Ugly God - XXL Freshman 2017 - Ugly God Freestyle Lyrics

It's the Booty Gang captain, talkin shit to me is history
I hit your crib malicious, charge your bitch just for an entrance fee
Ugly God finesse the booty live on MTV and slide up in your bitch just like a missing piece
XXL got me acting wild
Now why the fuck you dusty bitches smokin Black and Milds?
Actin childish, just give it a rest, I get in her breast easy
Splash on your main bitch and then give her my next CD
I came up off of water like Dasani and Fiji
And I might fuck your main bitch, boy, you just gotta believe me
Young Obama, bitch, I kick it with your bitch in Tahiti
And I'll be beatin' my meat until they impeach me
Slayin' booty since day one, you can't question that
Made my own beats and made some moves and wrote some extra raps
And all the hoes be sayin' that young Ugly God the best at that
So suck my dick on soft and never text me back

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Ugly God XXL Freshman 2017 - Ugly God Freestyle Comments
  1. 14 Savage

    Carti still did better than Mosey

  2. just skitsol

    Is everybody gonna disregard diamonds on my balls?

  3. Bart Wing

    Phineas and ferb when they done with Candice snitch9ine ways 2:08

  4. Dr Octopus

    Playboi did his part and tunes out, MadenTYO and Ugly were vibing and X was forced to go there by his mom

  5. Brodies Hobbs

    Playboi, maid, uglygod were vibin until dat nigga x killed the vibe ....

  6. Curse-Kermit.

    X rap is like if itachi rapped about killing the whole uchiha

  7. AdeL ZeuX

    I really miss x so bad :/

  8. Bojodawg

    what if x and kyle were in the same cypher vid🙄

  9. Antek X

    bruh carti fire

  10. Hudson Maxcy

    You gotta love that *Magnum* XXL Freshman Class

  11. Kiowa

    Ugly God:"Look at me dick goddamm"

    Madeintyo: OooOooOoooOoo

  12. fnl_ swagy

    1:23 does anyone else have diamonds on their balls no so he is the best

    hello sir

    U really think he has diamonds on his balls?

  13. fnl_ swagy

    Did anyone here really wake up like the man like mosey tho nah bro

  14. Tropical Boy


    hello sir

    Cant even spell his name correctly.

    LLJ 🕊

  15. Connors Palace

    The beat just comes back in like his whole verse wasn’t a thing

  16. obama

    1:44 - 1:48 when i have nun to say inna roast battle

  17. Slept On Music

    When X was rapping it looked like everybody was praying


    Ngl when x went hard

  19. Riddhi R

    saved the best for last

  20. Mixtr • Sigurd

    I forgot about this xxl

  21. WesamL

    When the quite kid start talking for the first time 2:07


    This is the best cypher ever

  23. K S

    X back there plottin

  24. jj nonstop

    2:18 Madeintyo was stand like he was about to take tf off

  25. Jaxon Bailey

    Am I the only one who is watching this in December 2019 and thinking x did better than every single one in 2019?


    What bape hoodie is ugly god wearing????

  27. Stephen Lift

    That was fire

  28. Joaquin Perez Lopez

    Ily jah 💙

  29. Marquis Jamison

    Can I everyone shut the fuck up about X's verse u don't know what he actually said in his verse all I can tell everyone is that was meaningful. RIP XXX 🙏 A true legend. XXX is legendary too me it's sad that u don't see it that way. This comment is too all people

  30. Diaz

    You can't tell me X didn't carry this Cypher

  31. all golfalot

    why do they even let them ever have no beat acapella freestyles? i hate thus

  32. George W Bush Oof

    Psychiatrist:what are you scared of
    Pastor: X Freestyle

  33. BlueMusic

    2:21 ugly god thinkin "welp we dead"

  34. master of flames

    R.I.P XXX

  35. X7 Jimmy

    “Diamonds on my balls” 😂🤣

  36. Roblox Jacob Player


  37. LilRiccoshey3020

    This cypher was unforgettable but the 2018 one was better‼️❕❗️‼️💯‼️💯‼️💯‼️💯‼️‼️💯‼️💯💯‼️💯‼️💯‼️💯‼️💯‼️💯‼️💯‼️💯‼️💯 anyone else agrees /// like this if you wanna be on the xxl in the future of 3020 and counting🥂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂💯‼️‼️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️ ik I sure as hell do but you gotta go hard in that bitch🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂💯💯‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ #littonlyvibesripxgonebutneverforgottenfor3020andcounting🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😂💯😂😂‼️‼️‼️

  38. Cristhian Luevano

    Soy el único mexicano aquí o que? :v

  39. Edward Carden

    X wants to kill someone

  40. Robby ingram

    X verse was deep balls

  41. Obozuwa Enike

    diamonds on my ballz

  42. TheAlmightyNetwork

    I just start cringing when x starts talking because everyone is just praying

  43. Cooper O'Kuhn

    After seeing the outtakes, I have much more respect for the vibe of x’s verse.

  44. LHP Official

    XXX:Started rapping
    The beat:Aight imma head out

  45. DeathBy999

    This video aged well now that I think of it.

