Unloco - Bruises Lyrics

Please leave me alone
For I cannot let this go
It's the lie that I live
Everything that I give
Shut the fuck up!
Please tell me that I have grown
For I have bruises left to show
And I fall in between everything
Let me see
Come on get up
Let me see your bruises
'Cause I will never let you know
'Cause I will never let you go
Please leave me alone
Let me see, let me see, let me see
Come on get up
Let me see your bruises

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Unloco Bruises Comments
  1. Arsen Sarsenov


  2. Tommy Locker

    songs been on my mind for ten years could not remember the name for shit

    Tommy Locker

    yeah reading the comments... I probably remember it from true crime la too.. ha

  3. peepeerogers

    This was the song that put me into metal back in 04' when i was 7

  4. Delsin Sefer

    When Kim says don’t mess with my discount 0:43.

  5. Stephen Walker

    I have to get out of this traffic 😭😭😭

  6. Michael Jones

    Saw them at Ozzfest it was insane

  7. Nate TheGreat

    SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!! I love that part!

  8. WindShinobi590

    Probably commenting too late to get an answer to this, but where in The Matrix Reloaded did this song play? I remember it from True Crimes, but not The Matrix. O.o

  9. Depression Cherry

    Matrix soundtrack!! Lots of memories ;)

  10. Francis Stevens

    Holy shit, this is soooooo fucking catchy!

  11. Velimir Baxa

    Didnt hear that since highschool

  12. NightCrawler775

    Cruisin through LA

  13. Robert Brown

    please don't take dis down whatever u do

  14. Game System

    Listening to "'Cause I will never let you knoooooow" while shooting on the targets during my gun training in True Crime was one of my most memorable moments in gaming with my Gamecube.

  15. victorspell1

    A perfect song for a WWE promo in 2003!

  16. Michael Lee Powell

    still listening to this song!! the second hard part is still so fuckin sick!!

  17. Igor Bartyna


  18. Frieza

    I replayed old games and found this great ass metal band holy shit this song is hard

  19. CommonCommentatingCommentor

    They don't call me quick nick for no reason... not that reason!

  20. Josh Spivey

    saw unloco at ozzfest in Camden

  21. Frantzen79

    Cmon, get up, let me see your bruises!

  22. Sailor Mars

    I cant be reasonable. I just want to shoot you.

    -Nick Kang


    I'm not gonna reason with you. I'm just gonna shoot you.

  23. Frantzen79

    Not even Matrix: Reloaded could help them succeed, too bad. Would have loved to hear more from them.

    Arif Eren

    They are active again.

  24. reddit account


  25. ConfuserOfficial


  26. bigshexxy

    Damn, how many different types of games and movies used this song?

    Justin Johnson

    Too many but who flipping cares? Haha.

  27. fox fan 100

    freeride revolution 2 brought me here.

  28. David Mcmenemy

    Their Facebook page for anyone that wants to keep up to date with them:


  29. Darkless4X

    \m/ (◣﹏◢) \m/

  30. Knight Life

    Dropping jump kick! See, woop ass ain't just my licence's plate.

    Knight Life

    Me too, I still have the game though, I play it on my 360 sometimes.

    Knight Life

    Word, ty, sleeping dogs actually was supposed to be the sequel.


    +Christopher Alexander Fucking amazing game, too bad he was underrated

    Knight Life

    @KevDOOMER​ Indeed bro.

    Viktory Gaming Network

    +KevDOOMER One of my favorite games on the gamecube

  31. Exequiel

    recordando lo bueno unloco para recomendar    seguime con new metal

    Alex Capuma

    Excelente banda sale en el 1er cd. De matrix recargado

  32. JonaGamer 360


  33. Purple Dragon

    To COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. EpilepticSeptic

    there must be a coincidence when the matrix and true crime streets of la have the same soundtrack....nick kang is neo perhaps..

  35. The Konan

    this song is cool

  36. Human Being

    The Matrix Reloaded brought me here :)


    Probably commenting too late to get an answer to this, but where in The Matrix Reloaded did this song play? I remember it from True Crimes, but not The Matrix. O.o


    @WindShinobi590 Wanna know it too :/


    gamesoundtracklover I asked on another video and if I remember correctly, I was told that it wasn’t actually in the movie. Just on the soundtrack.


    @WindShinobi590 Too bad :/ that song is fire!

  37. Purple Dragon

    This Song Is Just To Awesome.

  38. colin wood

    Great gym song

  39. Conner Gillott

    "I have the need..... the NEED FOR SPEED!" Nick Kang True Crime Streets of LA

    Tolga K

    True crime definitely!

  40. Kira206RC


  41. vai patri

    this band is so great

  42. Halas Randell

    Oh shit! Its Dim Sum time!

  43. Nemanja Bogdanovic

    I know this from True Crime

  44. MaGiKzzGaming

    They're probably inbred.

    Nick Huttash

    And your probably a dipshit

  45. Jeffrey Fox

    We of the disliked, Won't back down, accept your bruises.

  46. Ramon Oliveira

    True Crime: LA!

