Unleash The Archers - Heartless World Lyrics

You're a living sin
You're the harlequin in a one-act play
And you've given up
Even though you can't say why
So your hero died back in 69
Well that's no excuse
To go lose yourself in a FM headphone high
It's a heartless world
It's a heartless world

Have you had enough?
Are you going back to that crazy place?
Are you listening?
Am I talking to myself?
Well it's sad to say
But i'ts just that way
And it'll never change, never change
Have you won or lost?
You know it's hard to tell
It's a heartless world
It's a heartless world

And some room to breathe
May be all you need
To get on your feet
And the time to step outside
And see the sky
Oo, no, no, no,
It's a heartless world
It's a heartless world

Will you control me
Will you please hold me
Don't let me show my vicious side

If you disown me
If you've outgrown me
I'll change my name
And say goodbye

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Unleash The Archers Heartless World Comments
  1. Edward Roberson

    Mom wants to know who died back in '69? Is there anyway to ask Brittney or "Teaze" this question?

  2. Zach Seigel

    I really hope the new album is just an absolute melter.

  3. kike ypg

    cleaning the house with unleash the archers in the background looks like I'm fighting a battle with the broom

  4. David Treer

    Great song

  5. David Treer

    Great song what a voice

  6. Valerie Bennett

    Makes me wonder what this band would sound like with any kind of real vocalist male or female...that voice is torture just awful sounds like a 85 yr old cig smoking g'ma with her dentures out repeatedly falling down the stairs while trying to scream for help while having her hair ripped out by the roots n chunks....lovely really...i mean who listens to this seriously.... my ears were so offended not sure they still might just shrivel up an fall off

    Nia Gillies

    This what they call sarcasm, kids.

  7. gundawg

    a band I must see live..... real music lives again

  8. Florian Liard

    I want a duet Brittney Slayes & Floor Jansen

  9. Isaiah Welch

    I don't think I'm going to get over it...seriously...

    Brittney's voice is...amazing. I've said it before, I'll say it again: It's almost like Rob Halford had a daughter, and named her Brittney Slayes. She's that good.

  10. ART ROCKS77

    OMG!!! This is so Awesome!!!!!!

  11. night pilot

    I just found another favorite band!

  12. Rhyino

    This is an epic song, however, this doesn't feel like a heartless world anymore. The song feels like a loving world. Your voice is to good, to be bad.

  13. Guy Nicolas

    O M G !!

  14. databloom70

    Great couple of covers they've released recently; but who's excited for Apex part 2 in the spring?

  15. Andrew Bako

    Please do a duet with Roy Khan!

  16. 333Lightspeed

    Just so great! You guys from the northern lands of America:-)

    Nia Gillies

    Yeah Canadians are amazing. Vancouver Island people are the best

  17. W W

    I'm so happy she did a softer song with that beautiful voice!

  18. Travis Begaye

    I like it alot! And that Britney Slayes is a babe!

  19. Jay Gonzales

    that was a good song i like it

  20. revsus88888888

    This song gave me goosebumps! Great musically and vocally, incredible song! 🤘🤘

  21. Die Aligra

    My Fav!! <3 <3 <3

  22. Nephilim Heart

    This is way too visual for a "lyric video"

  23. asherasator

    One of the best, Metal bands on earth.

    Lightangle Melinated

    I like, your comment.

  24. Jozef Šuchań

    Very good song. And it's as old as me.

  25. Dark Ranger Sylvenora

    With instrumentals only, it sounds like Avenged Sevenfold

    Nia Gillies

    Sounds more like Teaze from the 1970's

  26. keith vincent

    Now please do a coney hatch cover,devils deck would be cool.

  27. keith vincent

    A great band picked a great cover track.

  28. Qwerrrz

    Holds the voice long as Chester screamed in Given Up, she got it.

  29. gregg konitski

    Someone in this Band must be related to King Midas everything they touch turns to Gold!Amazing cover by an amazing band

  30. Anthony 123

    Would love an Iron Maiden cover, think these guys could carry on from where maiden will eventually pass the baton on

  31. Max Matthews

    Stuff that is new!!!!!

