Undertones, The - You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?) Lyrics

You've got my number
Why don't you use it
You know my name
You won't abuse it

If you wanna wanna wanna wanna
Wanna have someone to talk to

I'll pick you up
In my car
Take you home
It's not far

If you wanna wanna wanna wanna
Wanna have someone to talk to
Do it - do it - do it - do it

Why don't you ring my number?
Why don't you ring my number now?

Let's say goodbye
I couldn't stand it
You've got my number
Why don't you use it

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Undertones, The You've Got My Number (Why Don't You Use It?) Comments
  1. owenrification

    One of the best anthems of my long gone youth now preserved as my mobile phone ringtone so that the whole office / train / pub can share in the enjoyment when I'm called (and they do!!)

  2. Manfred Williams

    Pure. Unadulterated. Joy.

  3. Lannigs Deloin


  4. Radikal nygma1984


  5. 15chipshops

    Great song and band !

  6. Hadrian Bird

    My hands keep my nuts warm in the winter.

  7. Trevor Stern

    Favourite undertones song
    What a riff

  8. Manfred Williams

    Beat that Bert Weedon!! A hook to absolutely fucking die for!!!!

  9. Manfred Williams

    Absolutely fucking sublime.

  10. Adam bomb

    best song of the 70's

  11. Martin Callaghan

    Fucking class

  12. zatara zatrapa

    Malditos Acampantes


    *LA POLLA RECORDS* _Kamarraden_

  14. Sandra Coyle


  15. David C

    Undertones, a criminally underrated band that kick major balls ❤❤

  16. gaz riley

    this is so good!!! even better than teenage kicks in my book


    I second that

  17. sean callander

    Outstanding! Blew my ears off. Great post

  18. Kevin Edwards

    Derry & northern Ireland's greatest ! What a band ! Shame feargal is still not the lead singer ! Not to worry still a superb band ! 10/10 always ! You've got my number teenage kicks forever !

  19. Satish Kumar

    pni ma chuda lo madhar chbo

  20. 6g hvvtrtt

    Great song!

  21. Fernando Noqué Notario

    Kamarraden y pollarraden !

  22. Historia y Cine

    KAMARRADEN La polla records

    zatara zatrapa

    Malditos Acampantes

  23. Michael Kelly


  24. Los Brakon'eros


  25. Brett Stephens


  26. SCRATCH patterson

    Absolute Ace track

  27. Joanna Larkin

    really stomping powerful music x always on my record player 😎

  28. Matt C

    my favourite single should have been top 10!!

  29. Stephen Gowdy

    always loved this gets you going
    forgotten gem 1 of the best

  30. adventuresinbelieving

    cracking tune by the old boot boys

  31. Joel Daimao


  32. Greg Mardell

    This is Great ! Remember it when it came out all those years ago.

  33. Pa. D

    What a effing song/11

    Pa. D

    +Pa. D If u wanna wanna ? who cares this song kicks serious arse!

  34. Larz Gustafsson

    I like it.

  35. Greg Mardell

    This rocks! always did always will

  36. Paul Kerswell

    riff to die for.

    Miquel Pujol

    wich one? :D

  37. Eddie Willers

    What glorious sound!

    The O'Neil brothers had some kickass licks that matched Feargal's tremulous fury to perfection.

    Manfred Williams

    Glorious indeed! Joyous, uplifting, feelgood, melodic, marvellous, magnificent music!!!

    Kevin Baxter

    Tremulous fury....love that. Captures his essence. The O'Neil boys wrote some great tunes too.

  38. blade0954

    a truly superb upload,and what a quality! thank you

  39. Andrew Adcock

    Is it me or do I vaguely remember the undertones singing this song on BBC Nationwide Ireland ..I think they was in a school hall or something with loads of young kids having a great laugh

  40. ecopunk66

    Still rocks its arse off all these years down the line!!! Excellent !!'

  41. corner house

    One of many great songs by the Undertones. When this song was released in 1979 there was a navy t-shirt available with YOU'VE GOT MY NUMBER and the Undertones arrow on the front and WHY DON'T YOU USE IT! with Undertones arrow on the back. I have replicated these t-shirts, an exact copy of the original, and are available for £12. They are screen printed, good quality,If anybody is interested they are available in L or XL. I have only printed off 20 shirts, its not about making money, I just love the band! I can be contacted on: [email protected]


    ok yep...

    Stefano PETTIROSSO

    Non per soldi ma per amore della band...ma vai a cagare!!!

    Kathy Richards

    Still got any? I'm 'doing' The Undertones on Mastermind soon, and would love to wear one.

  42. andrew brennan


  43. Pete Boncheezy

    extremely good song. love the guitar leads.

  44. Nick Butt

    My favourite 'Tones tune


    mine too

  45. aroom101

    ripped from vinyl alright! brilliant.