Undertones, The - It's Going To Happen Lyrics

Happens all the time
It's going to happen - happen - till your change your mind
It's going to happen - happen - happens all the time
It's going to happen - happen - till your change your mind

Best story I ever heard
The truth about fat Mr X and the young girl
See how far he'll let you go
Before he persuades you when you're walking home

Happens all the time
It's going to happen - happen - till your change your mind
It's going to happen - happen - happens all the time
It's going to happen - happen - till your change your mind

Watching your friends passing by
Going to sleep without blinking a blue eye
Too slow to notice what's wrong
Two faced to you when you're taking them on

Happens all the time
It's going to happen - happen - till your change your mind
It's going to happen - happen - happens all the time
It's going to happen - happen - till your change your mind

Everything goes when you're dead
Everything empties from what was in your head
No point in waiting today
Stupid revenge is what's making you stay

It's going to happen - happen - till your change your mind

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Undertones, The It's Going To Happen Comments
  1. Stephen Campbell

    There are a lot of uninformed opinions about this song. This is not just about poor people in NI expressing themselves. Catholics with lesser rights, for instance. It's about that, too, but its mostly about IRA hunger strikers. These people, in the early 80s, were imprisoned because they killed or plotted to kill men, women and children in Northern Ireland, where they lived. They were self proclaimed terrorists who wanted to be treated as soldiers.

  2. Drew Campbell

    First band I ever saw live. Glasgow Apollo 1981. Blew me away.


    First band I saw in the Apollo was Supertramp..great venue..xx

  3. Δαδάτσης Απόστολος

    Undertones for ever

  4. degunter2009

    Unique voice, great band, so underrated :-( Love the 80's!

  5. Edward Connolly

    Great band from derry a great irish city

  6. Pino Fara

    My loop song

  7. Joe Jones

    as a songwriter, i wish I'd written this, very close to perfect!

  8. Martin Earl

    This is the very first record I bought with my own money. I was 18. So much great stuff in the 70's and 80's. I was into the rock of Queen and the progressive beauty of Yes. Then I enjoyed the punk, new wave and new romantic pop eras. Finally I was seduced by the indie scene, fell in love with REM and even explored the majesty of Bob Dylan. I could name loads of bands who were good or great back then. And now its like a dream. I never thought it would end. I watched some of Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago. Dreadful is not the word. Tragic it most certainly was. Apart from the occasional track and the occasional band that are merely good, music has died. You never appreciate what you had until its gone I guess. The amusing thing is that these so called artists are introduced to us as if they are great and music has never been better. How. Fucking. Sad.

  9. Nero Wolfe

    Early MTV used to play this video often.

  10. carl kane

    well what can i say?but when i heard this excellent single i liked it,and even then it was gonna happen that i now own it.

  11. M Mac

    Margaret Thatcher old bitch

  12. MatchstalkMan

    Proper music. With soul.

    Hugely underrated.

  13. 00ky

    The utterly wonderful and distinctive voice of Feargal Sharkey. Great song

  14. feargal75

    I've always loved Feargal Sharkey's so special voice (was well as his solo disks !) miss him so much ....

  15. Richardaw Rhodes

    Love the guitars in this song

  16. Cornelia Tuite

    The undertones are incredibly underrated it’s sad. Their songs are brilliant

  17. budlabs

    Love how they felt the need to write "Tea" on the mugs, just in case anyone would doubt it wasn't. Brilliant song and video.

  18. Scott Waldon

    I didn't really discover these guys till after the fact, but I love this track.

  19. Tackytiger74

    Brilliant track, great melody and edging away from punk & towards the SKA sound of the early 80 with the addition of a brass section. Initially was about the hunger strikers, but lyrics toned down for release. The best bands are those that maintain their integrity. and the Undertones certainly did that.