  32. Kevin Lynch

    Britney, middle name: Always.... Slays

  33. Schwagg

    The song is great!! The wardrobe...not so much. The yellow jacket really doesn't fit with the song, the band, or really even the genre. It's like they had the band come in on a cold day in Canada and made Brittney do a lyric video on the spot with whatever she was wearing...by the way, when you have a body like she does, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to cover it up with a winter coat anyway. Like parking a Lambo in the garage. I also like to think she requested that angle around the 3:50 mark. Like she said, "If you're gonna make me do this video in this fucking coat...at least give me about 10 seconds of random twirling around with it falling open so I can assure the fans I still have a rockin body"

    Last Thought:
    Delain puts out Hunter's Moon and now Unleash The Archers put out Explorers...I really hope these are just little tastes to hold us over for the real upcoming releases. I know that's most likely the case but still...fuck eps I want ALBUMS!!!

    Nia Gillies

    The original song is from a Canadian band called Teaze and a Canadian Band covers it. The winter jacket is Canadian.

  34. Isaac Anderson

    unleash the archers :) great band

  35. Tomar uma para falar sobre

    Saudações brasileiras! Fizemos um review do álbum Apex: https://youtu.be/3iFRfz_2h6A



  37. Briana Pearson

    Love this band. Their sound is always solid.
    But holy crap the video quality was abysmal. 😱 If it were me in charger of this project I would have let the music speak for itself... the whole image of her in smoke and all of that green screen? Just no.... either make a live action vid or a lyric vid. Keep it simple.

  38. memo

    the best CD of this band was Time to stand still, this song sounds Good but that CD(2015) was Amazingggg, like a jowel.

  39. ShepherdOfFire

    Those Scorpions vibes...

    Nia Gillies

    more like a Teaze vibe


    @Nia GilliesYou're right, I hadn't realized that it was a cover until now that I read your comment.

  40. Matthew Stevens

    Powerful music. Filled with emotion. Her voice is beautiful. Cant wait for more.

  41. Lars Zacharias

    Message me for a good Musicvideo production ;-)

  42. Waël Dh

    The music is great, her voice is perfect, but what the hell is this video ??

  43. Maruan Domingues Sayegh

    Rock rock,rock de verdade e sem frescuras...

  44. CK Turul

    The video came out great... but it just bugs me that she is singing in a white winter jacket .. .LOL

    Nia Gillies

    It's the Canadian way

  45. Roman Plch

    I'm excited, so far everything from you is great. THX

  46. Michell Pastor Santos

    Beautiful Song ❤👏🤘

  47. Arttturo Reyes

    More songs​ please

  48. Alma Yesmagambetova

    OMG this band is too good to be true. It has all of the musical elements I enjoy. And that voice is just above all voices

  49. valomies

    Can't wait the new album. Good job Britney and the boys 🤘😈🤘

  50. Jhossbert Gonzalez Casique

    This is beautiful!

    All the best to Unleash The Archers.

    Greetings from Venezuela!

  51. Micheal Adams

    Who did it better, Teaze or UTA?????

    Teaze version is really good!!!! I'm torn.

    Nia Gillies

    The Canadian Band. Ohhh that doesn't help. Seriously to me UTA

  52. FatalArrival

    Very epic! \m/

  53. Sepilein1

    damn her voice when she´s singing something softer is amazing..but her rougher one is very good aswell.
    Wonder why youtube never show´s their songs on my recommended. Only shows the same 2 songs all the time i almost missed this one ;/


    Listen to "awakening" by unleash the archers, these guys are so unbelievably talented

  54. Aries 101 schurch

    Wow it’s hard to believe that much power can come from a voice!!! Awesome whole band kicks ass! Northern star says hello!

  55. Darkice Metal Film

    great cover & video 👍👍👍💀

  56. ᕼᑌᗰᗩᑎ ᖴᗴᒪᒪᗩ

    Most excellent!🤘

  57. 1234Harro1234

    See you at Rockharz 2020 <3

  58. Kazeshini

    Brittney slays it again. Enough said.

  59. NativeNewMexican

    I like the song a lot, similar to Lita Ford. I would guess that the unimpressive music video has kept it from getting the level of reach it should have.

    Nia Gillies

    It is a cover song on an ep so don't worry your pretty little heart



  61. Heri Joensen

    This is inspiring, well done!

  62. cristiam mott

    What good band, I didn't certainly know it

  63. TRENDKILL 77

    S L A Y E D ! !

  64. thorfin Skullsplitter

    Where’s the rest of the band? Have seen this numerous times. Executives take the face and voice of the band and make her a solo act. Shouldn’t happen here, but watch out.

    Nia Gillies

    It's a heartless world.

  65. Rancid Jane

    Great singing Ms Slayes. Well, okay, great is a substantial understatement. What superlative could I use?


    I've often wondered if a word existed to justify use in explaining what comes out of her mouth. I've yet to find one that doesn't fall somewhat flat for an accurate description.

