Unlike Pluto - Burn After Writing Lyrics

A letter written to my past self, yeah
Don't treat your youth like a jail cell, yeah

If I, could do things differently
If life weren't a mystery, yeah

And I'd tell myself
Not to go waste your time alone, a lonely throne
I would change everything
I would change everything

Wish I didn't dwell on heartache, yeah
Wish I had known it's just a headache
Wish I'd spent more nights away
Throwing up behind a pizza place
Instead of studying biology
Wish I'd studied more anatomy

If I, could do things differently
If life weren't a mystery, yeah

And I'd tell myself
Not to go waste your time alone, a lonely throne
I would change everything
I would change everything

In retrospect, I should forget it
I turned out fine
I'll burn this letter, I'll just forget it
I turned out fine

And I'd tell myself
Don't dwell on the great unknown, you're not alone
I wouldn't change a thing
I wouldn't change a thing

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Unlike Pluto Burn After Writing Comments
  1. Thaddeus Anthony

    I never get tired of listen to this song. I think it was my first pluto tape. And it seems the bass just pumped up...AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  2. PyrettasPet

    thank as always for your wonderful lyrics (the whole song, too, of course!) Just grateful for the good timing on these lyrics ;)

  3. TheShippingRoyalty

    This is pure gold, man. I have a feeling that this song will be helping a lot of people make some realizations about themselves. I know it did with me. Don't change your past. You won't be who you are now that way.

  4. Dark Snack

    Yooou are insaneeee!! I love so much every song you do <3!

  5. VinnyVoctpropi

    Can i ask you something how and when did you learn to make an acoustic guitar sound like this and where can i learn if not from you?

  6. somesortofpotato

    All of your music has a very special place in my heart and music library. I'm so glad I found you

  7. Helyotrop ex

    I Remembered The Song Of Old Snake Game In My Father s Old Phone With This Song And This Is Really Weird :/

  8. ShInIgAmI

    I identify myself a lot with you, your songs are great! I can't stop listening to every one of them

  9. Junabul Jishan

    take love dude ❤

  10. Lorraine Davis

    It's time for us to go to Pluto.

  11. Swipent

    I love all your songs. This one spoke to me on a personal level and got me a bit emotional. Thank you for this song and please keep making more.

  12. NextGenNinja

    Your videos always end up on my offline playlists. At this point I'm always auto-liking and adding them to my playlist before I can even get through them! It's amazing. Keep your stuff up man it's so so good.

  13. xtax Gamer56

    I love you músic 💪😎

  14. Preston McBuralli

    Your music is awesome!!!!! I love all of your songs so much.

  15. Sunset Lover

    i love these tapes so much like <3 i love unlike pluto

  16. Nexus


  17. Jinxx

    great music! perfect for the nocturnal writer in me

  18. :3 AWeFaM

    I don't know why but it takes me a long time to warm up to a song and just today I was listening to it so much, I really like this one.😄 Also for the poll Mosh Pit if by far my favorite.

    Unlike Pluto

    Thank you :) I loved making mosh pit too!

  19. 100 subs with stupid vids

    Hey and hello from germany, love you as an artist, and i just want to say that your songs are great and i hope that you get more famous (cause you deverse it)

  20. The stories of lance

    like, tambien tienes fans en latinoamerica XD

    Like, you also have fans in Latin America XD

  21. Hehe.

    God damn, you actually changed my opinion about life with this song, always thought that life is so harsh towards me, always blamed it on others, now I see that I was a fool :) realized that I’m wasting my time and that I’ll regret it later . Fuck man, thanks!


    Didn’t really think about the lyrics until recently


    Man u make Great Songs
    I am 4 days late damn
    Btw:how Big Is your ego becoming from all these positive comments?I mean they dont tell lies u rly make good songs im Just asking:-P

  23. Maga Skill

    Hello sir, can i ask you if may use unlike pluto - Western Love for my video? For a answer pls contact me here: [email protected] or yt comment section

  24. Nilgün Gümüş

    I was writing my feelings on a notebook all time (Not like a diary) then I swore I wouldn't write anymore because I lost someone.
    It's been 6-7 months and notebook still on my desk.
    I won't write until everything's all right.

  25. Kata Neisz

    Where is the last verse of the lyrics in the song?