  20. David Maholchic

    This band evolved quite nicely

  21. Mr Sneak Man

    Makes me sad to think that this amazing band was destroyed all because Feargal was so far up his own hole, still glad we got some good tunes before that happened though

  22. mike rayner videos

    amazing song ❤️ 🎶 💕

  23. robert harrold

    Great tune, crap vid.

    robert harrold

    But it happens all the time.

  24. Jeff Williams

    Feargal Sharkey!

  25. Owain Frost

    Reminds me of fafa the groundhog singing. Man I miss glove and boots

  26. David C

    Londonderry's Finest*

  27. pradaman307

    Best Undertones song EVER

  28. Mr. Moon

    I can see why Feargal left.

  29. Richard Thomas

    Just love this song and the vide o

  30. Rosline Williams

    its up there with the jam brilliant northern soul

  31. c g

    no doubt about it, MR Sharkey is terrific.

  32. eddie alan

    It's just a ripoff of 60's music

  33. Skipraida

    Just found out this was a political song,good song.

  34. ManGuyPersons

    What a fucking voice!

  35. kiloscott

    Sharkey invents the chicken dance.

  36. Skipraida

    Cain Dingle,anyone?


    Cain Dingle/Bruce Lee


    @Astro , hmmm yes I'll give you that one👍

  37. Military Slinger

    Can somebody explain that what is the main idea in this video? İ didnt understand any tecnic terms?

  38. william pollock

    Cain dingle on vocals😀

    Kevin Scottorn

    Fergal sharky

  39. Martin Earl

    First record I ever bought.... what the hell happened to music?


    martin earl america and money happened fella

  40. Marmalade Stex1591

    The Speed Up Part of this is Mind Blowingly Brilliant!.

  41. Dave Jones

    This got past the BBC sensor at the time, it was written about the IRA hunger strikes at the time,, not about film, listen to the lyrics.

  42. tobmanaahh

    Positive Touch is one of my favourite albums of all time.

  43. Linda Oldaker

    He was the most ugliest singer you could get but the music was good pre punk

    boho66 healy

    Ugliest singer i highly doubt that !!!!!!


    no he wasn't, he's lovely

  44. the faceman

    How can you not like the Undertones, 80's music at its best

  45. Jen Jen

    Watching your friends passing by
    Going to sleep without blinking a blue eye
    Too slow to notice what's wrong
    Two faced to you when you're taking them on
    so brill

  46. lekoos

    i know why the director is so frustrated... he's using a projector as a camera!

  47. Tom Woods

    Not heard this for years. Sooooo good!

  48. katoness

    Great memories of this band, when I was a teenager. Played their tapes all the time.

  49. Holger Petersen

    Fuck you You Tube!

  50. Chad Burnett

    R I P Bobby Sands

    Ron Hilhorst

    What have the kind of faith have to do whit this song Bobby Sands killed him self because he was in hunger strike what have that to do that with this song pls grow up. Chad you standing still your head is into the 70 /80 s maybe you not know it is 2018 now

    Dominic Mangan

    Ron Hilhorst the song was originally written about the Hunger Strike

    Decky Hassan


  51. Amateur Radio - Tim- G5TM

    Superb track. Great riff and feargals voice is superb.

  52. ian mcgregor hart

    The Undertones were new wave & their music has stood the test of time, as has The Jam, Buzzcocks, Blondie and the Stranglers.

    Warren Baldwin

    Yep especially The Jam no group had more No 1's than them in the 80's and they split in 82 but songs like this were a much needed release from shit like Duran Duran etc...

  53. ian mcgregor hart

    Good tonic for studying hard taking a break listening to 'It's gonna happen' by the Undertones & Kim Wilde's 'Chequered Love' and getting a C pass in my Statistics exam.

  54. Richard Heade

    The first band ever to come out of Northern Ireland, absolutely epic.


    epic ? everything's epic these days

  55. Devin Tariel

    Kyle MacLachlan's distant perfect cousin

  56. Oolong Oolong

    One of the best by the Undertones.

