Ugly God - Jaguar Lyrics

Thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God
What's up? Pull up, pop out!
Thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God

Savage shit like 21, Uzi Vert I rock out
Went to college for the hoes, blew up then I dropped out
Bought a crib, turned my old spot into a thot house
I hope you get the picture otherwise you'll get cropped out
Yellow bitch like daffodil, she stay on the watch out
Me and her like Jack and Jill, pull up with the top out
Thrax pack, vacuum seal, blowin' 'til I'm knocked out (Thanks Ugly God)
Stack it on 'em, my neck a new freezer, put a jacket on 'em
Fish tank, findin' Nemo when I drop a bag up on 'em
Big bank, made a couple beats then started rappin' on 'em
Ben Franks, all my friends are dead but ain't no casket on 'em

I like bad bitches, bad broads, fast money, fast cars
Hop inside that Jaguar and whip it like a NASCAR
Do a hunnid' on that dash, nigga (Skrr)
130 on that dash
I like bad bitches, bad broads, fast money, fast cars
Hop inside that Jaguar and whip it like a NASCAR
Do a hunnid' on that dash, nigga (Skrr)
130 on that dash, nigga

Look, watch me do a hunnid' on that dashboard
Left a couple niggas in the past, I feel bad for 'em
Learned how to make a M and I didn't take no class for it
Mister Buy-A-Bitch-A-Birkin-Bag-When-She-Didn't-Ask-For-It
Yeah, my dick was in the dirt but I dug it out
If my new bitch leave me hurt, I'ma thug it out
Niggas really like to argue on the Internet
See, I ain't going back and fourth, we can dump it out
Yeah my Backwoods full of knives, had to buff it out
Keep talking your shit, don't be surprised when I flush it out
I remember mom ain't have no job so we stuck it out
If this rapping shit don't work, I take that other route (Thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God)
My money forever in the half, I ain't runnin' out
Pull up to the party, get the cash then I'm rushin' out
All I said was "water", now my left wrist is flooded out
The neighbor's asking what the fuss about

I like bad bitches, bad broads, fast money, fast cars
Hop inside that Jaguar and whip it like a NASCAR
Do a hunnid' on that dash, nigga (Skrr)
130 on that dash
I like bad bitches, bad broads, fast money, fast cars
Hop inside that Jaguar and whip it like a NASCAR
Do a hunnid' on that dash, nigga (Skrr)
130 on that dash, nigga

Thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God
Thanks Ugly God, thanks Ugly God

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Ugly God Jaguar Comments
  1. Fluxx On Percs

    tf only 60k vievs?

  2. Jr No Mercy

    The whole album is dumpster garbage

  3. Darrien

    This song underrated af

  4. ImRealUgly

    Bro carti featured on this 😭😭

  5. Victor Lopez

    Who else finds the sports car satisfying at 0:51

  6. Keita Morii

    Ugly god is rude a name...

  7. David Petrarca

    My ears on fire

  8. Blk Beauty


  9. Chrxme Marrowl

    Wtf how long it took nigga

  10. Mohammad halboos

    fuck you

  11. Auxaze

    This shii go hard no capp 💯

  12. KSD_waves

    I just can’t stop listening to this

  13. just Daryl

    Lyrics are good and stuff but i feel like the beat doesnt mach it...

    Adrian Quizhpi

    Naw the beat matches with the lyrics

    just Daryl

    @Adrian Quizhpi nah they dont but its my opinion

    Adrian Quizhpi

    Yah thats its your opinion all good tho

    just Daryl

    @Adrian Quizhpi yeah

  14. MF Kid

    real niggas know this wasn't worth the wait

  15. MF Kid

    On God this is the face of the album

  16. lechis Guerrero

    bad bitchessssss

  17. Leyeh Williams

    This album sound like my acne

  18. Son' Zai OSRS


  19. CraZy NiNja

    Shit song

  20. Dominic Lambert

    On his shoulder is that the green ig lizard

  21. Privet Uebok

    Shit go hard

  22. Drippy Dave

    Back was full of knives, I had to buff it out 😷🥵

  23. TobbexBG

    imagine making an album for 2+ years to flop LOOOL

  24. Trapin SaGe

    sorry but the start of jaguar wasnt on beat AT ALL

  25. J3rold

    The only rapper I follow
    Besides Praxi, and I don't think he sees his self as a rapper

  26. kamiziat K

    Beat sounds like Pi'erre Bourne - Poof

  27. Faded Elevaded

    Goat 🐐

  28. Bloodyheaders

    Savage shit like 21
    Uzi vert I rock out

  29. Nix_Exotic tae

    Who's here before 1m

  30. Ethan Tipton

    Ugly god gey af

  31. • Bek•

    _The wait was worth it._

  32. Ninten Guy

    That Jack & Jill reference hahaha

  33. Justincredible

    “Went to college for the hoes blew up then dropped out”

  34. Charles Phillips

    All my friends are dead but aint no casket on em 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  35. Official Young Hustle

    This Ain't It

  36. Infinite X

    Here before this song blows up

  37. dirtysevnhours

    Kids b0p lIT

  38. sean fitzgerald

    The subtle change on how the bass hits the beat when he rapping the chorus is fucking slick it makes the song

  39. King DCN

    🎶Got it, got it, got it, got it, got it🎶 shout out to Reeseygotit for the beat🔥

  40. GamePlayerDude ThE1

    This one just hit differently


    Back to the basics still best on album 👀

  41. king Alonzo

    All i said was water now my left wrist flooded out🌊👀🔥🔥🔥

    Atomic Boatz

    Dat shit melted my phone 🔥🔥

    king Alonzo

    @Atomic Boatz 😭😂

    x KARSZ

    Hell nawl that damn finding Nemo bar better

  42. king Alonzo


  43. Lorcan Rodgers

    Who else feels that carti would have been perfect for this beat?