    Unlike Pluto

    Kata Neisz it was an alternative bridge! Figure I still show you guys those lyrics ;)

    Kata Neisz

    @Unlike Pluto I really liked it as well^^ Great song by the way, found my new favourite from you:3 keep it up!^^

  26. R4G3

    Unlike pluto is amazing, holy damn.

  27. Artificial Aesthetic

    I freaking love this song. Actually I love all of your songs. You are an amazing singer. I love listening to your songs while drawing. They give me inspiration and seeing a new one makes me smile. Keep up the good work!

  28. Laguoinze Dbz

    Il y a des français ici ?
    Unlike Pluto c'est juste excellent j'adore chacune des musiques et elle part dans mon top 10

  29. yazmin s.

    Another song of yours I relate to, I almost cried reading the lyrics, it's something i've been struggling with for a long time, especially this year and I really want to stop being afraid to live and just let go, I've spent too much time being alone and feeling down because of it, I sometimes feel like i've wasted my youth but I love the message of your song, now I feel reassured that there's nothing to regret, that's just how things went, I still have the chance to do things better now and learn from my mistakes, Thank you a million times you're an incredibly talented and sensitive human being <3

  30. Shovine Bojraj

    Dude, where the hard rock tracks ??? your making too many mellow music, once in a while is good but i think your strong points is when you bring the hard rock element into your music, mainly in the chorus.

  31. -Novie-

    Thank you for this song! Honestly this song I relate to so much, and enjoy very much. While listening to it, it inspired me to draw a photo based on it. I dont want to advertise myself so just ask if you want to see it :)

  32. xxmessymindxx

    I absolutely hate pop genre, but the lyrics in so many of this persons songs are amazing, so fuck it....take my sub and love.

  33. Aylen Oh

    I literally thought that my screen was broken

  34. Orange Gurps

    Love your songs. 😍

  35. B G

    Every time there is an upload you check it out and every single time it blows your mind! Thanks for all this amazing music, for each and every song!

  36. Kassandra Ortiz


  37. aubryflorence10

    Moi aussi je t'aime.
    Tu es très productif et c'est toujours bien. 🐢

  38. Laurio

    Your music feels like the soundtrack of my life :)
    Love every single song you make! <3

  39. Carson Griffin

    This song helped me cut someone off who was a close friend of mine but ended up ruining my life in the end thank you so much (I'm pretty sure Armon is your name) for helping me do the right thing :)

  40. PsYchomi

    Thank you!
    Now i know that i am not alone with my thoughts!
    I would never change my past, because i would not be who i am now!

  41. Helel11

    Words are sign of the life.
    You signed my life.
    You are a part of my happiness.

  42. K0rr0s1v 6996

    I know that you hear it a lot, but man, you're the best artist that i've heard in such a long time, love from Brazil btw

  43. Blue Rose

    such an underrated artist

  44. Travonous

    Couldn't be Who you are now, Without the Darkness or the Struggle. It's Never meant too Break us, Being Tested, is to Prove to ourselves. Wrong for what we Doubt. Life is not Pass Fail. It's Live and learn.

  45. Marko Salep

    "I'll burn this letter
    And with it my fears and regrets
    Let the shreds collide with the air
    I regret nothing
    Because life is the greatest puzzle
    And all of my hurdles became pieces
    That made my reflection appear" i really wanted to hear this in the song

    Unlike Pluto

    Marko Salep it was the first bridge I made, but the melody didn’t fit :( wanted to share with you guys

  46. Noups

    I'd like to change some things bc I know I will regret it in future and I regret it now at some point too. .
    I would love to do art things and let them be my work.. I'd love to be a movie director and scenarist or an actress or doing scenography, I'd love to be comics or books author, musican , animator ... But in my country it's really hard to become one of this and to get good payed for this.. People earn really less money that they should for their hardwork.. So i know I can't do what I love, nothing with my passions to become someone who'll get payed enough money to have a good life.. My parents want me to be a doctor, or a lawyer bc these are good payed works in ny country. Here I must work so hard to become a doctor and it's even more hard for me as I don't like anything what is needed to be one and there's a thing that kills me - that I have no time for what I love the most

  47. Vanda

    You are so amazing 😍 Really nice song ❤

    Unlike Pluto

    Vanad Pie ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Red Panda

    I remember listening to the first song you uploaded to YouTube I thought "who is this guy, I'll give him? her?......(clicks video) Him! a listen (listening......listening......\( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)/), this guy is great I'm going to stick with him" I'm glad I did. Can't Wait to here more.

