Uneven Structure - Dianoia Lyrics

Ever smoldered splendor.
Never grieving pathos.
Being as the clean sword of...

Encompass the sibylline leaves.
The only truth starts in these ruins here.
An altered state of dianoia.

Auscultation of the inner grid of activity.
Proficient selfness won't cease.

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Uneven Structure Dianoia Comments
  1. Mr Dee

    This song kicks.

  2. Chris Pouliot

    Wtf, back when i heard the original one i was fucking in awe

    This one is so fucking heavy

  3. Kvarforth

    The physical disc of the reworked version 'Eight' not '8' is a single track of 24 minutes.

  4. Allan Madhuram

    I'm confused now. One track of 24 minutes or 8 separate tracks??

  5. KOR3

    Just came.

  6. Dmitry Fomin

    ok now I feel like being in a transparent cube travelling among the stars