Uneven Structure - Depression Lyrics

Crave for the indecision.
Awaiting the ultimate answer.
Restless in infinite tediousness.
Verity uprises from Nihilant.
Womb of all ill shaped self reflections.
Imaging wrongness.

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Uneven Structure Depression Comments
  1. Nash Rarig

    Lyrics of the clean vocal part?

  2. Liam Yates

    and then 8 kicks in... love how the whole thing fits together so well. shame februus didnt quite live upto this

  3. Liam Yates

    one of the best EP's around

  4. Joel Ortiz

    0:42 \m/

    Liam Yates

    any chance you guys could upload the lyrics for this album?

  5. Robert Wood

    Better Than Februus IMO