Ultravox - The Voice Lyrics

Native these words seem to me
All speech directed to me
I've heard them once before
I know that feeling

Stranger emotions in mind
Changing the contours I find
I've seen them once before
Someone cries to me

Oh, the look and the sound of the voice
They try, they try
Oh, the shape and the power of the voice
In strong low tones

Forceful and twisting again
Wasting the perfect remains
I've felt it once before
Slipping over me

Oh, the look and the sound of the voice
They try, they try
Oh, the shape and the power of the voice
In strong low tones

Sweetly the voices decay
Draw on the lines that they say
I'd lost it once before
Now it cries to me

Oh, the look and the sound of the voice
They try, they try
Oh, the shape and the power of the voice
In strong low tones

Oh, the look and the power of the voice
They try
Oh, the shape and the sound of the voice
In strong low tones

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Ultravox The Voice Comments
  1. Toni Jiménez

    Superbly sublime 👌. How very great they are. I love each song. I wish I could travel back in time to the 80's and forget about the year 2020. Hugs from Spain.

  2. Euadam

    Bad band that did one amazing song...not this one.


    @ Eudam: You're not very intelligent are you !!! :-o

    If you think they are that bad and don't like their music except for one song and it's not even this one then WHY did you go out of your way to visit a song by them that ALREADY KNOW you don't like ???

    Of course there's no need for you to answer that as it was rhetorical question as the answer is clear, You are a brain dead attention seeking imbecile who thinks that people who do enjoy their music are going to give a solitary crap about what you think...

    Sadly for you then you are wrong, no one gives a solitary crap if you don't like the band, now feck off and get an actual real life instead of desperately seeking attention here you feckin sad moron... ;-)

  3. Martin Fitzgerald

    Late on this one too MF from MF. Love it, great job😀


    Glad you eventually made it and even gladder you enjoyed it... :-)

    But from one MF to another, you didn't have to tell anyone you were late as they'd never have noticed anyway as no one read's any of this stuff we MF's write... ;-)

    Martin Fitzgerald

    @MadFranko008 👍🤣

  4. ねぐのり


  5. Conrad Poos

    Such a great song, not the video I remember from suburban MTV days.


    @ Conrad Poos: Not quite sure why you think that a video from a weekly European TV pop show would have anything to do with MTV !!!

    Most likely the video you seen on MTV was the official promo video... this one... ;-)


  6. Liam Cahill

    This got recommended after i found out that they are collaborating with Ex-Kraftwerl member Wolfgang Flür on his new album that should be coming out late this year

  7. Martin Fitzgerald

    MadFrank, I love it. Concert indelibly stuck to my mind. Nice one.

  8. Viking Sven

    I was 13 ,..greath!

  9. Debbie Thompson

    I love Ultravox.

  10. Chump Lunge

    recommended algorithm never fails


    @ Chump Lunge : You must be very lucky, I've never known it to work for years now... :-o

  11. andi k.

    wowwww you guys are just useless todays Generation no clues about Beginning 80s Videos/MTV …??? This was just an quick Promotionel Funny Trickery Video shoot...???? To promote The Voice …? Befor the proper but very expensive The Voice Video was made...? The Lads were just having fun with that Video Trickery /Experimentation...? Remember that's already nearly 40 Years ago...


    @ andi k.: Wowwwww, apart from the fact this WASN'T anything you just said (it was a video shoot for a TV show long AFTER the original promo was made and released and "the lads" only took part in it cos that's what the TV show wanted them to do) then other than that the only thing you got right there was the part about "todays Generation"... ;-)

    Just hope you aint part of the old guard like myself with you showing how clueless you were there and ironically looking and sounding just like that useless generation you complained about... :-o

    tr2300 tr

    Also sounds like all the shite new wave dribble of the time .

  12. gmt pjw


  13. Neo Anderson

    The song still sounds as great today as it did back then but jezzzusssssssss......

    What the bloody ell was the point of the video!! LoL. Midge acting so camp and the 2 ladies not only looked bored but at times struggle to keep a straight face with the dad dance behind em. What was the point?? No sense nonsense.

