Unleash The Archers - Apex Lyrics

Hello mountain, remember me
Child of your womb
I return from a perilous place
To the warmth of your hollow
Embrace me
Steady giant, monolith
Lend me your heart
I am weakened again, tired
Mend my scars

As your power, it sinks into me
Your roots take their hold
My body as one with the earth
My blood as the stone
The mountain, my home

Heavy walls enclose me; cover me in endless warmth
And now the dreams will come
Lucid freedom takes me, to a world no longer run by the laws of relativity

Fly out beyond the stars, where the wind takes me
Away and leads me through the dark, defying gravity

Can you follow me? Follow me to apex

Through a meadow running, feel the sun upon my face
And the air in intoxicates
Rushing like a river, toward a waterfall that takes me out beyond reality

Away, you lead me through dark, defying gravity

Can you follow me? Follow me to apex

Brother mountain, now we sleep
For a thousand years
I will see you again
Something is coming…
Coming for me…

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Unleash The Archers Apex Comments
  1. Christoffer

    I wonder if the being that had been hired to find the sons come back to the mountain to sleep again...

  2. Oscar Gens

    Mucho Power esta banda!!!

  3. Al Bach

    Great song and album. One of my favs

  4. ashley simmons

    Is this song about Horizon Zero Dawn? Just curious. Love it regardless

  5. URBrainExit

    A new Fan is born....

  6. Di ALo

    Here because Mr. Rock and Roll :)

  7. Glenn Haus Jr

    I'm sorry it took me this long to hearbof u guys but ur guys n laid r my type of metal that I just want to listen to now like it brings something old n peaceful from my soul to make me feel more alive that I haven't been able to feel for some time so thank u for coming together n forming an one of kind band that is one of the greatest bands I have heard so again thank u I am going to be forever ur guys can go the rest of my life

  8. Controverze

    Everyone says they love the Iron Maiden feel, and somehow I get a few hints of Foo Fighters, but only in the Chorus though. the solos are very Maiden indeed

  9. violet.embers

    I am weakened again, tired. Mend my scars ❤

  10. Mauricio Moreno-Zambrano

    is this about the video game?

  11. Intensity2U

    Follow me to Apex... Technical School!

  12. Mr. Rock N Roll

    This might be my favorite UTA song.

  13. MrStarman2010

    They take it away! Their work is the inspiration for my business! Rock on Sisters and Brothers!

  14. 3lbtrigger

    170 People unable to follow her to apex

  15. Fizz Pop

    This band is what Conan the Barbarian would listen to while saving wenches

  16. Dragon Izu

    Beautiful and Amazing Long Hard Rock! This is the first time yesterday that I have ever listened to this song! 😊👍🏻🎸🎵🎶

  17. Kollin Horn

    Unleash the Archers is hands down one of my favorite bands that I've recently discovered. This song solidifies that ranking.

  18. james loiselle


  19. ProVaLstaR


  20. Zeek Zeeky

    phenomenal ..outstanding...better that original.... iron maiden...bravo!

  21. Nomad01603

    Very Iron Maiden :)

  22. kike ypg

    si rob halford bruce dikinson y DIO tuvieran una hija seria ella

  23. Raidine Billy

    Headbands elegantly 🖤🖤🖤

  24. itburn

    This is what I want people to play at my wake.

  25. Dave Sinden

    They're no albums, songs, bands, this good since, I don't know, Iron Maiden's "Somewhere In Time". Or Iced Earth's "Framing Armageddon", absolutely a masterpiece!

  26. Alain Mongeon


  27. Γεώργιος Λευθέρης

    I would like to watch a Brittney Slays,Floor Jansen and Simone Simmons cover in a song like that.It would be brilliant.

  28. Skogsalven B

    Not crazy about this band at first but im really loving this album. But oh my Erú her voice IS insane.

  29. Ryan Hickey

    if you love amazing music and you don't know about unleash the archers then you're fucking up pretty badly lol

  30. Al Herrera

    This album is among my top 5. So powerful, well made, the songs I imagine them as they were crafted by a very talented blacksmith, like he knew for sure they were all to be used to protect and destroy, and then to be exhibits of beauty never ever tarnished by innocent blood

  31. xvonline

    Apex : Masterpiece in the history of metal and all music (Can say the same about Awakening too).

