Uneven Structure - Our Embrace Lyrics

You processed me to bile, vulgar and featureless
Only to harmonize and grow one again

I float among aeons of snared victims ever
Drowning in this emotional cacophony
Thousands of preys no different than me

Smile open the communion of your breathless legion
The pantry yen carelessly depleted has a new piece
Reach for the providence and gorge as my game becomes yours

Expressing this grim dance she moves to the rhythm of tides

This is your reward for a sickening scheme
Celebrate as I carry the weight of my decisions
And let it all consume until I can't judge anymore

A new world is emerging from the abyss
She's glancing through the pearls

As a growing circle made out of pitch black utents
Will rise from the depth at any cost with no concern for the meat

Wipe this mouth on your sheet
'Cause the dinner's ending soon
Keep it as a token and make it
Rise and shine while we are retching
What's left of it was there for a reason
In the end it all was your ordeal
The muse to your own extinction

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