    I think I broke my toes from the curling up and I o'd on the cheese fest on show here. Awesome tune......bin the video!


    @ Neo Anderson: It might be cheesy as feck but it's more popular on this channel over the "official promo"... ;-)

    I've actually grown to like it more than the official promo myself over the years and when you think about it then it's actaully quite good for what was nothing more than an appearance on a weekly TV pop show, at least they went to the bother and expense to build them a set rather than just have them standing on a stage in front of the cameras like most shows did... bin the whingers I say and keep the video... ;-)

  14. David Pinnington

    Ah i had the vox/Star Trek side burns for years - live its great when they bring out the drums and all hammer it out to the finish

  15. hyoma 3431

    A song that I found a used CD and jumped and heard.
    I was glad to come to the recommendation.

  16. Aivar Uueda

    Hea leelo kaugest ajast. 🍰🐝👌

  17. ChameleonThe13

    One of the best vocals in rock/pop music, fantastic song, and...really stupid video!

  18. timikm

    What type of wardrobe Midge Ure wears? Classic look, but very eighties!


    @54129 nope, 1980s, I saw it irl, when I was a kid


    @ timikm: Seems like "54129's" reply went right over your head... ;-)


    @MadFranko008 haha! It really looks like this) Oh, whatever...

  19. MiouziK 4 All

    Great great song !!!! 💖

  20. Doug Reed

    What a song, bought single in 1981,still sounds great!!!

  21. ilja nikitin

    Обожаю Ultravox песня Вена меня завораживает до сих пор

  22. Ferdinando G.

    Ultravox fan from 1980 .. still here .. still rules

  23. David Lee

    A good tune

  24. Johnno Villa

    When music and art had talent.

  25. koff41

    I listen to this in the first Walkman (Sony). 100 times or 1000.

  26. Mark Kendrick

    Great song and great band.....Midge Ure is an amazing talent......

  27. Stephen Connor

    Interesting vid,,must of cost a few quid,,females just wanted to go home
    with there big bonus for sitting they

  28. Mike Hersee

    This is truly an awesome song. When I saw that room, I realised it was one of those rotating rooms that they have used for special effects (like Lionel Ritchie used for 'Dancing on the ceiling'), and it was obviously only on a slight tilt. I thought they were going to rotate it so they were standing on the walls. Disappointing that they didn't. Looks as though it was done in a hurry.

    Mike Hersee

    @MadFranko008 the fixed end-on camera was topical of such things. I'm guessing it was a rotating room but the motor had broken or something and so they had to make do with it. It's the only explanation that makes sense of every little clue. You can see that the set is at an angle already. Would have made no sense to build such a shit set just for that slight angle, which would be anything but quick to do


    @ Mike Hersee: Rest assured the room/ set was exactly as I said, built at an angle with no machinery to rotate or tilt it, broken or not...

    It was a simple weekly TV pop show with no big budgets for such fancy gimmicks, the built many such sets for many of the bigger more well known bands that appeared on the show and they did it on a shoestring budget often reusing parts/ props from previous builds...

    Might not make much sense to you but that's how they did it and while they may not have had the best of materials to work with they built them quickly and cheaply as the set builders were good at their jobs... ;-)

    Mike Hersee

    @MadFranko008 ok, I accept that then. ☺️


    Mike Hersee man the way you was arguing made you look like such a bellend. You like this everyday?

    Mike Hersee

    @z00h Haha! Yes. I seem to have been wrong on this occasion, and on other occasions I'm right. It's fun paying attention to small details and working things out. For example, I noticed that the video for Todrick's FAG had been recorded at a slower speed and then speeded up to normal, which he later confirmed in a behind the scenes video. You can call it bellend if you like, I don't mind. It might also be mild Asperger's.