    Unlike Pluto

    Red Panda thank you red panda!

  49. 3 cousins

    Fire + pen = firepen +unlike pluto burn After writing

  50. Cardi123

    2:11 that badass start to the drop got me off guard. Tbh that was pretty badass😂

    Unlike Pluto

    Jagdaw _ thanks! Can’t wait to release the 2019 stuff :)

  51. Opris Adriana

    18 dislikes= 18 kids who are not burning after writing but they are drowning

  52. Ashish Bains

    Sir I'm your big fan I'm from india you come in india

    Unlike Pluto

    Ashish Bains I would love to tour in India!

  53. Instinct

    Unlike Pluto <3

  54. Lawrence Daw

    Describing lots of feeling, makes me wanna cry and smile
    Thank you unlike pluto❤
    Real artest

  55. TkoDav

    Its hard to describe sometimes what kinda music i like. But when it comes to your music its like its been made for my taste of music exclusively .its bananas.i love it

    Unlike Pluto

    TkoDav why thank you 🤘😊🤘

  56. MeG4 GAMING

    I love your songs 👌👌 ty :))

  57. Queen of Cards

    Yeah! We can all keep searching in the past who broke us and why the f*ck we broke ourselves, but hey the last time i checked broken crayons still color the freaking same!!

    And damn you're fanbase is lit Pluto!!

    Unlike Pluto

    Queen of Cards agreed, love that crayon line. Thank you, this community is the best :)

  58. Arsala Saeed

    I'll go through everything because it brought me to this stage of life. I realized the worth of happiness after drowning in sadness. 💗

    Unlike Pluto

    Arsala Saeed I completely agree, sometimes we have to go through sadness to reach happiness :)

  59. Carson Griffin

    I lost count of how many times I listened to this I think I’m on 27

    Unlike Pluto

    Carson Griffin that’s a good number :)

  60. Mirs

    Who else is here listening to Unlike Pluto to pull through finals week? I have calculus for tomorrow...

    Unlike Pluto

    Amineko I loved calculus!! Good luck on finals :)

  61. istodor puternic


  62. Pegaponycorn ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    This song is perfect honestly. There's so many things that have happened to me or that I have done that at one point I wish I could change, but in the end it all made me who I am today.

  63. Carson Griffin

    Dang it dude this is the second song in a row that has described my life and current events I love it and I can’t stop listening

    Unlike Pluto

    Carson Griffin thank you! We seem to be going through the same things haha

    Carson Griffin

    Yeah pretty much hahaha

  64. Faisal Mirza

    i really love your music ❤️❤️❤️

  65. Reuben Trevena

    I was weirdly happy today, and this release was just the icing on the cake, thank you for the music.

    Unlike Pluto

    Reuben Trevena 🍰:)

  66. cZn_Spizzy

    I don't want to change who I am, but it seems that a lot of people don't like me for who I want to be right now. It's a rare struggle, especially when a person like me doesn't want to change to fit in, and it sucks. Most people who feel like that just give into the peer pressure, and they almost lose all of their individuality. Another beauty, Unlike Pluto. :)

    Unlike Pluto

    cZn_Spizzy it’s also meeting the right people! I think it takes courage to stand up for who you are, not giving in to any societal pressure. We need more people like you :)

  67. Meede

    thanks for another amazing song unlike pluto

  68. blec

    Man, the last lyrics is not in the song! Hope it was...

    Unlike Pluto

    blec it was first bridge that didn’t make it into the song, but wanted to share with you :)


    Thanks for that then ! I'm happy you share that much with us! :D

  69. LilumGlorias

    The refrain has such a dope nice sound! woooow It's so deep and high pitched guitar at the back reminds of ambulance sounds (is it an easter egg?)!

    Unlike Pluto

    LilumGlorias unintentional haha :)

  70. Wolfglass

    My bigest dream is that you come here, but is mexico :')

    Unlike Pluto

    wolfglassART I love Mexico, would love to tour there 🇲🇽:)

  71. Shayllox

    Now this goes with my current life vibes aaahhh love the lighter sound and theme ❤️

    Unlike Pluto

    Shayllox thank you! I thought we needed a light hearted sound to balance things out :)

  72. Alex Flores

    Speak spanish
    Dame cocoro :v

  73. GoroAkechi

    I love this so much and I love you even more! cant wait for next week, finals are coming up but I'll get a song so it doesn't matter

    Unlike Pluto

    Blue_.d._lana good luck on finals :) 📖!

