Unleash The Archers - Cleanse The Bloodlines Lyrics

Here you are, you've finally come
You're mine, at last! I've waited so long
Listen well, this is why you are here
I need you to find my sons

Journey wide they're spread across the land
They will hide they know what I plan
My sons were born for one purpose only
Their blood my elixir of life

Return them alive, I'll kill them myself
I'll open their throats and drink from their skulls
The ritual is very precise
Bring them to me before the planets align

The altars wait in silence, an effigy
Soon their purpose divined
Blood will run as rivers upon them
The time has come to

Cleanse the bloodlines, free me from the clutch of
Death incarnate, my reign must never end

Unearth my descendants, find them and bring them to me
Feed my insatiable lust for blood

I can give what you've longed for your whole life
Freedom from this earthly tie
Know this in your heart of hearts
Betray me and spend eternity as mine

Cleanse the bloodlines, free me from the clutch of
Death incarnate, my reign must never end

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Unleash The Archers Cleanse The Bloodlines Comments
  1. erem H. Castel

    does anyone else have trouble not tearing up at that last "My reign must never end"? as someone who loves vocals i just get crazy moved, every time

  2. Jeff Wolinski

    I just came across UTA and have watched as many vids and listened to as many songs as I can. All very good, but this one is just f-ing phenomenal. One of the best videos I've ever seen, and the song is outrageously good, especially Britney's voice, just killing it!!

  3. Omar Sharif

    I really want to see you guys live 😭

  4. Matthew Angelo

    When you play D&D with a bunch of metalheads

  5. jedi foghorn

    Wheres the robot dinosaurs?

  6. Edward Hook

    I dig it.. anyone else getting a Dio vibe..

  7. Liam Fisher

    Hesitant to click on a bunch of white people singing about cleansing bloodlines, pleasantly surprised that it's about fillicide and consuming your grown young. Would click again 10/10

  8. Magmanv65

    Genialne !!!

  9. Thomas Butler

    They'd probably win a land battle, but if they took to the sea, they'd better pray to great god Odin that alestorm hasn't already claimed the waters. There, that's my drunk metal nerd comment for the day.

  10. Butter Frog


  11. Damon Ashenfelter

    Drummer: fuck this period correct shit. i'm keeping my porn stache...

  12. DJ North

    7 minute eargasms. That's how I describe Unleash the Archers.

  13. Logan Griffith

    frist time listening to them, i like

  14. brenden j

    so how does one become a falcon trainer? Not asking for a friend, I 100% wanna do it

  15. Micquan Dawson

    Can’t wait to see them in March in Detroit :o

  16. Yaldabaoth

    2:45 Birb dabs on poor woman's face.

  17. 300bpm

    Good songwriters

  18. Christopher Jackson

    Anyone else wonder who "Death Incarnate" is? She's not just afraid of death, but it sounds like there is a physical manifestation of it. Wonder if that will get covered in a follow up album. After all,The Immortal isn't the only immortal now, and "something is coming" for him. Maybe he gets to work against the Matriarch next time. A battle of the immortals.....

  19. AJP247

    The world: Cleanse the bloodlines
    Alabama: NEVER!!!!!

  20. Muku88

    i am getting Vikings vibes <.<

  21. Real D Hop

    Who’s ready to play Skyrim now

  22. Ned del Delaney

    First time I've heard of these legend a fan right away

  23. Leeth Starwatcher


  24. Nícolas Wildner

    "Hmmm" - Geralt de Rívia

  25. Derek Jahne

    Pretty rare for me to get goosebumps from a song these days, but holy shit this song does it for me every time I listen to it

  26. Nerdsammich

    The title made me scared there was gonna be some racist undertones. Super relieved it's really about a dark sorceress eating her children.

  27. Isaiah Welch

    That double-bass with the slow vocals though, at the end...coupled with Brittney's belts.. fucking epic.

  28. Evolve Piscean to Queen Of Swords 1111

    love from philippines...wide awake.

  29. richard bailey

    Hole. E. ShiiiiT! This is THE most epic shit I've ever heard.

  30. Tom B/aka bones

    Okay that was a way better song than general of the Dark Army and I like her costume it kind of had that dark brotherhood assassin vibe to it from Skyrim

  31. 1982Nisse

    Britney is aela the huntress in real life

  32. alissolokoo


  33. Jonathan Murphy

    Listened to Apex for the first time last month, proceeded to listen to it every day between then and now and no signs of stopping. Canada's finest metal band

  34. PC SUCKS

    WOW! Super cringy.

  35. IstariWizard

    This song is perfect. 3:50 is my favorite part

  36. Marv Hellsingg

    Metal has become a joke .


    Check out Austrian Death Machine. Metal band based on Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. So awesome.


    Man I got to go out and cleanse the bloodlines I'll start with my landlord then my boss then hmm.. oh yeh that fucking filling station attendant yeh he fucking overcharged me on a pack of goobers the other day yeh that guy opened a big can of fuct sure did in an Australian accent.

  38. rebinitt

    was this assasin's creed odyssey but in Scandinavia?

  39. Final Exit77

    I listen métal since 12 now 42 i have few album that i have big crush on them apex was one of them for a long time thks UTA bravo! 🤘🏻

  40. legalize homicide

    Must get sword and stab EVERYTHING

  41. Phoebe

    Why do i just wanna live in this world!

  42. Alexander Phoenix

    Top 10 boss soundtracks

  43. g00gleyes

    that lead singer is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.

  44. Ultraman Explained

    Watch out Manowar and Iron Maiden, Unleash The Archers is coming through.

  45. Ericknowsbest !

    Archer here wit me now and say he release to this video every night

  46. Onuma

    Poor Immortal, having to do the Matriarch's bidding, only to be betrayed by her.