  29. Anthony Coleman

    Bought this cassette in the early 80's, first time I have seen the video January 2020

    Stephen Le-surf

    Is it just me or did they have another video for this song that was like a mini movie? Everything from twenties night club to war scenes and torch lit processions! God if I could have the eighties again I'd party more and worry less

  30. TheFokker03

    UV were imo,the best band in the 80's,after John Foxx left,mind you!

  31. Tar Mach

    My favorite of theirs

  32. stringer 2295

    1981.jamiroquai was watching.

  33. กรทอง บุญกร

    Happy New Year techno pop in 2020

  34. Tee O

    God I miss the 80's ☹️ All the best for 2020 people 🙌🏼 Manchester, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    Jay Jay

    Tee O I hope the 2020s is a mix between the 60s & the 80s

    Tynka Bell

    You and me both. Dear god, the state of the music charts now, it’s dire, it really is. No great bands anymore.

  35. baroque & roll

    Grande band, li ho visti a mestre (Venezia) nei primi anni '80, non ricordo l'anno preciso.💚

  36. HELD Feeder Man


  37. Pablo

    The videoclip is so cool and the song is amazing!!!!

  38. 舞姫



    Brilliant Song Love it

    Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Too right! I was 8 in '81 and loved Ultravox.My brother and sister were 14&13 so I grew up on this music.

    Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Who else agrees '81 was a brilliant year for music?

  40. ViscountSinistere

    Ultravox...you made my life after death !

  41. SirCJPunk t

    Que ilusión óptica se le denomina a está habitación?, Quedo atento.

    Germán Molero

    La habitación está levantada quedando inclinada, pero aparenta estar normal porque la cámara con la que graban también la han inclinado!

    La otra escena con las chicas sentadas solo la cámara está inclinada.

  42. Rohan Jayasekera

    Thanks for doing this, MadFranko008!


    @ Rohan Jayasekera: You're welcome mate, glad you enjoyed it... :-)

  43. Martin Hugh Henley

    Astonishing how many muppets think the video "weird", "strange", whatever. Kids, can't your MTV brains cope with something other than the homogenised, synchronised dance crap polluting YouTube nowadays?

    Jake Joker

    Sir I served in WW2 and this video is indeed very weird and strange and I've never watched a MTV. You kids these days wouldn't know good music if it raped you.

  44. 河端健志

    This song is the real ultravox.

  45. Viking Lord

    I just gotta say that snapping your fingers was never cool, even if you were a Jet or a Shark.

    Martin Hugh Henley

    What isn't "cool" is precisely that - "cool".

    Martin Hugh Henley

    Wrong. It remains the highest act of cool.

  46. mavissara

    Great song, but what a goofy video!

    Martin Hugh Henley

    Nope. Great video.I love it.

    G P

    A bit unbalanced

    Peggy Franzen

    This video comes from ' Monty Python's. Flying Circus.'

  47. Vladimir Putin

    My mates new house, timber frame and very cheap, rooms are all over the place.

  48. Ralph Guy

    This wasn't the official video so which show was it filmed for? One of the European channels perhaps?


    @ Ralph Guy: No one said or claimed it was the official video !!! this was an original promo they shot for a European TV show which I believe was called "Bananas"...

    Ralph Guy

    Thanks for clarifying that MadFrank. Do you know what country 'Bananas' was shown in?

    Top Spin

    Ralph Guy Germany !


    @ Top Spin: You are indeed correct and after a bit of searching I can verify that with this link... :-)


  49. AnnabGW

    I think he Midge is lush...love what he's wearing the clothing....

  50. StarGamek

    I love watching this music video on acid!!!

  51. Adrian B

    Videos were shit but great if you know what I mean. And the music well it’s just biblical not like the shit today

  52. Cesar Sandoval

    Wow.. i hear a lot of pokemon in here

  53. Darek Demecki

    GREAT melody so thank You very much,
    regards, oooooooooooooooooooooooo

  54. Bill Rodriguez

    Saw them at Whisky a go go Hollywood with Midge Ur

  55. Ian Hart

    Big influence on Gary Numan's sound. Ultravox along with OMD my favourite groups of 1980's futurist / New Romantic movement. Great music with style & panache.