  57. jeff ricks

    thanks id forgotten this one

  58. swampdodger

    This not a terrorist activity

  59. Underground Atheist

    This is apparently about hunger strikers ...protesting uk politics on Ireland. Brilliant song, amazing it's got so few views.

    Sam Rodrigues

    Yeah, I understood that the song was referring to Ireland reunifying, though I could be wrong

  60. the faceman

    I was never a mod, never had a Lambretta, WHY, great stuff then and now

    the faceman

    the 80's, greatest decade ever

    the faceman

    Im just saying, i love the music but i was never a mod with a lambretta, almost wish i had

    the faceman

    So they may have been, but who was there followers, the Vespa / Lambretta brigade, Mods

  61. Danilo pedroso martins

    the fratellis in 1981?

  62. Coco Jordan Gairns

    I love this song so much <3

  63. MegaMetalManX

    The lead singer looks a bit like Davy Jones from The Monkees. I've always heard of Feargal Sharkey as a solo artist but I never knew he was the frontman of this group

  64. Chris Edwards



    Feargal - Really ?  This is you ? Was with Mickey Bradley's sister last week, and we were talking about four really great albums- the TOTP version of "Its going to happen" is my favorite

    John o'neill

    Feargal Sharkey
    first undertones song I ever heard (when it was a new single).
    catchy as hell ,still.
    feargal,please hook up with my namesake again.
    just like dylan or springsteen, nobody else sounds like you.

  65. tommybluenose

    love this track

  66. Pater Emeritus

    Ufffff this song is a bit boring

    Lexi J

    +Pater Emeritus naaaaaaaah.

  67. Cremo_06

    1:07 best DJ ever!

  68. ari baltazar

    beatifull music punk 77

  69. Julian Hill

    sounds like Brit Pop before Brit Pop existed ! & yes I remember this ditty from back in the day

  70. Little Black Star

    great song

  71. austin gorman


  72. austin gorman

    derrrrrrr realy

  73. Greatest1979

    This song by the Undertones sounds a bit like the Housemartins before the Housemartins were around.


    @***** Yes exactly, that London 0 - Hull 4 sound. Songs like Happy Hour, Get Up Off Our Knees and Sheep. 

    David Cummings

    @Greatest1979 Dont you mean the housemartins were"clearly influenced" by the Undertones!.


    No, I meant it just like I how said it. Cos not all songs by the Undertones sound like It's Going to Happen whereas a lot songs by the Housemartins do. That's why I said it that way.

    David Cummings

    As the Undertones came first, my interjection is more appropriate!.

    Steven Champion

    Greatest1979 ... we agree

  74. Max Frost 68

    Maybe my favourite band ever.  Always bothered me that such a serious song (about the IRA hunger strikes) was trivialized by such a silly video.

    Paul Dunne

    @SoulLegendsRadio yeah Joel Barnett set it up in 1978,the Barnett formula and he said it was a mistake,to much money going to those non contributing unionist spongers in the occupied stolen six counties of Ireland in public expenditure in other words the british taxpayer paying for the Ulster plantation,sure it's their own fault for putting the cancer on the island of Ireland 400 years ago. And you and your (Dis)United Ireland,you are such a british bigot and full of hate for Ireland and the Irish people it's hard to believe,like all unionists you have an underlying hatred for the Irish Republic. That's why you have peace walls in the occupied stolen six counties of Ireland,because unionists hate anything to do with Irishness. I must say you are pathetic and childish like Ian Paisley was an immature man and Willie Fraser is another immature clown who both hate Catholics and anything gaelic and Irish. If we all worked together as we should have from 1922 all 32 counties would be Great Ireland. But unionists are devision people and such an absolute negative culture and a serious tumour in Ireland's six occupied stolen counties. But mark my words yesterdays man a border referendum circa 2024 will unite Ireland once and for all,you unionist hate filled bigot.


