Uneven Structure - The Bait Lyrics

Void then a swarm of shades going down my face
Leaving salt over my chest
I'm facing an empire on the verge of falling apart
Here lies that scent nobody should ever tail

Vicious flavour

Where water and air no longer keep their distance
Creatures become the last remnants of a new swaying skyline

You brought me here to witness the scale of his wrongdoings
Is it a wish for mending or just another of your funny games?
You made me an inebriste spirit in a torn vessel
How much longer will you play me?

This is my parade for a prostrated court
Their complaint, a lost choir made squalls
Carried with diligence to the eight sisters
Cloak as sheet, savior made savor

All this racket, yet you're just cooking the man

I feel their sharp scales

Through the wounds

Embracing bodies in a ruby-red water

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Uneven Structure The Bait Comments
  1. A B

    Very smooth but tight at the same time!

  2. mejte

    it's the shame of mankind that this video didn't reach 1k views in two months.

  3. Ted Blair

    Wonderful gig but that is what we expect - setting the standard high. Sadly I'm just off camera to the left - you occasionally see my head! Come back soon guys!

  4. TheLambIsGood

    Damn, kid can groove

  5. Harrison Bade

    Arnaud is SO underrated. What an incredibly nuanced style and live performance.


    Wonderfully prefect fit to this band!

  6. Thelema

    Those two dudes know what's up.

    espron24 MYFHC

    we gave 0 fucks haha was amazing just getting lost in the incredible music

    espron24 MYFHC

    wonder if they have more footage, especially for Funambule!!!


    @espron24 MYFHC that's the way to do it. I wish Uneven Structure were much bigger than they are. La Partition is gold in sound form.

    espron24 MYFHC

    @Thelema La Partition is my favorite album of all time!

    Dygn official

    ;P das me hahaha <3

  7. Philip Studer

    Yessss 🔥🔥

  8. Dygn official

    Thank you guys so much! Was incredible <3

  9. Jordan Balentine

    Omg he is such a skilled drummer.. I cannot wait for new music from these guys 🤘🏻

  10. Monserrat Barrionuevo


  11. Jason Hartley-Smith

    Amazing skills as always

  12. espron24 MYFHC

    It was an honour to both meet you in person and experience your performance live! THANK YOU for the best night of my life!!!


    were you one of those two guys in the front?

    espron24 MYFHC

    @Thelema yes! I'm the dude in the uneven shirt following the snare hits at 1:16! The other dude is my friend (to my right)!


    @espron24 MYFHC you guys kick ass!

    espron24 MYFHC

    @Thelema thanks! we went HARD on this show!

    Dygn official

    @Thelema hahaha thank you man <3

  13. Sándor Laczkó

    Damn. You played at NEW CROSS INN? I used to live next to it, such a shame I wasn't there :(