Uneven Structure - Awaken Lyrics

A dense, dull quiver can be felt from far away
Morsels whirls all around, melting down
An aberration into the womb breaks the microcosm
Aurora of a new abstract and elaborated macrocosm
This irrepressible fever plucks on stimulations
A dim halo appears at the heart of this randomness
Its bracing radiation projects patterns all over
The splendor conveys me into a boiling torrent
Freed from the womb, an overwhelming light surrounds everything
Expelled through this intense breach
A whole new set of perceptions gives warmth
The cosiness of gestation has come to an end
Genesis of a new cycle, the dawn of life
As this intimate alcove transforms into a peculiar place
A protective entourage builds up, fulfilling me with great motives
This thirst for the unkown goads me to leave my nymph
A will to fully value every portion of this vast realm
Precise shapes appears as the bewilderneness of the elements is lessened
Merely displaying the underlying fabric of the environment
And I open my eyes to see a...

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Uneven Structure Awaken Comments
  1. Mason Rosinsky

    Wow trying to drum to these off beat snare hits is really challenging! Wow just what a amazing band

  2. James Coleman Jr

    2018 still dope

  3. Nash Rarig

    Feels like I'm blowing shit up in space right now

  4. Orhun Dursun

    olum brutali harika lan bu grubun

  5. Mini Burns

    First I was a bit reluctant about the clear voice but after few listening it's not that bad \m/

  6. AustinJSchaeffer

    2:43 made me a man


    Still good


    @AustinJSchaeffer Still Good

  7. Chris Lehman

    4:26 Gott Damnnn!

  8. King Kang

    Can't believe I stumbled upon this album only now ...

  9. Liam Yates

    so fucking tight!

  10. KennydeathV2

    Like 3:35 is a carbon copy of Tesseract. Please.

    Jody Hughes

    WTF!! Not nearly as good though. Tesseract is unmatched

    Jody Hughes

    Can almost hear some Sybreed in there too

    Jody Hughes

    How old are you? 13? When you call something you don't personally like "Gay" you show your ignorance and immaturity. If Tesseract is not for you that is fine, move on.

    Jody Hughes

    @***** No, I am just not a metal elitist. I appreciate ALL music. I dont ridicule bands for playing what they like or other people for liking a band. Music is an expression and always reached someone.


    You mean Tesseract is a carbon copy of 3:35 haha. Their first album came out the same time that Tesseract's ONE came out, and this one came out one year before Perspective. Both good bands, tho.

  11. KennydeathV2

    So tired of generic "Djent" I've heard this same formula a thousand times...

    Tuke Lee

    there's nothing new under the sun


    KennydeathV2 are you dumb or what ? This got out in 2011 .

  12. M. Fish

    Was going so well until the vocals kicked in :(


    how t fuck u could say vocals are bad, one thing its not be your style other its say its bad.

    M. Fish

    Like this:

    It's bad

    Joe Johnson

    @CleansingInferno idiot

    Angel Butcher

    @CleansingInferno lolopinions

    Tuke Lee

    @CleansingInferno ha! "like this: it's bad" awesome. totally disagree with you you but i'm not going to start flipping out cause some stranger's opinion differs from mine.

  13. spiralEyedGhost

    .YES YES

  14. Tyler T.

    This is so great.

  15. Orion Bixler

    Fucking Majestic!

  16. James Theobald

    Pink Floyd and devin townsend?
    Consider me sold.

  17. Juan Burgos

    I wouldn`t say slightly ;D I would say a bunch of!

  18. tinabean116

    wow i just died that was so 51ck

  19. Jerome Cordeau


  20. Josh Seeborg


  21. Josh Seeborg

    Listen to the whole first disc in one go. Prepare to have your mind fucked in ten different ways. :P

  22. Velcharoon

    This is exactly the kind of music i'm searching for! Awesome shite!

  23. Johnson N Johnson

    Listen to Awaken, Frost, and Hail in that order. Prepare to have mind completely blown.

  24. lordderak

    This is epic...just ordered the album. Greetings from Ireland

  25. Josh Seeborg

    My only complain about this album is that I ordered it a week ago and it still hasn't arrived, even though I live in Ireland and Basick Records are based in England. Also, the album ends, which I found disappointing.

  26. MrGravityThumper

    Textures with bull sized testicles!

  27. Chris Sherlock

    At that bit at 0:32 you just know this is going to be amazing

  28. FemaleDogMammaries

    @TheWeemaster Because everyone's watching the trippy as shit music video instead of getting crappy internet connection in their basement.

  29. TheWeemaster

    The bit at 2:43 is just one of those "OOOOOHHHH SHHHHIIIIIITTTTT!!!!" moments!

    What I am thinking is, why the fuck is there only 958 views so far? These guys are fucking astonishing! The soundscapes in this song are like if TesseracT and Textures crashed their tour bus into each other...

  30. Jordan Brown

    fuck cameron you're still dumb

  31. Cameron Lloyd