Ultravox - Western Promise Lyrics


Oh, mystical East, on old postcards
Your childhood dreams and energies
Your temples' gardens, old world charm
An ancient culture, torn and scarred

This is my western promise

Oh, mystical East, you've lost your way
Your rising sun shall rise again
My western world gives out her hand
A victor's help to your fallen land

This is my western promise


Mystical East, all taxi-cabs
All ultra-neon, sign of the times
Your Buddha Zen and Christian man
All minions to messiah Pepsi can

This is my western promise

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Ultravox Western Promise Comments
  1. Cl4rendon

    next to Vienna, the best track on the album.


    On my opinion the best

    Fotios Katsoulis

    Vienna was the main single but this one is very astronomical

  2. particuleselementals

    Este tema no hubiese desentonado en el repertorio de Visage

  3. Antonio Brown

    back when i was young and my mind was pure, sonic excellence!!