    Gary preferred the John Foxx version of the band.

    Ian Hart

    @Retr0naut. I enjoyed Ultavox in early days with John Foxx as lead singer in a different way. I like John Foxx also as a solo artistes & LP 'Metamatic' especially enjoyed the single 'Europe after the Rain' one of the best songs of 1981. This was No 5 in my Radio Whitburn Top Forty for that year. My equivalent of John Peel's festive fifty. Homosapien by Pete Shelley was my No 1.

    Ian Hart

    @Retr0naut 'Slow Motion' in 1978 when John Foxx was lead singer is a Classic; infact one of Ultravox's best.

    Alexander Graf von Rothenstein

    @Ian Hart same here and Depeche Mode in their first years (1981-1986). ❤️🙏

  56. boofuls

    He needs locking up ..for the lord of the manor look 😂🤣...dunno whats more disturbing the waistcoat or the arm garters😛


    You know nothing about fashion, they were Futurists....came out of the ruins of Post Punk, only with better tailors, synthesizers, mascara and eye liner...Why dont you listen to your Reospeed Wagon, Hall and Oates shite

    Paul Brookshire

    For the love of all that is holy, do not google Steve Strange.

  57. Tony C J Méndez

    Splendid. Is there any way I can go back to the 80's?

  58. butcherax

    Okay, I got the idea with that illusion after about 15 seconds...

  59. Stefans Amiga Welt

    So far as i can see Bill Currie played the line of " Are friends electric " instead of " The voice " :-))

  60. Julie coop

    Electric six high voltage lol think they nicked the look.

    Julie coop

    MadFranko008 I meant electric six nicked ultravox look .high voltage. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 oops I love ultravox. Spent my teenage years listening to them and Numan.


    @ Julie coop: I still haven't a scooby doo what you are saying to be honest !!! :-o

    Would it be fair to assume that "electric six is or was a band/ group somewhere, sometime ??? (if they are I've never heard of em nor has anyone else here I've just asked)... :-o

    Julie coop

    MadFranko008 look up the bands name on here loads of videos the song I mean is high voltage.


    @ Julie coop: No thanks, if I haven't heard of them by now them they are most likely not a band I do want to hear... ;-)

    Matt Hopper

    They're vile, crass and ugly. How can you even compare them to the class of Midge's Ultravox?

  61. Maria Criado

    T-pose to assert your dominance 2:07

  62. Manuel Saez

    In my opinion the best song of Ultravox, if you pay attention you can find the different instrument playing like all. The piano, and guitar marvelous.


    There are no electric guitars ONLY bass, drums and analogue synthesizers

    Fire Queen 80s Synth Girl

    There's no piano

    Fire Queen 80s Synth Girl

    @Kboy there are actually guitars. Listen carefully. The synthesizer drowns them out.

  63. Tim Sollén

    Ure was the best singer of that era.

    Alexander Graf von Rothenstein

    And Dave Gahan 😉

  64. Carlos Héctor Cubillos Ocampo valencia

    Extraordinaria banda británica y con un sonido excepcional y además muy creativos!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Дмитрий Михайлович Попов


  66. dread true

    This is a Synt band.. 5 stars


    @ dread true: Erm... wassa "Synt Band" ??? :-o

    Gefletschtes Gebiß

    @MadFranko008 : He never heard Hawkwind. That's a Heart Roc band, too.

  67. ronie80's

    What a great song. Midge!

  68. John stairs

    Midge at his fantastic best.

  69. 速水仁

    My god when I’m ten years

  70. Santo Mandra

    Non capisco niente di musica ma gli Ultravox sono forti

    enrico bianchin

    Penso che tu sia molto giovane. Devi sapere che gli Ultravox sono stati una band di culto per gli amanti della 'new wave' britannica dei primi anni '80. Se ti piacciono significa che di musica ci capisci eccome!
    Se non li conosci ti consiglio di ascoltare anche i Depeche Mode, i Duran Duran, i Simple Minds, gli U2 ed i Cure, tutte bands nate in quel periodo e tuttora in attività, con alle spalle carriere straordinarie!

