Uneven Structure - Funambule Lyrics

A jarring noise tears apart the ocean, cold steam running down my spine
Carry me where these currents lead
Since my input has no weight, don't ask for my views
And realize you both pull leashes over a single harness
I gather my spirits, echoes of a vivid dream keep me in a state of disarray
As the vessel goes adrift I realize the sisters are leading me deeper down the rabbit hole
Suspend me here, in mid-water
Make me glimpse how it feels to be so hesitant
Such a rope-walker when it comes to showing your emotions
Your mask is slipping
How can I keep the balance without having to hold on to you
What would it take for you to not wanna , just for once, bait me
and suck me down the bottomless pit of yours
I won't be used
Don't expect me to embrace your intentions
Lay your eyes on me, I'm purposeless...

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Uneven Structure Funambule Comments
  1. Arthur Dealy

    Amazing play through.
    But please for the LOVE OF GOD
    Does ANYONE know where I can find the original release of this song. Once they released the album they took the single version down and I can’t find it anywhere.
    The production quality was amazing and then in the album everything was ungodly muddy and washed out.

    I will thank you forever if someone knows where I can find the original version

  2. Tiago Almeida

    hypnotic!! great music

  3. j c

    This sounds like a mess. Clearly the live audio was added on top of the album audio.

  4. Uranums

    Т Н А Г Г

  5. Meh Meh

    Felt a bit of Gojira.

  6. IThinkILostMyHeadach

    The tone is so freaking badass!!!

  7. Moises DS

    Great guys !! Aweome stuff.
    May I ask, which guitar you're using ?

    Felix Desrochers

    Looks like a ESP E-II B7 Baritone with the pickups replaced

  8. Ted Blair

    Mermaids? 0:28

  9. Youssef Qushairy

    This is flawless by so many means. Great work!

  10. Eniclac

    This is just so intense, it sends shivers down my spine, the rift is so intense, I don't have volume enough to justify the emotions put into this.

  11. Koulnis

    Is it possible you could tell us what each of the presets are doing?

  12. Alex Kopteev

    great work guys :) any chance to get tabs for funambule/incube?

  13. Graham Coulter

    Loosey goosey ♥️

  14. Waldo Peppers

    you guys got any tab out?

    Uneven Structure

    Waldo Peppers here you go buddy, bring on the covers : http://unevenstructure.net/lapartition_tabs.zip

    Shawn Samson

    Uneven Structure can i ask,, is the zip file from guitar pro??

  15. Matías De Luca

    What's the tuning??

    Uneven Structure

    Matías De Luca this is drop Ab, so from bottom to top Eb, Bb, Gb, Db, Ab, Eb, Ab

    Matías De Luca

    Uneven Structure thanx! The strings seemed too thick for that tuning to me

    Uneven Structure

    Matías De Luca well, tension is the key :)

    Matías De Luca

    Uneven Structure Does one of you guys still tune down to Drop F#?

    Uneven Structure

    Matías De Luca nah man, all the same tuning :)

  16. Karel Slavik

    Such a great song is asking for a proper tube amplification!

  17. Vocaloid Metal Witches

    Hey, nice armchair! :)

  18. Mason Stanley

    Are you ever going to release any US Helix patches?

    Uneven Structure

    Mason Stanley there are big possibilities ;)

  19. Winter Island

    Absolutely crushing! Fugg!!!!!

  20. Nash Rarig

    Was anybody else singing?

    Hans Rickmann

    I did xD

  21. Kars Landman

    Really don't like the tone but the riffs are so cool

  22. Cloudyspace

    This is awesome! 😍

  23. X E N O

    All I can hear in my head is Mathieu's voice 💖🔥, beautiful playthrough Igor 💖💖💖


    Hiramdoe Tanki haha yeah was singing along in my head as well

  24. Noel Rambo

    So fuckin good

  25. Evelin Design

    Amazing work again! wellcome back

  26. espron24 MYFHC

    One of the greatest songs ever created!

  27. Thelema

    So good.