Ultravox - Visions In Blue Lyrics

Face in the window in the night
Caught for a second by the light
Ashes of memories still aglow (only for you)
Portraits and pictures you once saw (visions in blue)

Read while the letters still remain
Sip from the wine of youth again
Oaths made in silence still return (only for you)
Cast like a shroud you're clutching on (visions in blue)

Catch aimless smiles from passers by
Blistered and broken in reply
Breath seems to mist the hazy view (only for you)
Tears coat your lifeless eyes with dew, visions in blue, visions in blue

Ashes of memories still aglow
Portraits and pictures you once saw
Ashes of memories still aglow
Portraits and pictures you once saw
Ashes of memories still aglow
Portraits and pictures you once saw

Face in the window in the night
Caught for a second by the light
Ashes of memories still aglow (only for you)
Portraits and pictures you once saw (visions in blue)

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Ultravox Visions In Blue Comments
  1. Mike just Mike

    ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥One of the masterpieces that never gets old.

  2. Jay Manetz

    Truly one of the best bands from the 80’s. This song, this group is still a classic today. I listen to Ultravox whenever possible (Vienna, Quartet, Lament).

  3. Rumpled Foreskin

    Everything else you could listen to seems like pathetic pap compared to this


    Nice name!

  4. Oscar

    Travelers of space and time


    When the technological singularity happened we started to call them Time Tourists. they are few and far between but when your service is preordained you just have to make the best of a monotonous program. cheers


    @TheGodParticle care to share some more 80s sounds? I know a good amount just not the hidden gems

  5. Perfidia Black

    I don't get tired of listening to this song ❤

  6. Martin Brewer

    Not sure what year it was, but one birthday I got Airwolf for the ZX Spectrum and Ultravox - The Collection on VHS. Bit of an iffy choice, impossible gameplay on one and a vid about a nuclear power station exploding on the other... (Not sure if I should mention this, but I live quite near Hinkley Point...)
    Anyhoo, some years down the line, some old friend of mine borrowed my copy of The Collection and during a move he left it in a leaky garage rendering it unplayable. Thanks Mate!
    A bit further on, DVD became a thing and The Collection was re-released on that format. So I bought it, only to discover Visions In Blue had been left out. Can't think why...
    Broadband became a thing some time after that, so I looked for the video again. The rabbit holes I had to go down! Tsk...
    Haven't really thought about it since then, but now Youtube recommendations drops this in my lap! Nice One!
    Face it, this song totally beats Vienna...

  7. Pauline Campbell

    Love this xx

  8. Julie Nelson

    Still loving this many many years since its inception

  9. Anita Lončarić


  10. featherinthewind333

    quality tune, brings back memories of summer 82

  11. Josef de-Paris

    Midje, where are u ???

  12. Евгений Козлов

    Смотрю это видео в августе 2019-го... Ну класссно, ведь!"))

  13. Aapeli Leppä

    This was my dads funeral song...😭

  14. olek bolek

    Очень впечатляюще

  15. Geoff Lee

    Absolute classic Ultravox . Love this song. Typically arty video brings context and gravitas to the lyrics. Not one for the snowflakes though as there's a couple of wardrobe malfunctions included.

  16. Gabriela Curieses

    A symphonic song , baroque, really masterpiece...!!!!

  17. Andy JS

    Entered the UK charts in the same week as Blue Monday by New Order, 19th March 1983: https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/singles-chart/19830313/7501/

  18. TheWacoKid1963

    Continuity error, 3:01 2 out 3:03 1 out

    Peter Allgood

    I noticed that - so it took at least two takes then.....

  19. Daniel Molero

    I love ultravox

  20. Panter A

    U L T R A V O X --- ''Visions in Blue'' ---
    Face in the window in the night.
    Caught for a second by the light.
    Ashes of memories still aglow. (Only for you)
    Portraits and pictures you once saw.
    Visions in blue.
    Read while the letters still remain.
    Sip from the wine of youth again.
    Oaths made in silence still return. (Only for you)
    Cast like a shroud your clutching arm.
    Visions in blue.
    Catch aimless smiles from passers-by.
    Blistered and broken in reply.
    Breath seems to mist the hazy view. (Only for you)
    Tears coat your lifeless eyes with dew.
    Visions in blue.
    Visions in blue.
    Ashes of…

  21. Elizabeth Greene

    Nobody performs as sexy as Midge Ure did, Ultravox were the best band of the eighties.

