Uneven Structure - Alkaline Throat Lyrics

I know who you are
Adrenaline stricken thought
You call for this childish inertia
And I seem to crave for whatever light as up
Every gathering has become an occasion
I'll take your word for advice, who am I to judge?
Whatever it is as long as it takes as out of nowhere

Keep filling in this drive, lead as up to the outburst
I know who you are, sweet silk
Now get me where the lights become stars

Hunting ourselves down until we see
This tapestry of projected minds
Sweet demon this is going places
Hunting ourselves up until we glimpse
Our last breath and some more

We are going to get through
What nothing in this place
Could make us ready
Take a stand

I burn and you're ablaze
No longer the lucent glow we both rave
Then flesh melts and then trickles
My loathing echoes back at your laughter

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Uneven Structure Alkaline Throat Comments
  1. Gilbert Daniel

    La classe quoi ! Rien d'autre à dire ! 🤘❤️

  2. Dmitry K

    wow. so much power. so much passion. holy sh*t.

  3. James Paiva

    Pure gold.

  4. Mansur estes

    I fucking love your vocals intense and manly cleans with brutal throaty screams

  5. Iain Campbell

    This song reminds me who I am when I have all but forgotten.

  6. Саша Мира108

    omg, you're handsome

  7. mejte


  8. Francisco Gallegos

    Incredible! Cannot get enough of the album! Come to USA!

  9. Nash Rarig

    Fuck yeah

  10. X E N O


  11. TheLambIsGood

    SO in love with your voice, my dude <3

  12. cynaptyc

    He’s so focused and feels the song!

  13. B1RD

    Putain comme toujours, Mathieu FTW !

  14. TheRiot46

    fodasss nunca vêm a Portugal


    era tão bom.

  15. Martin Hardy

    I especially love those vocals playthrough, so much intensity...

    Merci !

  16. Pontiac Peach


  17. espron24 MYFHC

    as always, INCREDIBLE!!!