Uneven Structure - Innocent Lyrics

The wet and black stare is pointing to the sky.
Filled with trampled and shivering innocence.
Everything is there, locked up, in deep sleep.
For a long time chained to this ramshackle ship.

Let me touch my dream again.
The one I wanted to keep.

The blond and thin curls are falling on this face.
Our laughs are lost in the nowadays gloom.
Tears running through time made crevices.

Do you really think you can take that away?
Oh no you can't, it's a promise, an end in itself.
I have been and I am the hero you've never were.
I have the power of bliss and happiness.

Let me touch my dream again.
The one I wanted to keep.

I left them, alone in my world.
I forgot to leave'em the code.
My beloved brothers, forgive me.
I have gone astray.
I am walking towards you.
I'm looking for the way back.

I could fly above you long ago.
Laugh of everything and..
So much laugh of you.

I can still feel the special scent of our innocence.
I can still feel the taste of this sweet late afternoon.
I bring back both the worst and the best from my trip.
But nothing compared to your laughter that I begin to sense.

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