Unleash The Archers - False Walls Lyrics

To the south there's a city, ruled by a serpent-tongue
Spinning his lies and tales, blinding everyone
When I come to end this tyrant, he spouts words of silken twine
Winding me in vapours, mystifying, clouding up my mind

Then I recall words of warning said by my master
Never allow for his enchantments to penetrate
Know his weakness is my strength; overcome this haze

Overlord your reign is at an end
Your false walls are crumbling within
Oppressor your spell has come undone
Defy no more, impostor, overlord

Once I see through the veil he has conjured out of dust
Trapping his followers in a world they cannot trust
Like a curtain hangs his doctrine, enslaving all who hear
I must destroy this web, free the people, alleviate their fear

As though a fog has been lifted, cries echo around us
And like his brother before him I feel no remorse
He will lie upon the altar, a well-deserving course

Overlord your reign is at an end
Your false walls are crumbling within
Oppressor your spell has come undone
Defy no more, impostor, overlord

You conjure your false walls
Impostor, you surround us
Your serpent tongue is enslaving everyone
Oppressor, overlord
Your doctrine, just vapours
Your lies are leading the lost
I will end you here

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Unleash The Archers False Walls Comments
  1. Jozef Šuchań

    This song is my drug. I'm addicted to it.

  2. Burning Spork of Doom

    Best song on an already exceptional album. This one put in them in the big leagues for quality in my opinion.

  3. Just Another Buckethead Fan

    I listen to music for the plot
    Seriously, this album is great

  4. Magmanv65


  5. Don Johnson


  6. Thai Daher

    Please do the lyrics and animation for all of Apex's songs!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. Pablo Naveiro

    Alguien que se hace llamar "El padre de los subtítulos" debería saber escribir la palabra "Confusión"...cada vez que veo "confución" se me parte el pecho

  8. william raphael santos

    absolutamente ÉPICO !

  9. Maruan Domingues Sayegh

    The vídeo remember me dark souls.

  10. Таро Гадания online

    to much video games

  11. Shady Steve

    6:13: es Torgar?

  12. Antonio Chaparro

    Hola amigo, muchas gracais por tu trabajo. Ya te ganaste otro subcristror y otro like. ¿Sera que puedes subtitular Apex?

  13. projectill

    my fav song of the Apex album

  14. vylvyl

    Apex is so far the best fusion of power, melodeath and heavy. Awesome plot along the album, awesome voice and instruments.

    And awesome MV of course :D


    vylvyl Granted that i havent listened THAT much of Apex but i dont melodeath at all.


    Well, every song in Apex is unique, giving some strong vibes for old-school bands. I also love how this album is way more professional and serious than their older ones. Not surprised they've got their hands on a Napalm Records.

  15. databloom70

    The image at 6:00. Awesome. Any one know who the artist is on that one?

  16. Ari Tapper

    What are the pictures from?

  17. Ari Tapper

    Seriously well-done man, excellent work.

  18. Chad Pink - ZillaFitness

    Well-done. My favorite song of 2017.