Uneven Structure - Ruler Lyrics

I find myself here alone, stunned and shivering.
I didn't see anything coming, nothing... and yet...
The crimson rivers flow away, creating furrows.
The trails of my defeats drawing in the snow.
A sweet wind makes the still feathers sing.
Planted in a soiled white ground and frozen flesh.

I received this great power as a grace.
But it was just a curse at its place.
It infected my ideals, all my thoughts, my blood, my vision.
It killed my empathy, my love, my mercy, my emotions.

Everything I was vanished little by little.
I became that monster of vanity.
I threw away my loves, my flesh in the blaze.
Oh my children! What have I done? Who am I?
I became the crazy king, so dreaded.

I got fat from their toil, from their pain.
I got drunk from their sweat, from their blood.
I got dressed with my gown of delusion.
I got knighted with my crown of perversion.

I was wrong! I cheated on you all!

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Uneven Structure Ruler Comments
  1. Vizhekar

    It will be amazing a drum cam of this piece.

  2. Solenya

    The mothafuckin' boys are back! That outro was HUGE!

  3. Mason Rosinsky

    Wow i love every song from uneven structure. And that's rare for me to love every song from an artist. Props to you guys uneven structure. You've done very well

  4. cynaptyc

    Grate to see him using his voice and throwing in some soul to it! Arnaud is such a wonderful edition too! The best!!

  5. Nash Rarig

    Matthieu's cleans are on point. So powerful.