  47. xvonline

    Who is the guy screaming covered in blood at the end? Is that the Immortal? Because he looks just like the son who was stabbed near the beginning.

  48. Steve Reed

    Cleanse the bloodlines?? Hmmmmm

  49. Andrew Bako

    You know you have something special when you have a vocalist of Brittany's insane talent coupled with musicians of equal talent and compelling lyrics!

  50. Phillip Davis

    @Napalm Records, Get these guys to come to the US!! I'd suggest louder than life or even smaller venues. We would love to have them here!!

  51. M Daddy

    Dear god she is beautiful


    Crazy beautiful.

  52. White Samurai

    Just subbed, hard!! Thank you. I agree with the message.

  53. The Taco Channel

    She is a female Geoff Tate it’s insane that chorus gives me chills

  54. nswhorse

    Add to me the list of UtA converts via YouTube recommends. I don't even recall which track was the first, as I kept searching for more as soon as I heard the first one. Amazing band, and Apex is legitimately one of the best concept albums ever made.

  55. Thomas Nolan

    Its like if LARPing decided to be a music gendre

  56. Christoffer

    Their characters must be at least half as goth as Yasha.

  57. Christoffer

    DM: Alright so this is gonna be a pretty hard DC. So go ahead and roll your performance check.

    UTA: 59.

  58. deprivedoftrance

    Am I the only one to notice that the runes on her face are U T A ?


    Holy shit! Didn't noticed that! Good catch!

  59. M L

    Video is gut, die Band is vl auch nicht schlecht, aber die Sängerin geht gar nicht. Sorry. Ich kenn Bessere! Nicht mein Fall.

  60. Magmanv65

    Nice cover of Teaze song

  61. judoz420

    3:21 I swear shes an elf irl

  62. Oikawa Trash

    Man I can't believe it's been two years! Time goes really fast. I found this band by slacking off in my media studies class back in 2017. Being lazy does pay off.

  63. judoz420

    I want that hawk he is so bad ass

  64. judoz420

    So the lady with the hawk is like the queen/leader and the guy witht he sword was her son and she kills him to secure her throne?

  65. judoz420

    She looks like a wood elf xD

  66. Kono Dutch

    Thats a Nazi title

    Kono Dutch

    Also the music is not very good

    Kono Dutch

    I spit on you and your children

    Kono Dutch

    I hope you lose everythings for what you celebrate

    Kono Dutch

    Worthless scum


    It's a fantasy based band, think Skyrim or Game of Thrones. Nazi title, fucking ridiculous.

  67. Chrissie Julien

    These lyrics are to much dude

  68. YoJon

    Song is ehh

  69. ChilyCheezeFryz

    Is the drummer Gus Johnson?

  70. Sabbitha Blood

    Thanks for this video! Only recently discovered the band. Great to see a story to accompany the song!

  71. IW Ferguson

    Cleansing bloodlines is not a good thing, even if you have cool raptors, makeup, and snow.

  72. Zoe K.

    I was 100% certain that dark haired guy starring was Greek. Then I checked it and he is Alexios from Assassin's Creed Odyssey. What a hunk!

  73. Nerf Zombie

    Who wouldn't love to see this as the Super Bowl halftime show, complete with big ass bonfire!?! Just scare a buncha fuckers!

    Zoe K.

    Woo! Fuck yeah! Who wouldn't love it?!

  74. mrTwisby

    [ + ] This is dope.
    [ - ] Disappointing number of archers.


    Ah ha ha ha!


    Guess they haven't been unleashed, yet.

  75. Anubis7169

    Saw these guys at the Zoo in Innisfail AB, lmao

    sick fuckin 30 person concert!!

  76. Stinky

    why would anyone dislike this ? whats there not to like ???? holy shit this is absolutely amazing !

  77. Mad mechanic

    The singer is fine AF.

  78. Fataki Prod XXX

    i listen to this song each time i wake up since 3 weeks ...

  79. Andrew Bako

    When I die I hope eternity sounds like her voice...not sure even that will be enough

  80. hjönk

    Song about an evil immortal queen of evil?
    Nah bro it's totes nazis. Fo sho.

    Zoe K.

    I'm pretty sure what you described is Queen Elizabeth II.

  81. KGTv

    Wow... I just found them out and and oh fuck are they good.

  82. Demiigodd

    That hawk be like: I am metal as fuck

  83. Phillip Scott

    I'm sure that this type of talk is now considered hate speech in Canada.

  84. Leo Barzi

    Fantastic... Incredible.... The best band of world ever!!!

  85. Alexus Dreemurr Leonis

    It's kinda cool that Heavy Metal bands don't hibernate. No matter what the season is, you can still find them at their natural habitats in woodlands all across Europe.

    Zoe K.

    HAHAHAH! Imagine walking into the forest and seeing metal bands :P

  86. Tara Martin

    Lesson learned? Don't roll 'need' on the Shaman's dagger, dude.

  87. CrimsonSpectre

    2019 - THAT'S BLACK FACE!!

    Kidding aside (which may be serious to some) this is a good video and song!

  88. Steely666

    They need a make singer

  89. wowhead1

    So Brittney just told me, "betray me and spend eternity as mine."...really? Ima hold you to that...So then who do I have to kill to get in the front of the "betray Brittney" line?

  90. drizzal83

    White people anthem...even if the band doesn't believe the truth of our people.

  91. Emerson CBS


  92. Desert Moon

    Brittney.....wow. I will NEVER not be obsessed with this song and Brittney Slayes. <3

  93. John White

    Attractive girl! Good voice too.

  94. Fataki Prod XXX

    top 5 best metal song ever

  95. Dmitry

    Напалм умеет набирать хороших вокалисток )))

  96. Lake Lili