Uneven Structure - Confused Waverforms Lyrics

And absence of sense...

All is false - Everything is illusion.
To incur a constant, yet linear spurious waves of feeling.
Abnegation is the only way so all dreams looks true.
Reality is impulsion. Never being as it unconsistanly shows.
Fainting it all - Reality of confused waveforms.

Predefined as an altered model of chaos.
Undefined as a stream of energy.
That ridiculous inert matter can not even exist - be animated.
Does these misaligned cells deserve the incandescent and necessary ray of life?
Realms of voltaic reactions bathe in the ultimate void and absence of sense.

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Uneven Structure Confused Waverforms Comments
  1. Matt Harnett

    I agree with you for the most part, but to say that bands like AAL, Periphery, and Bulb (which is a guitarist from Periphery by the way) are only playing their style "forced" is just plain wrong. Periphery sounds almost nothing like Meshuggah. The base genre is the same, but they are worlds apart. AAL can sound a little more like Meshuggah, but I love all 3 of these bands, as well as Uneven Structure.

  2. Josh Seeborg

    Switching to 480p makes such a difference! Holy shit!

  3. Serge Eremeev

    Usually on youtube you read an argument and stick to one side, but in this case both arguments are retarded... Arguing bout people imitating music makes me wanna cry. And also saying that Meshuggah is not technical and that they lack melody, while the other guy says that people like Bulb or Tosin Abasi are crap musicians... WOW guys. Are you serious.

  4. Adrian

    @WeveGotNoTimeToLose what track are you referring to with the economy pics?

  5. Adrian

    @betterandbigger spot on man, I totally agree.

  6. some introvert

    @betterandbigger totally different styles though man, inamorata isnt even a musician it's a song by AAL dumbass, and how can you diss Tosin's musicianship that guys breaking fucking barriers while you've been stuck on meshuggah for 20 years, get over it it's not technical or amusing and they have absolutely no melody.

  7. Jamie Dahl

    Look at all these internet trolls, we don't give a fuck what you have to say, either like it or not and move on, STFU

  8. some introvert

    @WeveGotNoTimeToLose and im not tryin to hate because i appreciate a lot of different music, styles, and artists, but Animals As Leaders are proving to me more than a lot of other bands, these ones can imitate but they cant create the REAL odd time shit like inamorata where he economy pics n devastates the guitar range in the intro,i love it, this.... not really its like nowdays hard/grindcore thats 321 321 32 dissonant chord belch, i wanna hear you put them 8 strings to USE!

  9. some introvert

    i guess if youre a genius then you can understand... but these are literally the same fucking up beats and notes, its really redundant the abundance of this sound associated with 8 string guitarists, yeah it sounds cool and innovative, but i can do this with a 6 string with more feel, technacality, passion and fucking taste, it all sounds the same, thats why i dont listen to meshuggah cool man you can chug odd times, i can too, take your degree n shove it

  10. joewinkler

    it precariously stimulates me, to the point where its not too accessible, its just the right temperature, ie momma bear poppa bear kinda thing

  11. arrestedshrimp

    meshuggahs little brother

  12. JP Silver

    This is sexual, definitely top range music. Kick ass band you guys have going here! \m/

  13. Fabián C.


  14. patatra

    une tuerie , j'aim'rais bien voir ça en concert!