    Sosuke Aizen


    Sosuke Aizen


    Solar Dizzle

    Yep 👍🏾 carti type track for sure by Mr Pierre himself

    Prod. Sam C

    Reeseygotit made the melody

  44. TwoLive91

    Daequan brought me here..! i am now an Ugly God Fan..!

  45. lbj

    This song is the realest song on the album

  46. Good Peeps

    Savage shit like 21 uzi vert I rock out🤔 🎸

  47. Blk Beauty

    Who waited for this for 2 years

  48. Flinx

    Bro wtf I’m here before 10 k dead rapper pepelaugh

  49. Ro Winds

    Forgot to like the vid i listened on spotify when it came out🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. Faze urmom

    I’ve been waiting for so long for this album


    Unknown Zombie Slayer yep and the songs short asf good luck with this

  51. mazio kage

    Watch this get number one


    Finaly Dropped! THANKS UGLY GOD!

  53. Pokémon

    Thanks Ugly God!

  54. JXY Official


  55. Thicc Buu

    And my new bitch leave me hurt ima thug it out

  56. Thicc Buu

    Fire af god damn

  57. Anthony Fox

    Fuck yes

  58. EpicGamerBoy TM

    Here at 5.7k views. Can’t wait for this to blow up

  59. Victory Records

    Thanks ugly god

  60. stoopid bands

    This the best on the album 😂🌊

  61. Brian C


  62. Chicken Nuggler


  63. Enrique Diaz

    Beat Trippy then a Mf

  64. The Salty Boat

    Ugly God is still mad underrated

    Devon Deonte

    yea 44 mil is totally underrated

    Devon Deonte

    @AdmiralOnDaTrack yea 113 mil and 37 mil on soundcloud is VERY underrated

    Andy Salas

    The Salty Boat he just slacked;-;

    J H

    Andy Salas HE didn’t slack... the people did

  65. Tia Brown

    Ugly god really comin through 🔥 👌🏻

  66. William Scerbo

    pierre type beat

  67. Good Peeps

    Fast money 💰🤑🤑

  68. WaLLoW

    Mister Buy-A-Bitch-A-Birkin-Bag-When-She-Didn't-Ask-For-It 🔥 yo chill

  69. Nicolas Reyes

    " left a couple niggas inda past i feel bad forem" das fire

  70. Obe Gray

    Realest song on the album

  71. Michael E

    nascar line. whack :|

  72. James Kosiol

    That 808 guaranteed to make any beat a banger

    smd.not_stiffy 999

    James Kosiol 808 am essential 🤘🏻

  73. Ian 00

    This nigga died. He stuck in 2016

  74. corin


  75. Lil Corndog


  76. Best Of Gaming

    Jaguar for my dog

  77. POLO JAI

    Damn my nigga ugly god started spazzing from the start🔥🔥

  78. MatchlessLightskin Boi

    Like if y’all been waiting for this album to drop🔥🔥


    Like if y'all been waiting for this album to drop 🔥🔥


    Wait a minute

  79. GRAv111

    Hate to plug this here but I created a SoundCloud acct a week ago. It would be great if you can check out my beats.

  80. xlromeo

    Thanksss ugly god🥰

  81. Jesse Hill


  82. Isai Hernandez

    Blew up then I dropped out🔥

  83. 1000 subs 0 videos

    This song is a big vibe

  84. TrippinVivid

    Who is here before 1K

  85. Cool Guy

    What y'all think about this one?


    Cool Guy it’s good


    Best song ever still below 10 k

  86. Eatable Fades

    real ugly god fans really know how long the wait was for Bump and bruises 🙇‍♂️

    Eatable Fades

    smd.not_stiffy 999 so you og og huh? 🙃

    smd.not_stiffy 999

    @Eatable Fades nah lol Ion even listen to him

    nasia sanchez

    Johannes.p don’t lie


    niggas replaced the REAL batman 🤧

  87. Headshot

    Es shit slap harder den my mama backhand🥴

  88. 392 Down

    Let me leave a tip🤑

  89. Daron Hakim

    who’s here before 1m?

    nasia sanchez

    Daron Hakim u here before 100k it been a month🥺

    Trey McKinley

    Anyone who will ever hear this song

    Da'Mariae Colbert


    Godz Gaming

    everyone, sadly

    charlie wright mccollum


  90. Olnastyfool

    Only God I Praise 😂😂🔥🔥

    Poor Jonathan

    Olnastyfool facts

  91. Yrb Quii

    fw my music only 16💯🧨🔥


    Go on sum where

    the young youtuber

    Nigga no one gives a fuck about you weak as music go get a job nigga get that bread


    @the young youtuber watch him blow up then you wont be sayin later.......

    the young youtuber

    WDGAMING14 nigga we all know its you with another account. im going to be famous i speak that into existence

  92. Croy Beck

    aye here at 396 views

  93. Crustybooty 67




  95. Oscar Villanueva

    Takes me back to the old days when everyone was fucking with ugly god