    your language shows what a bigot you are, Unlike you I love all my Irish People with the exception of those hate filled Irish Republican Bigots, it is you that wrote you would like to see catholic and protestant unionists murdered....I dont want to see anyone murdered so dont come of with that shite. The six Counties want to remain part of the united kingdom, the latest mori poll shows only 22% of Northern Ireland favour a break from the the United Kingdom, this shows there is a significant number of catholics wishing for the status quo to remain, as I said before people here know which side their bread is buttered, you are stuck in the past with your stinking ideology, the vast majority of people on this side of the border wish to move on. BTW everyone in Northern Ireland contributes you idiot Unionist and Nationalist, we pay income tax, VAT, Duty and other taxes, in fact the VAT returns that are paid to non Northern Ireland based companies are not even counted as they are paid from their HQ so we pay a lot more than the official figures show, now dry your eyes because the people of Northern Ireland wish to remain part of the UK and all the winging, name calling and false predictions will get you nowhere, stick to driving taxis around Dublin.

    Paul Dunne

    @SoulLegendsRadio​ if you study the figures on my Google + account from that mori poll from the BBC programme (the view) you will see the figures are going in the right direction,and at 63% who want to stay with the United Kingdom that's only 13% from a 50/50 and it's all about persuasion and the i don't knows can be persuaded and as I say it will be a different scenario in a decade when brexit settles and the Irish economy stays strong. Mark my words yesterdays bigot,Mark my words.


    thats your analysis, all the commentators here say different, even the shinners found it hard to find comfort in those figures. there has been a very small increase in favour of a disunited ireland so make what you want of that, a republicans 'persuasion' is usually met with intimidation and violence, it didn't work before and wont work in the future, When Brexit is implemented and has settled in there is every chance that the UK will be better off than it is in a stagnant and corrupt EU and if Ireland stays within that dictat there is every chance that the EU stranglehold will actually harm it's economy, the days of Ireland being the favourite pupil are gone, the handouts are gone and if Ireland are forced to make foreign corporations pay the tax they are supposed to then that will sour the sweetened (and corrupt) relationships with big business and could see a lot less investment......just remember who your biggest trade partner is before you run the UK down and how they propped up your economy to the tune of multi billions. Also you use the word bigot a lot when anyone can see you are systemically bigoted with your comments on murdering innocent civilians and indeed it is you that is yesterdays man, I am one of the majority of people on this island that wants to move on in a peaceful, just and democratic society, just accept that the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland wish to remain part of the United Kingdom, As Veteran Irish Republican Danny Morrison stated on Radio Ulster, there will not be a united ireland anytime soon, even if we reach 50/50 here it dosent guarantee a united ireland, believe it or not, not every catholic or nationalist wants a united ireland and that includes many shinner voters so while you sit there in your taxi in dublin dictating to us in Northern Ireland remember one thing, it will be up to the people this side of the border to decide our destiny.

    Paul Dunne

    @SoulLegendsRadio​ yes the difference between you and me is you are negative and I'm positive. And you not being the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer as I've already explained it's about persuasion and 22% want a United Ireland up 5% on 2013 and another 15% can be persuaded,2% say they won't vote but with a bit of persuasion probably will in favour of a United Ireland so that makes 39% and 12% of Protestants say they would vote in favour of a United Ireland,but that's included in the above figures. Now as I keep telling a slow learner like yourself it's all about persuasion and you being like Ian Paisley senior wanted to see the violence continue to feel secure in the union and didn't like peace,because it was the slippery slope into a United Ireland. Well yesterdays bigot that's exactly what's going to happen with corporation tax going to be the same as the Irish Republic in 2018 in the false statelet at 12.5%. So a one island economy on the way and a political 32 county Irish Republic soon after,Mark my words yesterdays unionist.

  75. Ali Mohammed

    Great song

  76. ramiro fauno martinez

    fuck ! 30 years looking for this song !
    finally i find the video !!!
    thanks a lot !

  77. ventuks

    What's wrong for 4 people?


    Everything emptied from what was in their heads.

    James Daniels

    There are people on YouTube who actually make a point of seeking out videos with no Dislikes and giving them one...regardless of what they think of the video or if they have even watched it.

