Uneven Structure - Creator Lyrics

What should I do with this white page?
I don't know
What should I do with this wasteland?
I don't know

I see in the distance life emerging from the void
I see now the horizon budding under my eyes

I can feel it now, bright colors piercing me deep from all sides

Doubts and fears pulling me down
Ego and madness pulling me up
Melodies and rhythms clashing in my mind

Nothing arises, everything is elusive
Nothing stands still, nothing makes sense anymore

The paint flows and draws this new world
A place beyond my dreams
Words are tangling in harmony
A tale beyond my dreams

The writer's sweet feather has finally written the story
I can now admire my toil
And finally savor what has long been locked up
My work is final
I close the old book

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Uneven Structure Creator Comments
  1. M C

    For me this song stands out the most from their new album which of course is fantastic, but this song is the kind of direction they should be going. This shit is on another level, fucking beautiful.

  2. Concha de Tu Madre

    please do a live video playing this song, I can't get enough of it!

  3. Mike Cranston

    Man I was hoping this would be Thrash band KREATOR! They rule! This song, however, is once again everything wrong with "modern rock/metal" today. I'm sure this song would be a hit on most "modern rock" stations, but it follows the exact same over produced synth to screaming vocals that 9/10 modern bands do today. in my humble opinion of course. I give this song a 2/10, and I've already forgotten it.

    M C

    Showing you're age man yeah me too but you can't deny the fact that it takes a lot of talent to create a sound like this.

    Mike Cranston

    @M C *your

    M C

    @Mike Cranston Merely a typographical error, like I said showing "your" age 😜

  4. Gilbert Daniel

    French power !!! ❤️ 🤘 🇫🇷

  5. Simon Desmond

    this is mad creative songwriting! absolutely loving it

  6. Daniel Engle

    He is absolutely kicking the shit outta that snare on this album 🤟

  7. Silverbullet fury

    Thank you for taking music in an original direction, your music is unique and we love it.

  8. Niran Mistry

    Fuck me the drumming on these last 2 singles is UNREAL


    dude's amazing.

  9. Олег Даев

    This album will be legendary!

  10. Cloudyspace

    holy shit! this gave me slight februus vibes but with all the new awesomeness added it's a next level! this band touches my soul <3

  11. Erik Tails

    5:54 - Dew Upon Shapeless Bounds vibes

    edit: old fan gonna get it

    Дмитрий Солопов

    I hope for a few ambient tracks on new album. CD2 on Februus is amazing.

  12. Let It Rain 777

    Alice in Chains X Tesseract .. Love it 🔥🔥😈

    Let It Rain 777

    @Thelema vox have a similar feel to Layne's style and there is some older Tesseract feels in the music ... Do you know both of those bands?


    @Let It Rain 777 I do, I like them both. I just don't see it.

    Let It Rain 777

    @Thelema really? Thanks for letting me know that

    Kaelo Phayane

    @Let It Rain 777 I can hear the TesseracT after reading your comment

  13. Chester G.

    Awesome work!!! I love the production on this album too.

  14. Adam Fowler

    Man, 2019 just keeps on pushing out a legendary list of artists. This is the best year for rock/metal EVER. I seriously had to make a list, just to keep track of every artist.

  15. Dmitry K

    Can't wait.

  16. Nash Rarig

    Another banger dropped, POGGERS

  17. Csillag Pál Rudolf

    layers on layers, so damn good the final picture is!

  18. Mr. Fuck Hughson of 123 Eat Shit Lane

    This band touches my soul. What a brilliant work. I am so goddamn excited for this album.

    Dmitry K

    Mine too, mate!

    Niran Mistry

    Same here pal

  19. Dark Abyss Studio

    i cant wait for this album goddamn this is fire

  20. MetalFlower 95

    Awesome band! 🔥

  21. Yojimbo711

    3 mins in it starts to pack some serious punch boys. Nice!!!

  22. Hronis Arva


  23. PETERLE Steven

    so emotional

  24. Dowry

    God damn, you really captured the creative struggle with this one!

  25. Michael Monnet

    Masterpiece ♡

  26. Vizhekar

    I am in love with this band

  27. GetTheJojDone

    This album is going to slap so damn hard

    M C

    Slap so damn hard!! Love that.