  71. DackRambo

    Midge could get it

  72. Lyle Grandersom

    Those young chicks were hot & now they’re really old brah

  73. Square Creative

    Kevin Bacon is a great drummer don't you think?


    Kevin Bacon lol

  74. Lizard Logic

    All of 'em are so damn sexy!

  75. Colette Sadeghi

    Never heard this track before is great and original like this band was

    Lizard Logic

    This whole album is a gem. It gave me the idea and courage to try playing the violin, just to have a sense of it. I'm more of a piano person, but if I had the time, I would have taken more violin classes.

  76. countzorg

    Considering the dynamic power of this song, the video does not even begin to meet it half way.
    I grew up loving Ultravox and never saw this video until now.. So glad. It would have destroyed my imagination


    @ countzorg: Considering that this is nothing more than an appearance on an Italian or Spanish (can't recall which for now) TV pop show then I'd say it's very good indeed and much better than just having them as most TV pop shows did just standing there on a stage miming and lip syncing to the record... ;-)


    @MadFranko008 really? Ahhhhhh. Jesus! In that case hats off to the crew. I really thought this was their official video!


    @ countzorg: Yup, this video is nothing more than a TV show appearance, the following link is for the actual original official promo video for this song... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv1hlw40R2c

    Lizard Logic

    It's great, aside from the spaced out women sitting on the lips couch. Heehee!

  77. Lamster66

    Never seen this version of the Video. the one I remembered had Billie Currie acting like a old fashioned newscaster.
    The crooked room is pretty Corny but it is funny and they looked like they enjoyed themselves making it.


    @ Lamster66: This video is simply just an appearance they made on TV pop show, the original promo video you remember would be this one... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv1hlw40R2c

  78. Mick McManus

    Listen to this on earphones fkn brill


    @ Mick McManus: Not quite sure why you'd want to listen to it with earphones !!! Much better sound with a decent pair of speakers and a quality amp... ;-)

    Peggy Franzen

    " Rage In Eden", is a great album- indeed!⚡

  79. Vincent de Guard

    lost in time is the first time i heard this track ...but it must of been awesome ...as still is

    Lizard Logic

    @MadFranko008 I was in high school when this was new - and nobody at school knew them.
    A few years later, in University, I still couldn't find anyone aside from one guy who vaguely knew of Vienna, and a girl who said "Oh, I love synth-pop! Do you like The Housemartins?" 😧🙄🙄🙄🙄😜


    @ Lizard Logic: Where did you live... Pluto or somewhere !!! :-o

    Lizard Logic

    @MadFranko008 Sure felt like it. You'd think the west coast would be a bit more open to new music. Even the Los Angeles stations were more focused on Kim Wilde.


    @ Lizard Logic: Ah, sounds like you're from the USA so that explains things, here in the UK it didn't matter what type of music you where into be it Punk, Ska, Disco, Reggae and every other genre in-between, you'd have been hard pushed here to find someone who had not heard of Ultravox or knew of their records... ;-)

  80. Alexander Dahoola

    The look and the sound of the voice

  81. Dobermans rule

    this is still a weird video and the other one is better but still great to see the different incarnations.

    Martin Hugh Henley

    Nope. This is a fabulous video.

  82. Luis Chacon Roldan

    My prefered this group 😉😍👍

  83. Miriam Bloemraad

    Great song sexy accent. Great Voice the Voice ❤ Ultravox and Midge Ure. Wish I could travel back (Dark❤)

    Firsthgyhgyhuy Lastujhujhuj

    So do I.

  84. brochan11

    Those girls are granny's now.


    @ brochan11: Or dead even !!! (you never know)... :-o

    The Corned Beef Council

    MadFranko008 Christ...that escalated quickly


    @ The Corned Beef Council: Gawd... What did and what happened ??? :-o

  85. stuforty2

    worship the voice 😬

  86. EL Gatto

    5 o clock tea gentelmen!

