Ugly Kid Joe - So Damn Cool Lyrics

I wanna know, why the people are everywhere... and...
I wanna know, where to go if I get scared... and...
I wanna be, in a place where no one cares, and...

I, I, I wanna know you!
cause youre so damn cool!
Yeah, youre so damn cool!

I wanna feel like Im floatin in the air... and...
I wanna know if the sunss gonna bleach my hair... and
I wanna know why lifes so unfair and...

I wanna know you!
Because youre so damn cool!
Yeah, youre so damn cool!

Who knows what Im feelin inside of me!
And who knows if Im feelin all right!
Who knows what Im feelin inside of me
Who knows what is runnin around in my brain

Now that Im done and I seen it
And dont think that Im tryin to complain
Dont think Im lyin cause I mean it
N all you people out there dont look at me to lay
All of your blame cause you need me
And you want me to go down
In flames with the rest
But Im so sick of denyin
What is runnin around in my brain

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Ugly Kid Joe So Damn Cool Comments
  1. nigel wright

    Every time I hear this I keep thinking , angry smurf.

  2. daniel wilsdon

    kinda the COOOOOOOLEST song ever...…….HAAAA Hhhhaaaa…….haaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  3. thomas palmer

    I love it all, but this and "Neighbor" are my favs. People did not notice them amidst all the grunge. Still here 2019.

  4. AmZa Alias

    dope song.. UKJ rocks!

  5. Rickey Engle

    what can i say,,

  6. Bellanova Aberturas

    Excelente banda. Saludos Fernando



  8. Nur Hayati

    So dam cool

  9. flying frenchman

    27 years on, this song still kicks ass like on day 1.
    And possibly one of the coolest solos a rock ever had...

  10. Neil Ellis

    still love this band, great catchy tunes with crunch

  11. Tony Sajkowski

    Blasting this in Rhode Island today and i dont care if the neighbors like it or not

  12. Hernan Ariel

    0:04 the Lead guitarrist has the same Ring I've got...

    Hyori Kim

    He also has the same amount of limbs and a head, exactly like you, I hope.

  13. 40oz Lopez

    7th grade was so damn cool

  14. Dendy Kirk

    They came to my town before they took off and played a little thousand person club here. Best concert I've ever seen. Also the same with Jackyl.

  15. Shemp

    2:40 Diggin' the Peterbilt shirt. So damn cool...

  16. Frode Paulsen

    2019... where my uglyes at !!!!

  17. fidan2fast

    One of the best grunge solos in the world

  18. Adeyasa Nursan


  19. Roberto Avallo

    BRAZIL 2019

  20. Protect Children At All Costs

    Had a cassette of this in '92. I knew the guitar riff was heavy but I wasn't paying too much of this song's resemblance to Alice 'N Chains not until now.
    I actually bought AIC's Dirt at the same time.

  21. Miss Tery

    But when a peasant with so much cool 😎 is outta ya league buster nothing in the universe will help you catch her... because she's so damn cool... but by all means... romance me away 😘

  22. Miss Tery

    I know 💋

  23. Laa Shiv Kian

    The Greatest Metal Act IMHO. Timeless.

  24. Logan Creed

    That soooo a Pantera riff!!!! 😈

  25. Daniel Moeller

    America's Least Wanted is still one of my all time favorite albums

  26. dominickoj Koj BYAI

    Ugly kid song daam cool very nice next be ready for Daam Hoot please.

  27. Roberto Collao

    Temazo cuando estaba en le ejercito en la guardia full rock Ecuador leva 74 Guayaqil 5to Guayas

  28. Whiskey Black

    Wasn't into hard rock in the 90s, was an alt/grunge girl all the way but damned if I didn't love UKJ! This might be one of y fav albums of all time!

  29. Jerry S

    Superman drummer

  30. Plumpest Pigeon

    Whitfield Crane is _hot_

  31. José Paz Betancourt

    Snobs favorite word: underrated.

  32. Debbie Athy

    I remember this band loved them so many great songs I remember this cd I have to buy it definitely

  33. Ed Gaviria

    I was at this concert! Wow! Where did all the rockers go???


    Here, sitting in an office as a fat fuck oldie. Recalling all the memories of headbanging, the long hair and a simpler and far better life.

  34. Xtiminator

    I grew up on this, coz your sum dam cool!!! 😎😎😎

  35. Aurinko


  36. Guitarists 2019

    I'm so happy my dad intuduced me to real music at a young age I hate tap

    Plumpest Pigeon

    *trap. And yes, me too.

  37. James E. Morris

    Damn...I used to jam Americas least wanted all the time back then....The music was just so much better then..

  38. Visar Bilali

    Kindergarten song, MTV

  39. Crystal Stanborough


  40. Juan del carmen Godoy rosas

    American least wanted que discazoooo

  41. Star Page

    You're so damn cool and sexy

  42. jaa jaadiman

    how cn ths not be a full on metal band is beyond me,,,

  43. A Faiz

    That intro riff sounds really heavy

  44. Frantzen79

    332 morons... Trumps, bumps, asses.

