Uneven Structure - Egocentric Focus Lyrics

With that egocentric focus.
The unending whirl of reflexive contemplation.
As the symbol of nothingness, drawing an 8.
Etching the message. Affecting the fluctuations.
Corrupted silence. Indecisive way of thinking.

Deactualising the essentiality of the self
provides the most erroneous forms of axioms.
Ubiquity of the nefarious behaviors
with the insane agreement of the perverted divinity.

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Uneven Structure Egocentric Focus Comments
  1. Scott Bowers

    I still jam this shit proudly. Pure beauty. The final minute or so of this track is remarkable. Nothing hits harder

  2. deadracoon


  3. Garrett Watros

    Because all thrash bands sound like Metallica right?

    Rhetorical question, NO band sounds like Metallica but Metallica.

  4. BDBM82

    this came out before Februus.... also anything djent will always sound a tad like Meshuggah... since they basically pioneered the style of play.

  5. Wavy Mango


  6. Noti Fawkes

    I love when I dont pay attention to any new music for a few weeks and then I discover a tons of great new stuff!

  7. poko piko

    first 15 seconds= system fail error :D

  8. Dogerito Burrito

    Better than Februus.

    Baruch Suastes

    Yes, a bit. :)

  9. Dmitry Fomin

    I've been long waiting for this release and now I'm totally happy) Thank you guys for a new inspiring tune)