Uneven Structure - Incube Lyrics

Hiss then a cluster of tones slurring through haze, luring me to go forth
To bring them back to the place where they belong
Close to the eight sisters in a dire need of their messenger
I can hear the reveling scent one can only tail

I open my eyes to the rippling skies, overtaking

As you strive to fix your faults, a deaf menace pours black water down my ears
Enjoy your blood thick as lead
Your fingers better dead than numb
Surrender to the pressure filling out your lungs

Let me get to the end of this road with you
Up until their concerns dissipates
Then I'll let yourself be the judge
As bitterness becomes our distant ghost
Exhale and let go

Sprayed out through this dense stream made of pearls
I'm gazing around, becoming familiar with its dance

A wry vow inking its way
Over pelt and skin, this iodine swell

The tune, stronger as I come closer
Emerges me, leaving me with a cryptical sheet

You promise me some rest
Nothing close to this mess

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Uneven Structure Incube Comments
  1. TheIvmanProject

    cheers from your german euroblastfriend from the beginning. The ending part of this song is so much lickymytitty!!! love you guys. cheers

  2. Gilbert Daniel

    Un des meilleurs groupes français avec gojira, klone, kadinja et novelists !!! Vive la France 🇫🇷 🤘 ❤️

  3. Pipo Mantis

    3:40 is a slap everytime

  4. Pipo Mantis

    Just change your label, i just discovered your band today by chance why not before ?

  5. J F

    sounds like a mix of slipknot and katatonia. good stuff.

  6. Hans Peter

    this reminds me a little bit of the band Sikth.

  7. KusanagiMotoko100

    weak song.

  8. TheRiot46

    Nice too see Salah in the video 😁

  9. Got Rice?

    I haven't heard this band for like 7 years. I forgot all of about them. Goad their still writing amazing music

  10. Cookedaburra d

    Hello Tesseract's long lost twin ;D

  11. Bernard Gueffier

    so proud to see a french band so ahead of its time !

  12. Thomas

    When I think that this band is originary from my city (Metz) and that they're totally unknown there, or in France in general it makes me sad.

    Yoshiro Ito


  13. Abner Cestari


  14. Snake Of Tribulation

    Quel son !!!! Je me le mets très souvent, du son pour les vrais chivers, les purs et durs. Autant abyssal que heavy merci uneven

  15. DaRTH iNSiDiOUS

    This is a masterpiece

  16. Josiah Harmon

    That release at 3:48 got me in my soul

  17. Josiah Harmon

    This is on a whole new level.

  18. gr33NM4nPT

    Do Uneven Structure - La Partition, the whole album is amazing.

  19. Ben Sheppard -AO fitness ministry

    AIC sounds

  20. mrphlegm

    thank you for this

  21. Саша Мира108

    lyrics please!

  22. Teddy Marquise

    Too bad the rest of the album isn't on youtube.

  23. Rodrigo Loj

    Beloved sounds!

  24. Štěpán Hrabovský

    incredible music, incredible video... this thing dominates!

  25. Kalle Salminen

    I may have a dirty mind but 1:27 .....

  26. Techno mage

    OH SHIT!! Who else thinks he reminds you of Maynard? Amazing vox!! LOVE THIS BAND! In fact if you REALLY listen this actually has a tool element to it. GENIUS!

  27. MeLikeMUSIC

    COLD & TOOL vibe. very cool B)

  28. Eugene Yakshin

    Awesome musical material on the album. However imho the tracking is a mismatch, especially the drums.

  29. Roman_Orion

    have yet to find any bands in the djent genre other than tessaract that can make me entranced but yall areup there and i must say i enjoy

  30. Sezer Balkan

    M A S T E R P I E C E

  31. Homo Demen

    great band !

  32. Daniel Edmonds

    if everyone of their songs was this good they would be massive.

  33. Daniel Edmonds

    This is what i mean when i think of heavy .I dont care about screaming vocals blistering solos and brutal lyrics .This song just feels like a burden, its aesthetically heavy as fuck.

  34. Hjalti Ágústsson

    Transition at 3:49 omfg

  35. Step4official

    This album is just another musical masterpiece, these guys are so ahead of their time.

  36. Metaphysics

    Hell yeah. Progressive metal will always be my favorite genre, thank you for making prophetic tunes

  37. Andy McLeod

    That beat. You know you love it.

  38. grogmaninteractive

    Incredible band, they've made an amazing Live yesterday in Milan

  39. Michellal

    I'm in love.

  40. Ausare911


  41. Christopher Norris

    Amazing visuals. I hope the rest of the album is more complex rhythmically - it seems a step down from Februus.

  42. Cribby

    Incredible. I've got shivers

  43. Facundo Fernández

    Aplausos Aplausos

  44. Max Klein

    There's no such difference between them and Periphery or any other "a lot of strings band', same teenage suicidal(or just pessimistic) music. That's why they're out of attention. Nowadays there are too much bands kinda them, don't you think so? And a lack of their own sound. French "Hypno5e" are much more interesting. But I'll keep listening their "Eight", time to time

  45. ARTemiUS MIlitarist

    Where is Funambule?