  47. KobKhunKhap

    I remember playing True Crime Streets of L.A and smashing in criminals faces while this AWESOME song was in the background!!! Now I am motivated to play it again!!!!! FUCK YEAH!!! Thanks for uploading this song !!!

    Sandan Saiyan

    Or when you should help brother

  48. Deepzter. Glxy

    so similar to: And So I Watch You From Afar - If it Ain't Broke... Break it

  49. oaketree

    This would've been the perfect song for WWE PPV

  50. Stece

    Nice :3

  51. V XII

    it's not heavy metal. it's nu-metal (new metal)

    Sean Hurley

    What about this band makes you say they're nu-metal? I don't hear any pop/funk/rap influences in there at all. Just metal.

    Jonnathon Grabs

    @Sean Hurley its simply nu metal ignorant asshole

    Sandan Saiyan

    It's not new metal it's post grunge/rap,alt and industrial metal.This is how you should explain a genre

    Sandan Saiyan

    @Sean Hurley lol. Technical aspect,lyrics.Lol.Listen LP. Sound is similar. And what tf you add funk to nu metal? Pop metal wasn't even created that days.Rap?Korn,LP and early Deftones and Slipknot . They almost don't rap

  52. crusher979

    true crime streets of LA

  53. Aaron Biex

    AWESOME .....

  54. mathew perry

    its after this type of comment usually the dislike bar grows:P

  55. TheStonerFTW

    Best part of the song hahaha

  56. Santos Traineira

    showwww! good

  57. Garret1912

    reminds me of my Krav Maga class and me getting my ass kicked by a Israeli chick bitch dragon kicked me in the stomach

  58. neossayan

    THIS is PEACE 4 my soul.....!

  59. vincent dunn

    How the fuck could you not like this song

  60. justin cutshaw


  61. Ramon Whörms

    u know it =)

  62. stealthyaccalia

    true crimes :D

  63. Alex R.

    good times :)

  64. Sullius Varian Carius

    Same here. the other song (which is my favorite) is "Minerva" by Deftones. =)

  65. BRTI

    My neighbours used to talk loud infront of my window. I guess they got the message.

  66. Ramon Whörms

    omg i remember this song from true crime!

  67. St3aua86

    This was on The Matrix theme also ;)

  68. ReijiSenpai

    true crime streets of LA. straight up

  69. beastmode mcgee


  70. thelinus199

    Unloco / one of the best nu metal bands !

  71. whosup1

    8 people got told to shut the fuck up :D

  72. Paul Sylvester

    aww.... 8 dislikes

  73. stupidvampiretwat

    @improvisedcinema1 "who ARE these people"

    Well they're clearly more famous than you. In the grand scheme of things, that's hardly important.

    I'd like to know what you think qualifies them as "shite".
    But then.. If you like Disturbed, I guess we don't need your answers.

  74. Jesus

    matrix reloaded



  76. spartan11111118

    I REALLY want this to be ported onto a guitar hero.

  77. Boris K.

    Such a wicked fucking voice. I love it

  78. Betzywetsy ♡

    i get wet listening to this.

  79. John Barney

    Love this song. Saw them yearrrrrrrrs ago in Baltimore with Shinedown.

  80. fraank69

    @camcam443 it was beaver!!!

  81. Craig L

    Dear the four people, COME ON, GET UP AND LET ME SEE YOUR BRUISES.

  82. silverskills1

    four pussies don't have any bruises to show

  83. Emanuel Echevarria

    i need kill 4 persons. ¬¬

  84. Gilbertdu62

    0:41 Haha I'm gonna put this on my phone and play it when someone pisses me off

  85. Redstar One

    @7MasterJedi7 "Its dim sum time"-Nick Kang

    Massive shootouts while listening to this = epic

  86. Conner Gillott

    "Man I should of taken the bus..." - Nick Kang from True Crime: Streets of L.A

  87. Lingie

    @fcoutts14 You and me both. At one point, I had only this song playing in the playlist because it was so awesome.

  88. fcoutts14

    I LOVED listening to this song on True Crime: Streets Of L.A. on those many missions where you had to race across the city to get somewhere in time! - good memories.
    (Now, if you will all excuse me, I'm going to dig up my PS2 and play True Crime once again. :) )

  89. Timothy Key

    i remember this song from the matrix sound track.

  90. GreenMatrix 30seven810172324

    great song from the matrix reloaded soundtrack

  91. TheVlads Frontman

    @DamonHillsPB What are u talking about?A lot of people listen to this kind of music :)

    michael maghi

    TheVlads Frontman

  92. John Doe

    @Prayerrr7 man, that's my favorite part!

  93. Shianne Hutch

    @camcam443 well .. That is just terrible.. Who would dislike this !? D:

  94. Sal Rodriguez

    this band was fucken great even better then anew revolution

  95. Similars


  96. ian hoole

    i think this is the first song i have come across with 0 dislikes awesome :D

  97. Luis Espinoza Zuloaga

    i dreamed with this song! god its been so long! great song!

  98. xXfillippoXx

    this song is sick the first scream is so sick "shut the fuck up!!"