Uneven Structure - Brazen Tongue Lyrics

I have the feeling this feedback is washing me off any identity
Loosening up the safety bolts screwed down my very self
Barricades falling one by one
No longer an actor, just a mere bystander straying

I have no doubt you breached my spirit
I loose the grasp of my string of thoughts

A cloud of shouts clashes through my ears
These wordings, so strange, incantations boiling out my fluids
All I can comprehend is my soul is softening
Beaten by the brazenness of their tongues
Gutted, ethereal and distilled, I'm their tiny delicacy

Pummeling my skull with a brutal infancy
I develop compassion for your condition
So devoided of any substance yet explicit
Is this the genesis of your doctrine?

These cumming spongers takes control
As I'm becoming nothing more than a blueprint

I loose the grasp of my string of thoughts

Why should I follow you if only for the high you're giving me
Let me cut short and call a spade a spade
This is preselitysm

Learn who you are, hysteria stricken mime
Run away from this place, my child

Your jaw can dance, would your tongue flee?

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Uneven Structure Brazen Tongue Comments
  1. Spencer Snitil

    anyone know this tuning?

  2. Андрій Шукайло

    is there an instrumental version of this album?

  3. Tyler Paiva

    La Partition is the most deliberately and finely crafted album of all time. I feel like nothing on this album was a 'mistake', there was no fooling around. These dudes knew what they wanted to make and I hope they are proud of it as much as I'm shocked at how groundbreaking the structure of this record is

    Yokim Pillay

    Couldn't have said it better. Seeing these guys at Euroblast and meeting the bassist and drummer last year is something I'll never forget.

  4. Koulnis

    I am, of course, curious to see what Arnaud's playthrough is going to be. You guys did a knock-out job on this album. Thank you for the experience it's provided.

  5. Harrison Bade

    Good fucking god that tone is the most coherent overdrive ever. Also help that it has the right spectrum for the mix. Keep up the amazing work dudes!

  6. Pablo Lindrossini // Memesis

    Please, more playthroughs, since we cant properly even remotely even try to replicate the tone but at least we could spread the awesomeness of your riffs. <3

  7. Nikeri

    Amazing!! Steeves, please finish Stolen EP or at least track 2, just saying :3

    Uneven Structure

    Nikeri if only I could but thanks for the kind word man ;)

  8. James

    can't they playthrough any of the last 3 songs of the album? Those are just insane.

    Adel Nizamutdinov

    please visit Russia again!


    I just wish you'd come to Portugal, but a lot of 'smaller' bands never do.

    Uneven Structure

    Not yet James but it's getting quite packed there on presales


    Awesome, I might come along!

    Matt H


  9. Djej Rider

    Il est beau, il est doux et c'est un des meilleurs guitariste de la scène Djent/Métal en ce moment !!! :)

  10. Varun Kodolikar

    The tone is just amazing.