't remember it sounding this soft...

  16. Cody Baker

    Madden 2004! Best game soundtrack! Tony Hawk Proskater 2 soundtrack was sick too!

  17. James Moon

    Madden NFL 2004 brought me here. Great game with a great soundtrack.

    Elliott Feiertag

    Yep, me too, James Moon. That’s what brought me here on this page. Madden NFL 2004. Man, I can’t believe that it’s been 15 years since I’ve heard of this band, Unloco! Of course, I still have the game, though. And every once in a while, I just listen to the soundtrack of Madden NFL 2004. And, God, is it ever so awesome!

  18. arrowguy173

    Madden 04 - still the best soundtrack! Miss those days playing with Peyton and the Colts...

  19. Dark Spartan

    two thumbs up! miss the old madden days!

  20. Jay Bird

    They should make a comeback. This band should have been famous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jessica Nieto

    +SKAR Venegas crazy that they weren't i dont get it.

    Todd Phillips

    madden nfl 2004

    Bryan Lenihan

    Jay Venegas They just released a new single called undone like a couple weeks ago

  21. Terrance Young

    it should be a crime for this band to be as underrated as it is

    Jay Bird

    +Terrance Young too true!

    Terrance Young

    +SKAR Venegas I wonder why this album isn't available on the iTunes Store

    Jay Bird

    @Terrance Young I know right?

  22. GurahkWeavile

    I remember this very fondly from Madden 04!

    Dr. Video

    Indeed the best one from Madden 04

    Lebron James

    GurahkWeavile yes you ain't lying



  23. 32zover

    Love this song

  24. David Scates

    Broke my neck headbanging to this Friday night! I had the privilege of watching these dudes again after all them years. Amazing!

  25. Kyle Hacker


  26. Jason Saari

    This song is still great.

  27. Mr corn


  28. Boogie Lopez

    U guys get down love that song!!!

  29. TheGeblo

    almost 10 years past and im still listening

    Matt Guenter

    yup. me too. And I'll never stop listening. 

    Ethan Ulintz

    TheGeblo 13 now ;)

  30. Ice Knight

    Bestt song ever from this album! ;D

  31. nerdling301


  32. Kodringo

    So you created a Youtube channel... just so you can reply? xDD Das nice

  33. Mathias Amarillo

    sup leo, school starts tomorrow

  34. Baubauzable

    Great quality, great band, fucking underrated

  35. WildfireWiffler44

    use youtube mp3 converter search it up on google its free i use it all the time

  36. Kodringo

    Unloco and Anew Revolution are 2 different tones. Unloco go's deep into you. Anew Revolution makes you wanna break stuff

  37. WildfireWiffler44

    this reminds me of the old days of wwe/f

  38. RPG Bro

    Can you do that please? I would appreciative it greatly.

  39. Bull1the1Great

    @CODNinjaman I can send it to you on e-mail if you want ...

  40. boydofw

    MADDEN 04!!

  41. RPG Bro

    I wish I could download this song.