  87. Jayne Williamson

    One of the best groups to come out of Scotland

    L̸a̵ ̴L̸i̵ ̶L̴u̶ ̷L̸e ̷L̴o̶

    huh, how about that
    every day's a school day
    i thought they were too


    @ King Dedede: Being Scottish myself then I'd be proud to be able to call them Scottish but you've gotta be fair they were in fact a British band... ;-)

    Jayne Williamson

    @L̸a̵ ̴L̸i̵ ̶L̴u̶ ̷L̸e ̷L̴o̶ hiya I'm Scottish too and I always thought Ultravox were Scottish seems I was kinda wrong och well still think they were awesome

    Lizard Logic

    Warren Cann was Canadian by birth, but his parents were UK citizens. Last I heard he lived in the states.

    dread true

    You got Cocteau Twins, but you don't know
    So sad...
    But this album of Ultravox and Vienna are great.

  88. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    A biggie from '81 !

  89. PinkSmarties72

    Midge could easily have been a male model. He was very beautiful

    Neil Hansford

    Come on, Walt. Get over it.
    Naturally, you can call him handsome if you want. I for one, think he was beautiful, and will continue to call him so. Looks like PinkSmarties72 here will also, whatever you happen to think.

    Walter Lindinger

    @Neil Hansford I assume you are a native speaker? So what's all the fuss about it? You'd know what words to use in the correct way..... When I learned English in High School and Later in College this was an absolute no-go-zone.......

    Neil Hansford

    What's the fuss about? You're the one policing language under a bloody YouTube video, Walt. Times change; language changes; views change. I've never been offended at someone calling me beautiful, quite the opposite in fact, and am perfectly comfortable with my sexuality if they do. Maybe I'm just odd, and I should feel awful about it...


    Walter Lindinger oh piss off. I'll call him what I damn well want. You don't like my comment then scroll by rather than be a total dick about it.


    Neil Hansford he's just being a total dick. Scouring comments and telling us what not to say. Sad old relic most likely.

  90. Paul francis Gates

    Classic 80s music a lot better than the crap music being played now 😀

    Hank Henry

    these all generations make crap in ev.thing coz they're crap

  91. russell perez

    Midge needs a director's chair and a megaphone


    I’m an interview from the80s he said by now he’d be a director and wouldn’t be an old man singing on a stage. I know he directed all of his own videos. But he is now an old man singing on stage.

  92. Dr. Strangelove

    Native these words seem to me
    All speech directed to me
    I've heard them once before
    I know that feeling
    Stranger emotions in mind
    Changing the contours I find
    I've seen them once before
    Someone cries to me
    O O O O
    The look and the sound of the voice
    O O O O
    They try, they try
    O O O O
    The shape and the power of the voice
    O O O O
    In strong low tones
    Forceful and twisting again
    Wasting the perfect remains
    I've felt it once before
    Slipping over me
    O O O O
    The look and the sound of the voice
    O O O O
    They try, they try
    O O O O
    The shape and the power of the voice
    O O O O
    In strong low tones
    Sweetly the voices decay
    Draw on the lines that they say
    I'd lost it once before
    Now it cries to me
    O O O O
    The look and the sound of the voice
    O O O O
    They try, they try
    O O O O
    The shape and the power of the voice
    O O O O
    In strong low tones

  93. EMILIO Blazquez Garcia

    Este es de 1982 donde en la movida de rolla en Av de América y en España en cafés se aludía a la gran fantasía de Quadrofhenia en BRISTOLS

  94. patrick kever

    the two girls are bored lol

  95. ian Pride

    I had forgotten how good this band were.

  96. zocc116

    dutch angle with a twist! and epic music...


    How do they do it?


    @PinkSmarties72 5x5 wooden box with a fixed camera, fixed lamps and sofas, raised on one side. classic stage work, really :)

  97. EdMcF1

    3' 55" 'They try-aye'.

  98. Carlos Izquierdo

    Mi favorita de ultravox !!!!!

  99. Anthony Richards

    The video puts a different slant on the song. ;-)