  46. Lorik Murseli

    What the fuck was that x

  47. ItzCrypticBlitz55

    Mom- why dont you say grace this Thanksgiving before we eat

    Me- 2:07

    Everyone in the room- 2:20

  48. Drippyxsav v

    X’s part was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  49. Jabbar Falke

    X out here tryna summon Cthulhu into live realm

  50. scis grey

    X was just in the back the hole time alome, then he just did his thing and left you can tell he felt alone

  51. Alcrxmie

    Diamonds on my balls

  52. KeepMyNameOutYoMouf

    when everyone free styling they vibing to the beat and flow of that person and X is just in the back like 👤

  53. cameron_ alonso

    I'm saving this for when no body remembers these ppl and I can drop their bars (plz no hate)

  54. oldschoolghost OLDSCHOOLGHOST

    I fw cartis part

  55. Oswaldo Hernandez

    when playboi carti spoke english😔

  56. Yvng YuM SaUcE GoD

    That man X started talking bout weird shit they looked like they was praying when they stood in the back

  57. goten n

    Xxtentacion was in the back like fuck u all

  58. Kiowa

    Me and my friends in class playing catch with a paper ball

    Accidentally hit the quit kid

    The quiet kid: 2:07

  59. Aswaya

    Me: *throws paper at quiet kid*
    Quiet kid: 2:07

  60. tfsp999

    Girls locker room: Ugh i hate PE

    Boys locker room: 1:24

  61. zakarya belarouci

    2020 Playboi Carti: about to drop the best album of the upcoming decade and still make fye music
    2020 Madeintyo: still making heat but not the same since Uber Everywhere
    2020 Ugly God: ⚠empty folder⚠
    2020 X: rip legend made great music before and after this cypher and his death

  62. Kazekage Gaara

    Best part is Ben baller no johnny dang

  63. Whiskashunter

    Rip ugly god

  64. Matheus Ravelli

    XXXTENTACION wiped out all without beat and sent the real to these suckers

  65. Jeremy Trevino

    Everybody scared when X walks back to where he was standing😂

  66. Silent V


    khajiit caravan

    Hey watch your fucking mouth, it's easy to find out someone's location on the internet I'll fuck you up

  67. The fr3shpr1nce

    Probably one of the worst xxl cyphers

  68. Oscar Chacon

    X got murder on his mind 😂🤣

  69. Childish Chrollo

    Everyone: rapping
    X: speaking cursive

    Slaughter 407

    yes ok naw yup i guess so yea

  70. Domas Pauliukevicius

    X looks like someone possesed by the demon who fittna kill us all

  71. Game time 900

    Is no one here finna say rip x

  72. blaz vidmar

    Diamonds on my balls

  73. Kevlar West

    Ugly God, Madeintyo and Playboi Carti - very popular kids in the class who flex with supreme, bape, Gucci etc. and who want to become a rapper
    XXXTENTACION - bullied and kid that is hated in class. X look here like someone, who know life better than anyone in the world and in some seconds, he will bring out his ak-47 or he'll become Ghostface from Scream and kill everybody on the stage

  74. K C

    Wack ass rappers

  75. Tristen Reger

    Honestly x isn't like anybody else. He has his own authentic style nobody can compare to.

  76. Robert Holcomb

    The beginning part of xs free style what x says relates to how Moses warned us of the destinies that would come to this world regarding judgement day when the our lord will make it in quote “ earth as it is in heaven” x was speaking in gods message but in his words what will happen to us and the planet when judgement day comes he will literally destroy all that didn’t follow his commandments which Moses tried to tell us to obey by and listen to which of course we ingnored which made the evil prophecies Moses said come true racial imbalance murdering of your children and brothers and sisters and I think their is more cut me slack I am only 14 I am studying the King James Bible and the Judah Israelites so I am learning more and more as I go so just putting this out as a response to what people say in quote "some devil shiiit"

  77. matt curry

    I would be scared shitless if ex walked past me and was like youre next .

  78. Civi Braiss

    Xxx does the most🥺 he killed me when he knelt down I fucking miss my baby😩

  79. Spencer Burch

    Carti the best freestyle


    X:says his verse

    Herobrine: *summons*

  81. Jamie wood

    madeintyo and ugly god and fucking carti had 1 song like wtf

  82. Ugonna Onyejiaku

    They saved the best for last

  83. Roach

    Y tf no one talkin bout madeintyo😔

  84. Xx_WolfSlaer _xX

    DiAmOnDs oN mY BaLlS

    -Ugly God 2017

  85. More Shahb

    everyone gangsta till X comes on the mic


  86. sav3d ice

    X drop this

  87. gahdmDxTr

    Who else got chills when x came on 😭

    Ventura Serrano

    gahdmDxTr right here


    Me shiii

  88. Brian Levin

    why is madeintyo 4 foot tall


    I like it when playboi sings

  90. dutty sushi

    Tyo looks like he narrowly escaped dwarfism

  91. Yeet Teeth

    When X took that kneel everybody knew it was over

  92. Joshua Chairez

    X 4 life

  93. Sbw11

    The First 10 seconds are absolute heat

  94. Crust

    when X said: And if the world ever has an apocalypse
    I will kill all of you fuckers
    Fear will be plentiful, death will be bountiful
    I will spare none of you peasants
    Fuck your religion, your pastor fucked kids
    And got sent to a prison in PC
    I seen the devil, he’s in you and me
    You need saving to listen to this, see
    Follow 'em home, cut the right corner so nobody sees you
    Turn off your phone
    Leave it at home so nobody can trace you
    Mask your expressions
    Appear to be calm, they won't read your intentions
    As soon as you’re in
    Let them all know who they’re all in the presence of
    I am a murderer
    I am a demon, the son of a serpent
    What is your faith?
    What is your worth?
    Have you felt acknowledgment?
    If I kill you now, will you go to heaven or hell you believe in?
    Death is approaching you
    30 seconds to think before lying in a blood sea

    I felt that :(

  95. ItzVenom LIS

    To be honest X had the best verse out of all of them, this was trash

  96. Collin Leeson

    Yo I lowkey miss X. He was the music I used to hype me up before wrestling matches during the angry phase he had I guess you can call it that and just was good music to listen to during the new music he started making it hurts to think about him dead he feels like family because of how he touched all of us. Yall can hate on me all yall want but I really do miss that nigga tbh