  74. Besign

    Another beautiful song, thank you so much for the mind blow😍❤️

  75. FE4R X

    That beat change (drop, same thing) tho... 😲😲😲😲

  76. Ziyx — Thomas Fox

    I'm crying :'( I love lyrics and chill low pitched guitar

    Unlike Pluto

    Ziyx — Thomas Fox thank you :)

  77. Fernando Olvera

    Epic! The best!

  78. Sarah Schwarz

        └📁Unlike Pluto
            └📁Bad Songs
                └⚠️ This folder is empty

    Unlike Pluto

    Sarah Schwarz haha no that folder has a lot on my laptop :)

    Sarah Schwarz

    @Unlike Pluto Nah, this folder is empty on my laptop ✨


    @Unlike Pluto PLuto sHHHH your music is fireee

  79. Shacor1323

    It's a good day when you wake up to a new Unlike Pluto song. Great work as always man. Thank you for making such awesome music.

  80. Christopher Garcia

    My boi comes back with more music! Writing a letter to ur past self then burning it cause you wouldn't be who u are today. Damn dat true and ur music fits perfectly with this genre. 👌👍

    Christopher Garcia

    Another like from Unlike Pluto himself! :")

  81. jump _art

    A good song like always

  82. I am a cold person

    And the magic of music continues. Thank you @unlikepluto.

  83. Ancient

    Your voice is the end is 🔥🔥😍😍😍

    Unlike Pluto

    Ancient thank you :) 🔥🖤

  84. Zolixar

    I love it dude :3

  85. Slinny

    I'm totally in love♡. And I would be even more if you came to Germany with a tour or something one day xD

  86. Mike P

    Your discipline for making music is amazing! I want to give a sincere congratulations to you, I had didn't see an artist with so much effort in his musical releases. Thank you so so much for a weekly song, you deserve too much success with your music.

    A big hello from a big fan of you from Colombia!

  87. SirSquids

    I wouldn’t change a thing about this song I love it keep up the amazing music

  88. Lux Kairos

    Here again with another awesome song and a meaning. Unlike Pluto keep up the good work.

  89. WARDified Gg

    So stoked to pull the hipster card on all my friends!

    (Adjusts man-bun, caresses mustache)
    "I was into Pluto BEFORE he was an international Megastar."

    Unlike Pluto

    WARDified Gg :)

  90. Kevin Rocha

    Man, what happened to this part of the song in the lyrics in the description : "I'll burn this letter And with it my fears and regrets Let the shreds collide with the air I regret nothing Because life is the greatest puzzle And all of my hurdles became pieces That made my reflection appear" , why that's not in the song?

    Unlike Pluto

    Kevin Rocha that was alternative bridge I made, but still wanted you guys to see lyrics :)

    Kevin Rocha

    Unlike Pluto Still a great song tho !!!, Thanks flr putting the lyrics in the description, Is very useful for people like me whose first language Is not English :)


    Coincidentemente a rachadura na parede é quase igual a da tela do meu celular. ✌

  92. Panda Lord

    Omg!!! Yess another song !!! 💜💜💜This is an amazing song.

  93. Victoria L.

    *sees unlike pluto has uploaded*

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)...( ° ͜ʖ °).......( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o).......( ͡◉ ͜ʖ ͡◉)!!!!!!!!

  94. TWP

    I really love your music, you truly are something special on this platform.

  95. Lo0t

    Wow, this song is even more strayed from an established style than most Pluto Tapes. But god damn is it good. So melodic its absolute bliss to the ears.

  96. Unlike Pluto

    I once wrote a letter to my past self, wanting to change so many things, but then realized that I wouldn’t be who I am today, so I BURNED THAT LETTER. I love you all.

    Crazy Sky

    Unlike Pluto
    Aaaa ilyt, that's a great lesson tbh-

    Leisa Irwin

    Thanks-I love you for telling it in this song. And for sharing yourself with all of us. Happy Holidays-feel the love.


    My therapist told me to write a letter to my past self. I don't know where to start...


    Hardly find a song i don't instantly like,keep up the great work :)!


    Steins Gate? xD