Uneven Structure - Outlaw Lyrics

I tried so hard to follow the rules.
The visible ones and the non-visibles.

The ones that have been engraved in the flesh.
The ones that have been entered by the blows.

But the animal is always the strongest.
The reptile I am is always taking over.
I tried to cage it a lot of times.
But he escaped ever and ever stronger.

I broke my chains and let go.
I have a wild heart, reason is dead.

No one owns anything but everything belongs to me.
My wishes are legion and my desires are queens.
I want to take and steal everything I can love.
To consume it as a beast.

I want to take and give the impossible.
I love and hate without counting.
As much for good as for bad.

I want to enjoy all my senses to the end.
Take me as I am or don't take me at all.
The beauty of my fretful pleasures reigns.

I broke my chains and let go.
I have a wild heart, reason is dead.
The game is worth the candle.
I will burn it at both ends.

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Uneven Structure Outlaw Comments
  1. Brock sator

    love the song, sick video production. I only wish they used real rose petals on some of the close up shots.

  2. Dmitry K

    This song is really one of the most kick ass songs from this album IMHO! I love all albums by these guys to be honest. Yet I don't get the point why to put a footage of someone playing bongo here))

  3. Kenny Cordero

    Don't you just love it when movie trailers play all the good parts.... :/

  4. Robert Alonzo

    Great song & video !!!

  5. Vigil Serus

    Yo can I get 5:45 as a fuckin hq print cause holy shit what a shot. Igor never ceases to amaze me

  6. Xeph Xen

    This is gonna be a weird analogy, but the atmosphere here hits me like ObZen from Messhuggah which is one of my favorite albums of all time. Obviously this band sounds nothing like Meshuggah and with good reason. They are absolutely their own thing with their own rich sound. I just found it interesting.

    Xeph Xen

    I'm back a month later and realized this band is inspired by Meshuggah. Lol

  7. mejte

    The usual ultra high quality. Although I like the feel and touch of Februus more, this one is a real masterpiece, too, and totally legit part of these guys' musical journey. The lyrics, or novellas more specifically, are all spot on. Very well done! Thank you!

  8. RollOut82

    Best ad that ever came on my youtube feed!!

  9. Thelema

    That drumming though, jesus.

  10. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Is this song describing Pennywise ? 🎈

  11. MC slug

    shits fkn heavy

  12. wujBat

    Ladies and gentleman: on guitar Léon The Professional!

  13. carlos daguto

    No entiendo cómo pueden dar dislike.. suena brutal

  14. Upir666

    This is the Uneven structure I felt in love years ago and I am very happy to hear the vibes of the early stages of the band but with the composition and sound quality of well aged band ! Love it!

  15. Mr. Unknown

    Magnificent. YouTube decide to notify me about the new song of the band i never heard. Thank you, YouTube.

  16. HEAVEN

    Good Job guys! From Brazil o/



  18. Monsieur Breakdown

    Votre batteur est monstrueux, vraiment.

  19. Nick Reid

    Who needs TOOL........this is special...

  20. Kenny Cordero

    I absolutely love it when he bends the notes down. This can be heard in "break" during the main chorus, and in Funambule during in the last vox line with the word "me". Only these guys and Means End do those kinds things, and I hope that future artists use this idea as well.

  21. TheAlbinoskunk

    This is like ridiculously good. I can't think of a single element that could be any bbetter

  22. Noir Corbeau

    le maximum que j'ai réussi à tenir avant de mettre le like, c'est 4 sec...

  23. Maboroshiinmyblood

    I knew they were gonna blow my mind anyway but this is some next next next level shit

  24. Secret EyeSpot

    The musicality of this band..
    i would love to see them headline with Tesseract

    Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    Secret EyeSpot & Monuments

    Secret EyeSpot

    @Legend Gotta Catch Em All Yes


    they toured with tesseract recently.

  25. Shredder Mac Lovin

    American beauty reference ;)

  26. Rick Sanchez

    Guess they lost it after Februus... jmo.

    Kaelo Phayane

    keep it

  27. Dylan Lundgren

    Who the hell is this drummer?

    Long Branch Records

    The man Arnaud Verrier itself! The beast

  28. J Queezy

    Hard af ❤

  29. Julian Salazar

    That drumming is out of control... fuck

  30. barry walls

    getting a big Alice in chains vibe off melodic parts

  31. anasabidofficial

    Excellent ! Gros boulot,des réminiscences d'8 et des premières démos d'Igor

  32. JDStone Creations

    I love coming into a song with no prior judgement at all, getting to the end of the song and thinking: Yes. Again please. *replays*

  33. Unironically oxymoronic

    The top end will put out the bottom end .

  34. Dwėsk

    This is fucking incredible, and the production is top tier again!

  35. Mr. Fuck Hughson of 123 Eat Shit Lane

    Everybody's talking about Tool and Slipknot and Korn's new albums coming out and that's great...But fuck all that this is the record I'm eagerly anticipating.