    Nafisah Mohamed

    Awesome. Terrific. Fantastic. For me at least.

  66. Rancid Jane


  67. Julian Ruggiero

    This is fantastic

  68. GTOberfest

    This is the most underrated band out there today. Seriously... respect from the 🇺🇸.


    Agreed !

    Alfred Rivera

    True statement

  69. jonh5

    Uuuuuuuu It’s a Hodlers World ! 💰

  70. Souls Of Sorrow

    Music is just like everything else in this world... a regurgitation of the past!


    It's a cover... literally has to be something from the past to be a cover.... that's how covers work.

    Nia Gillies

    Thank you captain obvious it is a cover song. That is the very nature of a cover song.

  71. Robert McKellip

    I was tired and worn out..and now I'm not. Thank you.

  72. Robert Phelps Jr

    Very true

  73. valentin garcia pereira


  74. Mathieu Tourangeau-Poudrier

    Like that sound reminds me Hammerfall , rock on !

  75. Nameless One

    Like when she takes on high

  76. CFH 420

    I was really disappointed until i found out it was a over song.

  77. rebellos00

    near the end it sounds like rob halford's solo album

  78. Zack Garner

    Seems I'll be buying yet another album.

  79. Helmut Biehl

    Yes, that is a cover of the Canadian TEAZE from their best album, "One Night Stands". I still remember, when I bought that album in 1979, I put it on the player with shivering hands and it blew my mind due to the great songs and the perfect production. Good to know that UNLEASH THE ARCHERS appreciate it as well as I did....

  80. Marshall Snyder

    Floor, and now Brittney...oh my...too much for my old heart...these voices....

  81. M Daddy

    take my money. and get on tour!!

  82. SikoneMX

    They could make a perfect cover of Crimson Glory’s Masque of the Red Death. 🤘🏻

  83. Juan and done!

    I am going back to that crazy place...drinking again 😥😥😥😥😥

  84. Sovejszon

    Music is ok, but I don't think you know the cruelty of this world. I think you should read more about world history, especially before 1969.

    Nia Gillies

    weird comment. This is a cover song

  85. Ade Enga

    Who else followed absolutely none of the lyrics?

    Nia Gillies

    I followed every lyric

  86. KronMizter K

    Aweome singer awesome song!!!!!!

  87. lasse maja

    Do i hear some old style Queensryche vibes?

  88. Daniel Spasov

    That 15 sec note it's something else.... one of the best vocals out there!!!

  89. Dehmitz

    I first heard Unleash the Archers on WSOU's (Seton Hall University's station) show Over the Ramparts. And my initial reaction was, "Who. Is. That. Girl?" Ha. Of course, the entire band is stellar. And it made my day when my Unleash the Archers merchandise arrived. I was so excited to get a shipment from Canada! Ha. And Brittney was super-gracious and wrote a nice message for me and my husband on the postcard about how they hoped to see us rocking out at one of their concerts. I'm on a mission now to see an Unleash the Archers show. And visit the Minnesota State Fair so I can see the giant cow parade float.

  90. Joseph Arnao

    Will you please come play the Palace in Albany NY already!!!?!!!

  91. Александр Сидорок


  92. Ovidiu Pop

    Unfortunately I didn't felt the spirit of Unleash The Archers in this piece. It is first time when I didn't fall in love with a song of UTA at the first hearing.

    Nia Gillies

    if it makes you feel better it is a cover song.

  93. Omar Yáñez

    yo creo que la cantante en su mente tenia una idea muy buena para este video clip, pero claramente las personas que se encargaron de la edición y producción se preocuparon para que quedara peor que un video casero jajaj, lo malo es que se puede ver afectada la canción, pero para mi la música siempre puede mas ...

  94. MicroGroover29

    Huh. I know now, northerners are built differently than anyone else. Txin yaxtakuq(not exact)

    Nia Gillies

    we islanders are a different breed


    @Nia Gillies for sure. Where are you from?

    Nia Gillies

    @MicroGroover29 Victoria BC Canada. where the band is from


    @Nia Gillies 🇨🇦🤘🏽

  95. The Metal Mag

    great voice and great solo

  96. TheBassManJeff

    I am never disappointed by this band.

  97. Onuma

    Honestly, I think I could listen to her sing just about anything. Damn, she's fantastic.

  98. Alex Kitte

    I love this amazing voice!

  99. Maksym Yermak

    визуальная составляющая - дерьмо! Песня отличная!

  100. Greg Strong

    It’s a brave new world