Undertones, The - Tearproof Lyrics

She's a girl in a million
And does what a million girls do
Every so slightly
Finger tipped tightly to

Tearproof - tearproof

First in the phone book
Who looks such nice girl now
Magazine madness
Guaranteed to show you how

Tearproof - tearproof

What ever you fancy
A borderline case took down
An American hostess
Don't take a chance to be around

Tearproof - tearproof

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Undertones, The Tearproof Comments
  1. Marie Adams

    Their best song. And I'm including teenage kicks here.

  2. Gaming Neighbour v2

    Greatest middle eighth on a song ever.

  3. gaz riley

    god bless the undertones hope your all well wherever you are

  4. John Ryan

    Great photos 👍

  5. john smith

    This is an absolutely top, top pop/rock song that really should have gained greater recognition. These guys could arrange a song better than any prog rock band I hear. The way that bass kicks in on it's own in the middle eight is just ear grabbing and unexpected.The distant Derry twanged backing vocals providing the simple chorus is inspired. And they always sound heartfelt singing about painful reality rather than idealism and perfection when you're young. Brian Wilson would be proud of this one.  There were so many groups in that New wave era that just shit on Blur/Oasis/ Pulp -Brit Pop era yet they seem to be overlooked.


    john smith Great tribute! I'm from Derry so saw them a good. few times!:--)

  6. Mark Barrett

    These boys could have been my best mates growing up at the same time in the 1970's. Not pretentious in any way like some rock stars but really down to earth and decent. It's a real honour to have spent time in their company.

  7. Mark Collis

    Awesome song and an awesome band!!!

  8. Philip Trotter

    pure pop joy

  9. Neal Ford

    Probably the best Undert0nes song out there, and nobody wants to comment? I am honoured to be the first.   I have loved these Irish louts ever since the first time I put "Hypnotised" on my turntable for the first time when I was 15


    Neal Ford Class track,one of their best!:-)