    There is a sort of online legend that says there's no such thing as a publicly posted YouTube video that has NEVER received negative feedback: JUST ""Likes.

    I use the term "legend" because it is nearly impossible to prove one way or another: New videos are uploaded and old ones deleted thousands of times a day.

    You CAN occasionally find vids with no input at all: neither Likes nor Dislikes...

    But I have never seen a clip with at least one Like, but ZERO Dislikes.

  78. endrizo

    nice voice

  79. oreilly4oreilly

    great stuff altoghther its happens 

  80. Doha Red

    Brilliant. Five working class lads from a council estate in Northern Ireland playing around with cheap instruments. The heart and soul of music. Not like the manufactured rubbish of X factor and similar stuff.

    Dewi Staplesjones

    Doha Red 1

    Anthony Cervantes

    Well said. Great music comes from disadvantaged and less fortunate upcomings.

    Manfred Williams

    Amen to that my friend. Saw them many times, their music was joyous and lifted my soul.

    Manc Flyer

    Brilliant words. I hate the manufactured modern "bands"

    YC Records

    Doha Red i love this band but that gretsch the guy on the right is playing cost multiple thousands of dollars

  81. Eric Kolkey

    Great song! Great album! Great band!

  82. David Lovell

    Great band, great memories.

  83. Mike Roby

    Thanks, a lot, for posting this. Criminal that these fellows didn't get the attention they deserved early on. And the humor? Putting out "More Songs About Chocolate and Girls" in the wake of "More Songs about Buildings and Food"? There's nothing to not like about a choice like that.

    I worked with a crew of Irish guys in 1987. They wigged a little bit when I popped in a mix tape and for the rest of the summer I was 'Undertoones Maahn'.. 

    "Julie Ocean" is about as perfect as a pop song gets. BRILLIANT.

    I've got to drag out my vinyl and burn some of their goodies for in the car.

    Thanks again.

  84. Andy Bryan

    Brilliant band,hugely underrated. Great times.


    ain't that the truth!

    M Eden

    Agree 100%

  85. Doug Daluga

    "Watching your friends passing by/
    going to sleep without blinking a blue eye."
    One of my fave rhyming couplets.

  86. VerdunLad

    This song is about The Troubles, and starvation by the likes of Bobby Sands. It's very sad. "Everything empties from what was in your head."

  87. FuckThisShitImOff

    Yes the uploader has given the wrong description,theres an interview on youtube of one of the band admitting this.The Undertones were made up of both Religions.One of the many reasons I hated Thatcher.

  88. FFM0594

    Wow, someone else who likes Split Enz!

  89. python1170

    Where u been underated? Dont think so the tones were right there at the top

  90. therealsoulproduct

    Very underrated Punk/New Wave band. Ever notice how in the break the horns sound similar to "I'll Tumble 4 Ya" by....well, you know who? But this was out a year before, so I'm sure the Boy and his Club were taking notes.

  91. Kevin Parker

    Undertones rule. I thought split en dominated this style. " I was wrong". New found late to the game fave. !

  92. Paul Dunne

    Bobby Sands tribute and all the other hunger strikers, God bless you and R.I.P. and United Ireland on the way.31/7/2013.Irish time 2:19am.Wednesday.

    Steven Mcaleese

    What a twat

  93. Margot Hackett

    In my top 3, my 1rst is Valentines treatment.

  94. paul dundas

    best tones tune

  95. Papdog1

    Jack Black ha, yes. About 5 stone lighter though! Great tune.

  96. Fortinbras

    Feargal looks like Jack Black here

  97. xSheldonCooperx

    The original song was written about the Hunger Strikes but one of the band members re-wrote it and watered it down. The Undertones weren't about protesting or singing about the troubles but the problems of being a teenager and being in love. People in NI were able to forget about what was going around them for a short time.

  98. w peyton

    well said jhndco thats the truth....happened all the time

  99. dave williams

    who said humpty dumpty was an egg???