Red Drum on the beat

Pull up on 'em, smoke 'em like a Optimo
You can find me pullin' hoes at the stop-and-go
Coolin' with ya bitch, I make her drop it low
Say it with your chest nigga, we want all the smoke
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (brrr, bitch)

Hold up (what's up?)
Lately you been reachin' (you been reachin')
All the sneak dissin' and the subtweetin' (what's up with that tweetin'?)
When I see you, that's a bet and I ain't speakin' (I ain't speakin')
I'ma pull up to your block and get to tweakin' (get to tweakin')
I'ma pull up with the Glock and get to squeezin' (get to squeezin')
I'ma pull up with the mop and get to sweepin' (brrr, get to sweepin')
I'ma pull up with the chop and get to eatin' (get to eatin')
I'ma pull up on a opp and get to reapin' (get to reapin')
Big drip (drip)
In that water like a boat (okay)
Sorry baby (huh), but I think it's time to go (huh)
What I do? (What's up?)
Oh, this your bitch? Probably so (huh)
Bring it on (huh)
Nigga, we want all the smoke (huh, bitch)

Pull up on 'em, smoke 'em like a Optimo
You can find me pullin' hoes at the stop-and-go
Coolin' with ya bitch, I make her drop it low
Say it with your chest nigga, we want all the smoke
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (bitch)
We want all the smoke (brrr, bitch)

Thanks Ugly God

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  1. Haven Hatten

    Yall can say he fell off but bruh he is straight heat

  2. Joniel Jimenez

    AnYboDy liStEn tO tHiS iN 2020

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  11. Young Ryan G

    I'm really glad i found this song on Soundcloud today.

  12. Suedo

    Took me way too long to realize this but... does he have a FaZe chain on?

  13. CandyPaintPurrp

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    This song should’ve been on Bumps & Bruises


    bumps and bruises fr fr gotta good vibe like this

  15. Vanessa Mathelier

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    AnYboDy liStEn tO tHiS iN 2019


    s s true but it's still good

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    @DOGE COINS I was joking this was my actual first time listening to this song

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    free da world young ugly god



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    I swear this nigga finna be the next #1 sellin artist!!!

  21. Josh Mac

    best 2 minuets of my life

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    How is it that the least viewed song and the most viewed song in the album are the best 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Terry Wallace

    Ofc its a slapper 🔥🔥🔥


    We want all the smoke


    here before 30k


    This is underrated.



  29. 99ekcouper

    Started listening to this because of my coworker 👌🏿

  30. Timothy Barr

    Shocked dis didnt blow up. but regardless i still bump and will dis summer heavy

  31. x7jordan

    My Favorite Song To Date !!

  32. x7jordan

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    if you play the song at 1.25% speed it becomes 50% more better then it already is (ture facts)

  39. Anonymous Troller

    Oh yeah yeah one of Ugly’s best songs

  40. NewYork Mets Updates MLB

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    Your choice tho.

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    Just a lil something before the album...😂😂😂💀

    Dayja Jones

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    dggdg gji

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    Yaset Berhane fuck outta here pussy ass boi

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