  32. Jay Johnson

    Unleash the Archers 🐧💙 🐾😻🏴

    I Love you guys

  33. Matt Lothe

    "Hello mountain, remember me
    Child of your womb"

    ...Aloy, is that you?

    Unprofessional Youtuber

    That's what I thought too!!!!!


    You meant... ore? Or maybe some sort of mineral.

    Matt Lothe

    @Арсенал No, I was referencing Horizon Zero Dawn.

  34. Jerry Piguet

    Great song!! Awsome singer!!

  35. Robert Lundkvist

    The Maiden feels is strong with this one.

  36. d1001more

    Best song ever!

  37. M Daddy


  38. Magnus Likes Tanks

    What a band. What a song. Glad I discovered them.

  39. Борис Лазарев

    прекрасно, прям в древнее время окунает с современным стилем игры на Гитаре ... Эпик ...прям


    This whole album is a story about a queen summoning a witch (the singer) to do a job for her. Does anyone know if this is from something else

  41. Toby White

    Only just discovered UTA. Wow!

  42. Devon Happe

    This has got to be hands down my favorite of all of their songs.

  43. FallofSeraphs

    "Your tears dont fall!!!! THey cwash awound meh!!!!!....lol...oops wrong song! lmao

  44. Jamie chatman

    when you and your friends are bored with fortnite.

  45. Asfixiator

    Where the hell did 8 minutes go?

  46. 300bpm

    Great fucking song. Solid band.

  47. Harold Adams

    Till the peak....

  48. Un Known

    God that Babie's Good!

  49. misterlobsterman

    That intro is just gorgeous

  50. Demon942

    This has to be my favorite metal album of all time!

  51. Magmanv65

    A lot of energy.Brilliant

  52. Jonathan Kastle

    listening to this song doin.110 down the freeway....priceless <3 great racing song in my opinion

  53. Daenoril

    Seems I'm the only one who had this masterpiece on loop for days.
    Otherwise it would already be above a million views already!

  54. Adriana Córdoba Degracia

    Primera vez escuchando y man, estuvo demasiado pasado. For sure los seguiré escuchando estos días y cantaré un par de canciones xD Lo máximo!

  55. FrostLight85

    I love this song so much <3

  56. David A

    That voice!

  57. Now Loading247

    This has to be my favorite song from you guys. love it!! keep kicking ass!

  58. E2070Swn

    This album is just so fucking good. All the Heavy Metal fundamentals are there, the riff, the hook and the flying vocals not to mention the poetic lyrics. The next time people tell me Metal is just artless growling Satanic shit, I'll slap this album right to their faces.

  59. Magmanv65

    One of the best heavy metal compositions ever

    Der Yanster

    I assume you want to say ballad, but that's not portentous enough for you?
    Since you must be german, try understanding this: "In der Rockmusik sind Komposition,

    Arrangement und Aufführung ein in der Regel kollektiver, nie ganz in seine Einzelheiten

    aufschlüsselbarer Prozess, dessen Ergebnis auch nur zur Darbietung durch ihre Urheber

    gedacht ist und nicht zur Überlieferung an andere Interpreten, die es im „klassischen“ Sinne daher hier auch nicht gibt." (Wikipedia.org)

  60. bobbithbrown

    masterpiece song


    and album

  61. Don Mayo

    If you manage to get my eyes teary from emotion within 10 seconds of the song, you must have insanely good musicians... well guess what.. you have.

  62. Calvin Yap

    Just got back to this album the first time in almost a year. I can still remember that glorious night I sat there in the dark in awe of this for this first time. For some reason I proceeded to forget completely about Unleash the Archers. But now I'm back here, and I'm reminded - this is insane.

    The entire album is amazing, with "Awakening", "Shadow Guide and "Apex" being the ones that completely took me away. Can't believe it's only my second time listening to it, but after hearing this closing track again, time to go back and be blown away by the entire thing again.

  63. tbolt442

    I've never wanted to charge a castle, with zero context, MORE IN MY LIFE.

  64. AncoGaming

    Holy shit, this is good!