  46. EasyModePC

    A breath of life for the soul. Februus played a huge role for a critical chapter of my life years ago. I can already see that this album will as well. There are few bands that can speak to and for the mind that we share. The patient, yet restless spirited. The emotion that cannot be described in words, but only through observations such as this. When something manages to speak for a thing so complex, it tends to simplify moments that become another part of us. The step towards.....nvm i need to go to sleep haha

  47. kermheat

    Super !!!

  48. Matt Allen

    how is anyone going to top this?

  49. zzseamlezz

    Well done, boys.

  50. ChrisW

    Pulling a Contortionist eh? By that I mean maturing and innovating :)

  51. Graeme B

    Saw these guys last night in Glasgow, supporting Twelve Foot Ninja. Unbelievably impressive, and talented musicians.If you like this I recommend checking out TesseracT.

  52. Aronath Cordova

    i waited for this so long. !

  53. Сергей Щегольков


  54. Trey Gordon

    i love that, atleast on this song, theyve gone more prog and less djent.

  55. Dom Y

    Oh my god, yes. Wondered when we'd hear these guys again :-D

  56. Hineczech

    Nice to eat you in Prague!!!

  57. Harun Yasar

    I have no patience anymore!

  58. zappafile

    Damn, they've matured musically.

  59. николай кузнецов

    21 april пи здец

  60. николай кузнецов

    я очень жду новый альбом

  61. konika kakar

    One of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard.

  62. Noel Rambo

    it's been so long since I've heard something this good. I love this..

  63. kasiarzynna123

    A new Uneven Structure for my gardening work this spring :D

  64. Nakarin Ley

    What is the meaning of this song?

  65. Leon TK

    Just reviewed 'La Partition' in full over on my channel. It's IMMENSE :D

  66. Medium Rare Musicians

    Holy Shit this is good. Haven't listened to you since Februus. Loving this.

    Leon TK

    The whole album though... \m/

  67. Oli Allan

    Well, this is promising. Fucking loved Februus, if they can hit that level of epicness again, this year will be infinitely better.

  68. SkornTheSnake

    Really diggin the incorporation of the raspy voice. It fits incredibly well with the atmospheric soundscape. kinda reminds me of Aaron Lewis but if Staind wrote better music. lol

  69. Dylan Hopkin-Bowen

    this video is what happens when the guy from hypno5e pokes djent in the face.

  70. Hijack Maniac

    very esoterical

  71. Andrew Abaddon

    trippy video, great music, got yourself a new fan!

  72. Thunder groove


  73. Liam Yates

    seemed abit too tame for me.. 8 was a masterpiece

  74. Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    I'm not really a clean vocals guy but this band & Leprous are fucking brilliant.

  75. Phellipe Diaz

    4:18 < orgasm button

  76. Nathaniel Prince Coulter

    I like it. Its a new direction. Good stuff.

  77. Josa

    Can't even get my own 'prog metal appreciating' mates into this band, been trying since 2011...yet here I am watching all 3 music video's again thinking, "These are THE best works of musical artistry I've ever seen".

    If you're reading this Uneven Structure, in my eyes you've truly created an industry milestone & left a mark in time with your creative releases.

    Looking forward to the album's release!


    magnifique !

  79. Tartaruga Djent

    May the sad be with Vildjharta...May the beauty be with Tesseract...May the force be with Uneven Structure

  80. Ged The Esper

    The asthetics of the video remind me a bit of Aronofsky's The Fountain.

  81. Andrew Zicler

    Putain ... <3.


    hell fucking yes. The anticipation this song has is insane...I really want to hear the track after this on the record now.


    I am speechless. HOLY SHIT !!!! How deep !!

  84. Tanveer Bal

    Holy shit. Like nothing I've ever heard before. Beautiful.

  85. Sulcuryalt Inone

    Whoever dislikes this deserves to have their fingers lopped off.

  86. Niko

    what the fuck just happened

  87. Andy McLeod

    New drummer had big sticks to fill and he's done real well.

  88. Cartoon Theory

    tout est beau...

  89. Manchild

    I really like this "brooding" direction

  90. Felipe Lizarazo

    Excelente!!! el trabajo a nivel visual y creativo es fantástico. Muy buen retorno

  91. Csillag Pál Rudolf

    Marvellous, epic, strong but elevating, worthy to wait 6 years! Each tone is on its own place. Neverending!

  92. Rob

    Been waiting years for this to drop!

    Leon TK

    It's worth it! :D

  93. B1RD

    Vous n'êtes pas mon groupe préféré pour rien... L' univers, l'artistique, le son... Tout y est. J'attends impatiament la partition !!

  94. Alberto Cartin

    HOLY SHIT! out of the park guys! Congrats!

  95. AustinJSchaeffer

    Amazing as always <3

  96. 1deepsixxx


  97. Axel V

    waouh, félicitations pour ce bijou audio-visuel !

  98. Dan Wolfson

    I've been waiting for this album for a long time, but that song was just waiting for something to happen, and nothing seemed to actually happen.