Ultravox - Lament Lyrics

And just as my eyes start seeing
After all the pain
The twist in my life starts healing
Just to twist again
In stillness, in sorrow
Returns that softly sighing lament

And just as the smile's returning
After all the pain
The fire inside stops burning
Just to burn again
In moments of madness
Returns that softly sighing lament

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Ultravox Lament Comments
  1. Rob D2

    Whatever happened to “ art pop” or synth pop if you like.....is the current population of young people too dense to get it ?

    noel murphy

    I love synth wave. Check out The Midnight it FM-84, well worth a listen. Nostalgic vibes

  2. Joe Schoe

    This song always tears me up. This whole album carried me through a very dark time.
    Tomorrow I am seeing Midge perform again (3rd time). His voice is still haunting, and if he's going to be anywhere near you, go.

  3. marky marcus

    Reminds me of something Japan might have released.

  4. LiteracyLabyrinth

    Ethereal, haunting 80s synth masterpiece. Ultravox at their best till it turned sour suddenly in the troubled 90s

  5. craig davidson

    Ah, the Tunisian countryside, recognise it anywhere.

  6. Thomas Plachta

    Geiler Song 💓👍

  7. victor rodriguez

    Merry Christmas Ultravox...... greetings of Peru.....

  8. marian koniuszko

    My nr one for some many years.

  9. gunforhirenz

    I love this video, but why do all their girlfriends live on an island ? Is their a disease and their contagious ? Did midge know that woman in the car before hand or was he just a fast mover ? Why does the last scene remind me of the end of school camp with all the guys pda with girls at the bus stop ? I love this band , and all their quirky videos

  10. gudderjahrgang71


  11. NEBULA 069

    just sayin, they're all hooking up with lovely lady, what are they lamenting?

  12. Sofar Sogood

    Will listen when dead. Probably lamenting over my past life...

  13. Aamir Afzal

    Bring back the 80s please...someone.... ?

  14. Aamir Afzal

    wow beautiful...Nothing can beat the 80s.... the golden era of great music...

  15. battywattywoo

    It makes me think of Star Fleet (a great programme from the era); and Love's Great Adventure (my fave Ultravox song) makes me think of Terrahawks.

    Rumpled Foreskin

    Come on explain to me..why does Loves Great Adventure remind you of Terrahawks?


    @Rumpled Foreskin Because it was one of the best records in the charts when I became obsessed with Terrahawks, in '84. Don't you have any personal song associations, then?

    Rumpled Foreskin

    @battywattywoo haha I used to love TerraHawks too..Zelda reminds me of Shirley from Eastenders
    I always associate Star Trekkin by the firm ( 1987 ) with me doing sandwich box duty at lower school lol

  16. Doug Reed

    Moody melodic gem from the synth masters. Despite their success, I still feel ultravox are very underappreciated!

  17. Gian Paul dulfo

    It Makes You Want To Play It In Your Car While Driving In The Highway

  18. Maria Antonietta


  19. javi fernandez tomas

    desde españa,octubre 2019 ,preciosa cancio, con mis 45 años

  20. Andrzej Kalinowski

    Until 2084:) Poland

  21. Anita Lončarić


  22. Sir Luca

    666 likes ... the perfect number

  23. enrico bianchin

    Great song. Great album. Great band!

  24. Phil Sleddenhouston

    I can remember this video played in reverse for some reason ?
    now it plays forward!.

  25. Phil Sleddenhouston

    I'm ok .got the all clear ..last week ..
    now when I listen to this I just cry.
    I was recently at south stack in west Anglesey with my wife .
    that place reminds me so much of this videos scenery..

    noel murphy

    Good man Phil, all ok thankfully 👍

  26. swordscot

    What are the chances? A remote Scottish island populated solely by models.

  27. Mark Dickie

    A beautiful song shot on the beautiful Isle of Skye in bonnie Scotand ... what's not to like !! Brilliant band .. thanks guys !

  28. luis ludena

    What a Song can make in our Sense.

  29. Jim Timber

    Thumbs up if you've just seen Midge in Bolesławiec Poland performing his beautiful music 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  30. Vanessa Pike

    I was leaving our friends house where our family stayed for a few days. they had horses & rode while there. when we were leaving my brother was playing this album ,this song was on as we drove away. I sobbed so bad. still love the emotional side of this song

  31. Oscar Gutierrez

    ILOVE ultravox forever


    Top track m'y friend big liked for you 👌👍❤

  33. Linda Rogers

    Yes I am. Good music.

  34. olek bolek


  35. Transport & Simulation Hub

    I lament the passing of all those Class 60 Diesel Locomotives that are on the scrap line at Toton Traction Depot. Railfans will know what I mean here :).

    Great song though.


    Hey, not totally, but I know a whole bunch of guys who do! We radio hams often double as railfans see.

  36. peter g

    This video brings me such a great 80's feelings...

  37. Andrew Bedellpoet

    The first record I ever bought... 😊

    noel murphy

    Get away, now that was an inspired first pick 👌
    Came across it again recently by accident, an absolute classic. And the video also brought back great memories of a proper ‘lads’ weekend away 🙈

  38. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Phil,my heart goes out to you.I hope you are enjoying life the best you can.I loved Ultravox when I was growing up.

