Ultravox - Just For A Moment Lyrics

Talking in the window as the light fades
I heard my voice break just for a moment
Talking by the window as the light fades
I felt the floor change into an ocean

We'll never leave here, never
Let's stay in here forever
And when the streets are quiet
We'll walk out in the silence

Listening to the movement that the night makes
I let the room fade just for a moment
Sitting in the shadows that the leaves make
I felt the floor change into an ocean


Listening to the music the machines make
I let my heart break just for a moment
Listening to the music the machines make
I felt the floor change into an ocean


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Ultravox Just For A Moment Comments
  1. Arnold Gauss-Rifle

    How do you do!

  2. steev smith

    Fabulous music, from back in the day. Simple, but one of the best tracks ever,in it's simplicity. I think Bowie would've been proud of such a creation.

  3. StK Rushh

    Carty la

  4. semyonsemyonovicsemyonov

    listening to the music the machines make :) forever... and from this song i go directly to--- "on a quiet beach washed by the sun, he puts his headphones on. his modern world revolves around the synthesiser's song"

  5. это я

    Спасибо за это.....

  6. TheMcmikerg

    I know it's a different line-up, but is this a proto-"Vienna" or what?!

  7. Jojo

    oh man this to good for me

  8. Kevin Cassells

    i love this song.

  9. 肉niku

    beautiful song!!

  10. Lewis Turner

    Listen here Carty a nice guy like you shouldn't hang around with naughty boys like that -Elvis/Liam Boyle

  11. 1990

    Forgot to say, a very fitting video, SpaceLime.

  12. astrophonix

    "Listening to the music that Britney makes, I say 'for fuck's sake, you must be joking!'"

    Bionize 050

    astrophonix class😂😂😂🤝

  13. Santino Di stefano

    Rudy dudy cartikins

  14. Shane Scott

    Awaydays. The best football hooligan movie with the best soundtrack.

  15. BLALALALALAmusic

    My dad would play this song all the time. We would just sit and listen. No worries. Life was simple, and this really brings me back.

  16. Andre Reames

    Love this album from the best Ultravox line up

  17. Sophia Dale

    that's brilliant... Foxx visions a post apocalyptic landscape in many of his songs, and your images work really well...

    This song just gets me every... single... time!

  18. Andre Reames

    Blew my mind in 79 was 16 now 54 and still love this


    The same

    Onion Ninja

    16 now and blows my mind

  19. Colin Smith

    SO beautiful....a band ahead of their time!

  20. Music-Mad-Lover

    It's like an early version of Vienna, listen to this from the John Foxx era!!


    And written years before and miles better too

  21. DJFormaldehyde

    I love it. That song is the single most influential piece of music for me ever.

  22. 1990

    Who the fook gave this a thumbs down?

    noodels chow

    +Nime wish I could see who

    Underground Warrior

    The 4 that did are cowards for not showing themselves. "Com'on boys!! Let's git on our hoss's and ride hard to track those no good 4 yellabelly cowards!! We's gonna hang em, and hang em high!! "LET'S RIDE!!!!"


    Midge Ure.

  23. Ben Greep

    away days is the reason in here, anyone else?

  24. Jes St. Clare

    possibly my favourite John Foxx era Ultravox song. Well done on the video, enjoyed it - suits well


    +Jes St. Clare I agree. Great song. Tasteful video.


    Its perfect, then the boys fucked it up and redone it as Vienna which was dreadful


    Before Midge Ure joined and they went shit , this is a fantastic piece of music


    @dermot51 Ure ruined the band.


    Never regarded by anyone as a credible artist Slik, Rich Kids , part time Lizzy guitarist, and that dreadful fucking Vienna, not to mention he wrote that shite Band Aid tune with that other musically challenged charlatan Geldof

  25. joui1997

    1:03 is that david bowie????


    Nope, it's John Foxx.

  26. Hargravity

    He loved you Carty.

    Kamil Jaskulski

    @Hargravity made my day

    Nicky Power

    Hargravity don’t really watch movies but saw it liked the look of it now it’s my favorite movie ever I know lots of people who think it’s bad but i loved it

  27. Underground Warrior

    Good video. Very futuristic & very Industrial. Their 1st, 2nd & this their 3d albums are the best. Ultravox were way ahead of their time. Glad I saw them in 1979 at the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA.

    Underground Warrior

    +DJFormaldehyde, do you have the entire recording of that show at the Whiskey? If you do, can you upload it on YouTube? Or will there copyright infringements that will prevent you from doing it? The only song that is uploaded on YouTube from that show is Touch and Go. That is the only song I remember when I was there. Which is on John Foxx's solo debut album Metamatic.


    Good to hear from you. Because of your reply, I have put this song on after returning from a few too many beers.

    Duff Baker

    With this song, it sounds like they were already heading towards the 'Vienna'- sound. I can picture Ure singing this.

    Underground Warrior

    @1990 I'm back! (Formally Bone Head.) I give this friend of mine a hard time who is a biker and I give him shite for being one. I say to him, "You bloody Rocker!! Piss off!!" and then I will say to him, "We are the Mods, we are the Mods, we are, we are the Mods!!!!" Also if we see someone riding a scooter I yell out, "MODS!!!!" It really irritates him, but it's all in fun and we do go to an Irish Pub here in the town where we live to throw back a few pints and a couple of sniffers of Irish Whiskey. I take it you are British, right?

    Underground Warrior

    @Duff Baker It's John Foxx. Billy Currie reformed Ultravox sometime after John Foxx quit in late 1979 or in early 1980. Ultravox went from 5 members to 4 members. Midge Ure replaced John Foxx on vocals and Robin Simon on guitar. (Stevie Shears was the original guitarist on the first 2 albums.) There is a difference in the music from this (song) album, Systems Of Romance from the 1980 album Vienna. The first 3 albums were more dystopian than the Vienna album.

  28. Manuel G-M

    I always loved this song. Good video

  29. 1987Ultra

    strasno 2


    is that the tyne bridge?

  31. Jamie O'Callaghan

    Well done! Thank you

  32. Chris Schubert

    Nicely done...an amazing song and you've captured it beautifully. Posted it on FB for my Valentine. John Foxx's Ultravoxx was the best band ever.


    John foxx was ultravox

  33. Symo

    I really want to cover this but it makes me well up

  34. Darcey Hughes

    ive done my wake to all joy division but early ultravox should be there to

  35. sootspritehive

    lovely, just lovely-- u served the song beautifully

  36. alternativemn

    I was struck by a East Japan great earthquake.
    It lives from the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima in 80km range.
    Tears fell hearing this music.

  37. ickleian

    It is written in my will that this song should be played at my funeral, that's how much it means to me. Nice vid.

  38. Hubert Cumberdale

    @Bjelave1946 хвала

  39. scensiu

    the song of my life.

  40. Hubert Cumberdale

    @chrisnoaro1 I sure will =) Glad you like the video!

  41. Hubert Cumberdale

    Thank you! To be honest I've barely heard any other Ultravox songs... but this one struck my right to the core.

  42. Hubert Cumberdale

    Thank you, that's nice to hear =)

  43. Ghost Dog

    nice work mate good song this, video suits the mood very well