  65. Kasper Jensen

    WOW just WOW

  66. SeanJTharpe

    5:58 turns into IRON MAIDEN! :D

  67. Matt Turner

    That voice, MY GAWD THAT VOICE!!!! Why am I just now finding out about this band?


    Matt Turner Me too, just today omggg🙀😱

  68. Hanatash

    Now I kinda wanna hear Brittney singing Defying Gravity...

  69. João pedro ameller

    Man, the solo that start at 5:16 it's one of the most beautiful things I have ever listening

    Mathieu Caron

    I constantly come here listening to the track for that solo

  70. Mike Sieve

    I heard this song once some time ago and somehow did not come up to me. But now ... I literally love this peace of art :)

  71. B- RG

    this song is amazing

  72. ShotBotGG

    This song is fucking perfect.

  73. Yannis Papas

    Can't kick the feeling that there is a strong emotional connection between this song and the latest God of War storyline. Not implying a direct link but more has there are common theme of someone longing to return to a mountain...

  74. Jay Bisser

    Why is this song not on spotify?!

  75. Exodus fivesixfivesix

    This girl has great vocals!!! The guitarists are amazing!! Great band!

  76. J K

    This is my first time hearing this song, and I am glad I found it! This song is bad ass!

  77. samhouston1979

    Getting a “The Trooper” vibe

  78. Ziltoid

    oh hey, the band that who use my pc and phone background art as their album cover. Sweet.
    Safrin concepts \m/

  79. Tim Gary

    This must one of the best songs out there. I have heard it hundreds of times and simply cannot get enough.

  80. Tamby Andriantefinavalomampita

    really good ... it's got me headbanging

  81. Ares Inamorta

    Have been listening all 10years loved every note:)

  82. Arctic Pharaoh

    I was just in Apex, NC. Now I want to go back and ask my friends "Can you follow me, to Apex?"

  83. Shadow Wolf Gaming

    Play apex while playing apex

  84. Helmut Biehl

    This is a huge increase for that canadian band. Great, great songs on this amazing album - A big step and a perfect mix between Classical Heavy Metal and slight Progressive elements which make that album so unique and special. And the sound production on thjis album is sooo damn good... The more often I hear that record the more addicted I become to it.

  85. Lucas Arthurs

    I've been listening to these "lesser" known Metal bands recently, and i'm loving it - especially Unleash the Archers. Plus, they're fellow Canadians :)

    Edit: Subbed.

  86. Neil Vandeloo

    This shit is fucking insane. I am never going to stop listening to this.

  87. gino van herck

    This song is way tooooo short. Love it

  88. Edward The Head

    Can you follow me? Follow me to Apex!

    Thank you for this oustanding piece of art.

  89. Ted Robbins

    Lyrics are epic, the sound is amazing!! I could binge on this for days. The album is transcendent!

  90. Nick Keegan

    Glad to see the views on this steadily rise. Such an awesome song! They rock.

  91. SeanJTharpe

    EPIC!!! Found a new band to go alongside my favorites, Iron Maiden and Axel Rudi Pell... and maybe Eluveitie...

  92. Tenhundred Lies


  93. SauerMachtLustig

    I like that song a specially while I'm on my snowboard...looking at the stunning mountains in CH

  94. Λr†hur Martins

    Can anyone recommend me bands that makes riffs as good as the ones in this song, please. Don't recommend me old bands please, I wanna know more bands of these days.

    Illona Karl-Fuyu

    Try Ultra Vomit "évier métal", it s a parodic band.
    More seriously : Lovebites "rising " or "shadowmaker".
    Tell me if you like those.

    Λr†hur Martins

    @Illona Karl-Fuyu I'll listen to them right now.

  95. Daenoril

    Listened to this song for too many times to count.
    Even had it on loop for a time.

    But it is still so awesome that I might just put it on loop again...like now.
    Oh...I already did.

  96. Nikkie B

    This is really quality stuff.

  97. flyingrobotpig

    Is no-one going to talk about that cover art?

  98. Zaquariu5

    I really hear some strong Maiden influences here, it's awesome.

  99. D. Z.

    Listen to this while playing Apex Legends ~ Godlike ♥