  36. Warren Beetar

    Yes! A new uneven structure Album

  37. The Br0wn Note Metal Shows

    Cannot wait for the new album!

  38. cynaptyc

    Off the chain baby!

  39. Puck Off

    Me like.

  40. Christopher Watkins

    The song is great but, why do the drums sound like absolute ass? And why is Igor the only guitar player in the video? Did they lose people again?

  41. brent olson

    I see you

  42. Tephrosis

    Glad to hear some heavy stuff again from these guys!
    Also, what beast on drums, he sure loves his ghost notes tho, love it :D

  43. Tanuj Tamuly


  44. Jacob Wellmer

    yep thats better

  45. TimeSpex

    I hear mass homage to rational gaze

  46. Dark Abyss Studio

    man i cant wait for this album

  47. Shawn Kade

    1:13 immediately transported me back to "8". Glad to see this sound coming back.

  48. Jay Lamm

    @5:15 Strawberries look like racoon hearts.

  49. Jay Lamm

    It's a Yes for me, dawg.

  50. HurstGutsy

    Holy shit.

  51. Rilton


  52. JADICK6


  53. Kars Landman

    Love how this sounds, good job on the production guys, I've waited for a long time

  54. s1t2a3n4i5m6i7r8

    Awesome! More!

  55. the other guy

    Igor, You talented MF! Keep it up

  56. eric whatley

    GS Uneven Structure

  57. James

    i tried so hard and got so far

  58. tinkoasd

    First single was so good, second one is all I hate 'bout Uneven Structures. Shit.

  59. Олег Даев

    the sound quality of the album will be much better than on the previous one I think.

    Niran Mistry

    Yeah I would've loved Ia Partition if the production wasn't so awful! Really hyped for this


    @Niran Mistry this is the level of production that La Partition desperately needs.

    Niran Mistry

    @Thelema oh for sure!

  60. Олег Даев

    perfect single! enjoyed every second of this song

  61. VUVR

    Very Nice

  62. Call The Mothership


  63. Aleksander Marszałek

    Thank You Guys for making this beautiful and emotional music.

  64. Kev WithDawn

    liked before even listening...

  65. Jack Rose

    Can't wait the album!!!<3

  66. D Danko

    This is like the perfect mix between
    8 and La Partition 😍 I love it!

  67. Materia Metalband


  68. Andrew Allen

    Man that was fucking killer

  69. MetalFlower 95

    Awesome! 🔥

  70. Project Blue Book

    This is very sick

  71. Lalo Rojas

    The opposite of “Innocent” musically and theme-wise (lyrics), incredible work.


    Ces têtes me parlent, ils me disent quelque chose... :)

  73. Niran Mistry

    Fuck yes this is solid.

  74. Matt H

    Seems like such a fitting follow up to La Partition, can't wait!

    Nash Rarig

    Oh hey, nice profile pic

  75. Derk Ender

    Absolute Filth. I love the Tom Morello riftage in this song too. And I loved that American Beauty imagery as well. Fantastic.

    Lalo Rojas

    Derk Ender incredible!


    Fuck yeah....love it. Can't wait for my pre-order to come.

  77. Kaushik Sinha

    Cant wait for this!

  78. Petr Knedlík

    Can't wait 😍

  79. TheLambIsGood

    Oh holy fuck now we’re talking!!
    Super pumped for the album now

  80. Yoshiro Ito

    C'est difficile d'appréhender un morceau comme ça sans le contexte du reste de l'album

  81. Tyler Paiva

    Come to Pensacola Florida please! This song is unreal

    James Paiva

    Tyler Paiva sup bro lol

  82. Lalo Rojas

    1:12 is a fucking headshot!

  83. Nash Rarig

    Absolutely incredible. I'm getting vibes from 8

    Lalo Rojas

    Nash Rarig you are right!

  84. 1deepsixxx

    crimson glory at morning, blood rose warning, metal storm.

  85. Stéphane Gallay

    Mais voilà qui augure du très bon!

  86. FlameDeathcrash

    Vampiric tune XD

  87. Radu Oliver

    Love from 🇷🇴

  88. Joe James

    I have a feeling that this is going to be a special album!

  89. espron24 MYFHC

    The second single is always an important one, it can show how different the album can be from the first single. This one has made me excited and I don't know what to expect from the album (other than that it will be great) which is exactly what I wanted!

  90. Unseen4ce

    Come to the United States please. We are ready for this ethereal experience of art. This song, it's themes and lyrics are amazing.


    OMG I wish.


    Yes yes yes yes.

    Mr. Fuck Hughson of 123 Eat Shit Lane

    Been saying that since Februus blew my mind clean out of my ass. Lol.

  91. Margaux Sachse


  92. Gmoneyrocks1

    My most anticipated album of the year!!!!!

  93. Gilbert Daniel

    I'm melting in extasy !! 🤘 ❤️ 🇫🇷

  94. Lalo Rojas