  45. Sherif El Kadi

    Freekin Nasty Blow Out Side Shout out Aming Combo French brain fries ;) ;P So Ugly and so beautiful :P SIIIICK

  46. Babyrobotlamb fracturedsoulsurfer

    I just love love love their style and the way they sing one of a kind Groupie for sure hahaaha jk but i love them wish i was married to lead singer hot damn

  47. B H

    I love the video! It goes perfect with the song.

  48. Mickaël Desprès

    Merci papa d'avoir mis des groupes comme ça à fond dans la caisse toute mon enfance. Merci.

  49. Tom Chamberlain

    I used to love this as a teen in the mid 90s. I wish the drums sounded totally different. That snare sound is a bit thin...needs some proper thump to it

  50. Layne AIC

    So 90's!!!

  51. Jason Todd

    I made this song part of my collection the minute i heard it

  52. CarrieShellie M Warner

    This brings back a lot of memories... I miss these guys; GREAT Band✞ღ✝❣❢❢ッ...

  53. Chad N

    Fucking heavy guitars and sweet sounding vocals. This song makes me feel so much cooler when i am listening to it.

  54. Unknown89

    its a badass intro, but i dont like the singing

  55. warthug

    Good old memories so damn cool!

  56. Jimmy The Clown

    Grunge Metal at its finest

  57. Carl carl

    This song is so damn cool

  58. Morningglory Vine

    Love! 🎶 Ugly Kid Joe... Ugh miss this..

  59. Andrew Russell

    Another underated band from the early 90s i remember playing this when I was 7 a bars where my mom worked, just because I thoighr the cover art was cool

  60. Cristian Murati

    This is so damn cool.

  61. SimpleMann7

    ...I Love You ...

  62. Ernest Dunn


  63. Melissa Tucker

    There Kinda Like Guns N Roses 🎸🥁🎤

  64. Jaque oliveira

    Tem br ai

  65. goethe

    Let's face it: UKJ is the most underrated band ever!

  66. shawn eldridge

    Ugly Kid Joe was a awesome band back in the day at least I thought they were. Anyway a lot of people ask me what is my number one top favorite song by Ugly Kid Joe and I tell them it is so damn cool. The song is like the best that they have done I think. And yes I know we're in 2018 now but still I love this song when it first came out and I still love listening to it till this day.

    Billy Carnicom

    God bless these guys I grew up with them. I wish you was around 2. Billy Carnicom keep playing Ugly Kid Joe.

  67. Sachin Tulachan

    America’s least wanted one of my all time favorite album

  68. Guyanese Got Talent

    this song is definitely about weed i swear!

  69. Becki Terry

    Whitfield Crane took a photo of myself and my sister Vanessa in [email protected] the Rock ,thank you no one usually takes photos of the photographer

  70. Marcus Tempus Aurelius

    ....such an epic feelgood song...should be re-made yuh know eh?

  71. Eric Lucero

    One of those songs to crack open a cold one to.

  72. Liz

    He's so Hot!!! And the music still sounds great all these years later.

  73. Steven Lindsey

    Alice in Chains vibe.

  74. josh snowden

    badass track

  75. Danny Hudson

    excellent album from beginning to end!!! Remember when it came out when i was fucking 16...damn you Father Time!!!

  76. Eric Bolt

    The shit.

  77. Myra Martin

    So damn sexy is more like it

  78. GavatronX9

    Damn. I need to take a second look at UKJ....

  79. Paul Tassopoulos

    Fuck yeah. That solo still makes my head bang!!!!!

  80. Blaine Haltman

    Everybody need to get a fucking life and stop leaving comments

  81. Datse's so damn cool ;)

  82. Johnny Six

    This was the beginning of the underground grunge movement after came Seattle band's Soundgarden, Pearl jam, Alice chains,etc.

  83. silly billy

    silly billy is the god damn devil yew

  84. mitchiegxxr350

    cool voice !

  85. Pritesh Ugrankar

    The riff sounds a wee bit like "where the river flows" by Collective Soul. Back in those days, they aired the songs almost one after the other....I love both songs though...

  86. That Chick

    boys with long hair.
    fuck yeh.

    Myra Martin

    It was sexy

  87. Fernando Daniel Alcaraz Cardozo

    Es tan increíble como esta banda ponía toda su energía en sus conciertos, que buenos eran, no se que paso con ellos, ojalá hayan vuelto

  88. vircap87

    me encanta

  89. Sony Co

    Are you the guys on the beach that hate everything?

  90. Maxc Moritz

    wow fuck,- that guitar sounds badass

  91. shooter 2335

    UKJ doin work

  92. Deutschland Shine

    this is hard rock guys???

  93. Hina Rock

    still my fav from them

  94. William Cook

    The beginning reminds me of "We Die Young" by Alice in Chains!


    I'm not sure, but I think this song came before.
    Research it, I could be wrong.

    Where's Wesker

    @coltsrule5150 we die young came out in 1990


    this one came before

  95. mike check

    so dam cool

  96. Sheron Shymene

    so damn cool 👌

  97. Carter c

    I am surprised this didn't wind up an ecw entrance theme, it seems to fit old school ecw.