  39. martin

    This tune is to good, heard the word "Lamented" in the movie #ConAir lol. Fackin awesome 2019 still banging this beast of a track. #Ultravox #Immortal ………………...

  40. Mick DeVille

    Hearing this reminds me of listening to the chart run down on a Sunday evening, tape deck at the ready, Simon Bates or Richard Skinner, i can almost remember the order of the chart at the time!


    Love the atmosphere of this video. The moments of merriment and togetherness with a loved one. And such an evocative song. Love Ultravox.

  42. Geoffrey Jonathan Wilson

    Superb band !!!

  43. David Fullam

    And this led me to the extended versions. Jesus Christ was a beautiful song.

  44. guru-in-drag

    Billy's jeans are about 3 sizes too small. Yikes!

  45. Magda K

    Beautiful song! Definitely my favorite one right now.

  46. PinkSmarties72

    Does anyone know where this video was made?


    PinkSmarties72 seems somewhere in Scotland


    Isle of Skye (opening scene - Elgol, ceilidh -dancing in the club - Broadford) - obviously Scotland.


    siemazzo yes I know it’s Scotland. It was where, but Midge Ute confirmed it on Twitter it was the Isle of Skye

    Jim Halley

    The Isle of Skye

  47. Corrie Severin 77

    4:18his voice ❤️


    i lament the passing of the 1980s

    X Y

    So true

    Gérard Menvusa

    Yes in France too


    I lament liberalism. If it were gone there would be nothing to lament over.

  49. DackRambo

    well those jeans were tight Smudge !

  50. PinkSmarties72


  51. Johann 1981

    Un chef d'oeuvre musical de 1984. J' aime aussi Vienna, Dancing with tears in my Eyes, Love's great adventure. Que des petites pépites des années 80. Ultravox est un groupe exceptionnel.

    Will Richardson


    Chris DLN

    et toujours la même voix....vu cet été au W Festival....!


    Midge ure is the best frontman U-Vox has ever had, much better than John Foxx ; what a magic tune !


    Well, ur entitied to yr opinion, Ure and Foxx are chalk and cheese, I saw John Foxx at the Dominion in 1983, best gig I've ever seen, only equalled in July this year by kd lang. I think more credit is due to Billy Currie, Warren Cann and Chris Cross, without whom Midge would have been a pop singer, not a member of an awesome electronic band, just sayin'.

  53. Julia Afford

    Thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2019!!👍

    Andrzej Kalinowski

    Until 2084:) Poland

    Craig Matthews

    Julia Afford Boxing Day 2019!

    Jon Ralph

    2020 ;-)

    Everton Porter

    Jan 16th, 2020...

  54. Konrad Solecki

    Absolutely Amazing 😊😊!!

  55. Micky B

    To me this is the ultimate Love Song I relate to Midge Ure in this Video I have my own YouTube I am known as Micky B on YouTube and I have a lot of Love Songs :)

  56. Donald Albano

    ok, i will add comment #13. I always liked Ultravox. I guess they have sort of a cult following. Not a mainstream radio type band. I really like this video; just not sure what it means? doesn't matter though, that's the beauty of music (and art) it can mean anything you want it to mean.

    Will Richardson

    An ahead of the curve travel vlog?

  57. steven collins

    We've got ourselves a snog off

  58. Brendan Keenan

    One of the best bands to come out of the 80s there videos were brilliant and some were funny 😂 I was a big fan of Ultravox from when i heard Vienna and i liked everything they released after that, I got to see Ultravox when they reformed in 2009 and they played Belfast and i can say it was worth the wait, they were brilliant if you like there sort of music?


    They were around in the 70s,years before Vienna.

  59. Colette Duke

    this song is so haunting . gives me goose bumps all over .i listen to this wih my earpones in .when i cant sleep

  60. Phil Sleddenhouston

    I've recently been fighting for my life with severe cancer..I've found this old ultravox song and cried with joy that this is actually what life is about.
    meeting your soul mate without a care in the world..

    Kent Venish

    @Col SALUTE!!

    Infomation Distribution

    Love - Detachment is our ultimate attachment

    craig davidson

    How are you now?

    DL Kay

    Phil Sleddenhouston: I hope as a cancer survivor that your health is better, that you're winning your battle and living life to the fullest you can. Music saved my life too, so find solace in song. Blessings and stay strong!

  61. Colincor Corcoran

    This song reaches the right places of mine the heart body and soul it has been an absolute pleasure growing up with all the quality song that ultravox brought out great being a part of it all great looking back to my younger days great memories Colin Corcoran

  62. Leigh Jordine

    Nice 👍

  63. Jinky Saffron

    This is the vid that *should* have over 1billion views...brings memories of a happier time

    Cesar Luna

    Too beautiful


    Agreed. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the USA who has even heard it.

  64. Yurio13

    какой то предприимчивый вася в нормальном времени клип пустил)
    Показать цитирование

  65. Andy Worrillow

    Awesome. Forgotten how good this is.

  66. Tappeto Volante Viaggi

    Un capolavoro !! (=masterpiece, for the meaning) :)

    Emanuele Miraglia

    Viva gli Ultravox!

  67. Tracy Banks

    Returns that Something, Inside Me.....


    Always loved this track xx