Uneven Structure - Crystal Teeth Lyrics

Endurance no more, I let myself cave in after the exhaustion of my race
Vanished, I let myself slide down this slippery slope

Stumbling back and forth between spit and breath
As I sense again the caress of your mold, its warm milk
Revelations happens where screams are forged

I'm remembering the seed I was, growing up in there
Every second, every moment is now staring at my face

I have to find my way in these crystal teeth

So brittle yet so sharp, reflecting a million selves
Is all of them looking us down
Pick apart but what have you done?

Too proud to give a fuck, too weak to take a step
There's no answer to find through your idleness
We need to consider the journey
Think over the actions and appreciate their direction

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Uneven Structure Crystal Teeth Comments
  1. Gilbert Daniel

    LONGBRANCH forever. Uneven structure is one of the best French prog bands! But so under-rated. Love from FRANCE 🇫🇷 🤘 ❤️

  2. Rares Macovei

    So far, neither Incube or Crystal Teeth do anything for me.

    I'm worried about the album

  3. Daniel Akumer

    extremely disappointed by the album. Production is a muddy mess. not one memorable part or riff. No sense of emotion. Sounds like riffs put together with no direction. Februus was a masterpiece.....wtf is this?

  4. Ishay Ishay


  5. Eduardo Tavares

    What I love in this band is the singular approach on djent sound. The musicians are amazing! Loved the vintage bass sound and the tribal rythms! A unique band!

  6. Hekate's Flame

    1st album sounds better so far. wish they had a better vocalist.

    Hogos Bazvarakh

    Yeah, this guy isn't so good at holding notes. Shame. I like the music a lot, but the vocals I can't stand.

    Łukasz Padzik [ZeeKat]

    Yeah, Februus did a really great job hiding deficiences of the dudes voice, now when he's a bit more in front you can feel it isn't exactly operatic span and control. I like his timbre tho, plus props for not (audibly) digitally tuning him to shit.

  7. Matt H

    yeah we need a video for every song now, thank you.


    Both the music and art and the masterminds behind them are truly mindblowing.

  9. Colin Kurtzweil

    Different, i dig it

  10. *ALPHA's Dark Knight*

    are they going to release the other songs on youtube

  11. Thelema

    This band is just so good.

  12. Axel V

    C'est GENIAL :D

  13. Vazquez

    that solo!

  14. Vizhekar


  15. xryan73x

    I feel like I need to hear this album front to back, lyrics in hand , before I decide how I feel about it. And I already know I need to be careful judging this album because I was obsessed with Februus on some cosmic level I still don't fully understand.....

  16. musicwatkins

    Is that the drummer who was briefly in Kadinja? (Episteme video)

  17. musicwatkins

    Ok, I'm a little worried. Are they releasing mediocre songs first and saving the good ones for later? Neither of these new songs does anything for me. I hope there's still greatness coming.

  18. Javier Rivera


  19. Darza Djentmaster

    WTF is with mixing? Why toms have more sub then bass guitar? Vocal sink in guitars. Not enough 'highs''. Too muddy. I can't catch the atmospere. In the very first single (not Incube, i don't remember the title) was mixing problems too.



  21. Outrun the Sunlight

    This is so sick.


    Even though I've been almost exclusively listening to hip-hop for the past couple years, y'all are one band I never ever forget about.
    Februus will always be my favorite album ever. I can't WAIT to hear the new record, 🔥

  23. 9rmetal

    This song it's so sexy.

  24. zarucarsha

    where the riffs at tho

  25. Gmoneyrocks1


  26. Nathan

    Please fix the production. It's 2017 for pete's dragon

  27. Justin Fimmel

    Looks like they've been listening to some Karnivool. noiice

  28. Ayos

    6 people have no teeth

  29. N-Series

    Bless you, guys. Definitely worth the wait.

  30. Kars Landman

    the production is so bad though... it's better than last record but it reallly needs more treble. it sounds so dull


    yea it's pretty flat and the drums sound like plastic. listen to blood incantation - starspawn, an album recorded analog, and compare to this. much more natural sounding.


    youtube compression is very noticeable compared to FLAC or even mp3 at 320 kbps.


    listen to it on spotify, the production sounds completely different and you can actually hear the treble.

    Kasper Hansen

    I don't think the production is that bad. I am listening to this on 1200 dollar hifi speakers and not some crappy PC speakers. The problem is the filtering and compression that YouTube does. It destroys the quality of a lot of songs. I suggest you listen to the song on Spotify.

  31. Djuggernaut

    It's weird hearing a guitar solo in an Uneven Structure track, if we're being honest. It's not bad, just took me off guard a bit

  32. Seab The Vortian

    This reminds me Tool a lot... or i might say... Thooll?


    You're a thooll for thinking that.

    Baruch Suastes

    Yes, a bit but they were better in their album Februus and It's very different of many other bands.

    Baruch Suastes



    This isn't close to Tool in the slightest. This track resembles Alice In Chains more than anything. I think you're just trying to pick fights with Tool fans.

    Blake Bagnell

    This sounds nothing like alice in chains lmao

  33. B1RD

    Cet album va être une putain de tuerie !!

  34. Phil Clarke

    Uneven Structure have really evolved their sound. I am sure there will still be dank space djent grooves on the album, but this is still amazing prog. <3

  35. 1deepsixxx

    god speed.

  36. Koulnis

    The visuals for this song oddly fit will with the context of Awaken and Plenitude, especially towards the end. I can't help but wonder if that's intentional.

  37. Jonathan Keeler

    Much preferred the other song they have released, but I'm sure it will work in the context of the album.


    Jonathan Keeler, really? I'm digging those grooves but, it's all good.

  38. Pedro Ferraro

    holy shit my dudes. this album is gonna be awesome


    Definitely dank

    John Gausden


  40. kasiarzynna123

    love it! please come to Poland

  41. ccase2k

    Can't wait for the album release, excellent song guys!!!!!

  42. Wheelfall

    Superb songwriting guys, this song is really intense, concise and luminous ! Can't wait to listen to the full album.

  43. Cloudyspace


  44. Nikeri

    Two weeks of everyday checking of my mailbox have officially started!

  45. Ash Deowram

    Short, catchy, intense, fresh, unique.

    Dope AF.

    The next two weeks are gonna be hard to wait through!

  46. Clément Martin

    J'ai joui.

    Martin Hardy

    (Voix de Denis Brogniart) Ah!