  22. Francisco AE

    I love Ultravox and the Techno pop music . New`s Romantics

  23. Deep Thunks

    outstanding, also the drama dancing pulls you in, or off, one of the 3

  24. Stuck Boy


  25. IMCassia

    Every time I see this video I am reminded of my first girlfriend, and a lump forms in my throat; I feel the urge to pull out our old love letters from three decades ago. I read. I'm not crying, that's just dust from the letters getting in my eyes. Sentiment attracts dust. Old love affairs are inherently dusty, and my first love, well, those memories are just a supermagnet for dust, so of course it's in my eyes every time I look back, get nostalgic, and pull out the letters, which really only happens once every few years or so... Dammit. When your memories match the music and the video a little too close for comfort. Although my first girlfriend and I never actually did any ballroom dancing. Just saying.

  26. Corrie Severin 77


  27. fairykingtube

    one of the greatest song from ultravox

  28. Matt Savvides

    In my opinion one of Midge's best vocals. The emotion he puts into this...

    Ralph Jackson

    This has to be Ultravox's most mournful,melancholy song.

    Dragan Bjelic

    definitely his best of


    Yes, it is so cool and chilling how he goes from calm to very dramatic


    Ralph Jackson...Other than VIENNA which is a masterpiece as well. 😎...

    But in this song when Midge hits those strong and strained high notes...I felt that on a spiritual level! 🥰😊...Plus, the video is sooo romantic, I can't even! I want to really love someone like that...This is my Gay vision! 😋😊🥰

  29. OldMod67

    Evocative of the time,but still sounding fresh. I always wished it had a 'proper' second verse though,instead of repeating the first; but what a first! Impressive stuff.

  30. Shannon Harrison

    Haven't heard this song in probably 30 years, still know all the words

    Shannon Harrison

    still think I can hit the high notes (HA!)

    Mark Buckley

    Shannon Harrison same here but I can’t reach the high notes anymore. :)

  31. C Crandall

    The band that Depeche Mode wanted to be, but couldn’t.

    Andy JS

    @Emanuele Miraglia I wouldn't really compare Ultravox and Depeche Mode. Different styles.

    Emanuele Miraglia

    @Andy JS you're right but DM and Ultravox came from da same family wich new wave and synthpop are

    keith wallace

    Please!! A s much as I appreciate Ultravox their is no comparison between the bands. Ultravox will be remembered for a handful of songs. Dancing with tears in my eyes, vienna, reap the wild wind. Depeche? Everything Counts,Somebody, People are People, Blasphemous Rumours, Just cant get Enough, Strangelove, Barrel of a gun, Personal Jesus, Never let me down again,Enjoy the Silence, Its no Good, Precious etc etc. Enough said

    keith wallace

    @Emanuele Miraglia Well said. Depeche probably THE most uncommercial band out there. Survived 40 years without mainstream radio and still producing great songs. Cover me a prime example. Thanks for keeping the numpties in their place


    @keith wallace Cover me is a great song! Good choice.

  32. Don Fonso

    Ex-Goth report in, and stay in music!

  33. Vossright Furtwangler

    Glorious piece of music. Pretentious as f**k, of course, but hey: that was Ultravox, and 80s New Wave in general. But the orchestration is beyond criticism.

  34. Colincor Corcoran

    I remember the very first time I heard this song I wasn’t sure if I was into it but as it gets more into the song I thought this is a great tune especially when midge throws his voice to it I like it Colin Corcoran

  35. Peter Allgood

    Not seen this video before - banned by the Beeb of course!


    Maybe also because she was [email protected] Miraglia


    President Kudsi I find it interesting that it carries a lot of the same themes as Duran Duran’s Video for The Chauffeur which was released nearly a year earlier.

    Peter Allgood

    @VanessaHape was she? I didnt think so.

    Mark Poncia

    @smrteypntz one thinks it's called a style of the time !

  36. Kboy

    The atmospheric music and gothic lyrics make this song a true classic....and Midge looked at his coolest.

    Manuel Saez

    I agree. I think that this music atmospher is the difference of Ultravox with other groups, it seems that first you build an story and later you play the music.


    Never thought of this masterpiece as something gothic, but yes, you do have a point:)

  37. Tappeto Volante Viaggi

    I almost forgot of this piece and actually now I remember how much I liked it

  38. dddux

    I love this song so much. Thank you for uploading it. Great!