Ugly God - Back To The Basics Lyrics


Back to the basics, my middle name Jason
I'm dark like the basement
Yo' bitch give me face on an everyday basis
I never had braces, I don't fuck with Satan
My new bitch an Asian (Uhh), we take a vacation
You sweet like a raisin, I'm fly like a raven
I might make some Cajun, I fuck with Caucasians
My dick game amazing, get served like a patient
Fuck Aéropostale, my new bitch a model
I might read a novel, you soft like a waffle
Got bands in my wallet, I walk with a wobble
These niggas gon' talk, but these niggas won't squabble
I feel like Madonna (Uhh), I'm countin' these commas
I'm hot like a sauna, I fuck on yo' momma
I pull out that choppa, it sing like an opera
I eat it like pasta, I'm deep in her tonsils (Uhh)

Back to the basics (Back to the basics)
Back to the basics (Brr, bih)
Back to the basics (Pss-pss)
I might go back to the basics (Brr, uhh)
Back to the basics (Back to the basics)
Back to the basics (Brr, bih)
Back to the basics (Pss-pss)
I might go back to the basics (Brr, uhh)

Back to the basics, I'm tight like a bracelet
My bitch, she sedated, no way she sadiddy
I lick on her tiddies, she from Mississippi
My dick in her kidney
I leave her inflated, no Tyga, I'm faded
That bitch overrated, we might be related
I'm up in yo' city, I hustle like Nipsey
I'm bold and I'm gritty, big-headed like Jimmy (Neutron)
I don't do yoga, I'm cold like a soda
I rip like a folder, I roll like a boulder
My trap Motorola, I move with these poles
And my jewelry on polar
I'm countin' this Yoda, my bitch work at Kroger's
I got my diploma, I sleep on yo' sofa, yo' bitch got Ebola
My wrist Coca-Cola, my dick in a coma
My bitch from Dakota, I'm richer than Oprah (Uhh)

Back to the basics (Back to the basics)
Back to the basics (Brr, bih)
Back to the basics (Pss-pss)
I might go back to the basics (Brr, uhh)
Back to the basics (Back to the basics)
Back to the basics (Brr, bih)
Back to the basics (Pss-pss)
I might go back to the basics (Brr, uhh)


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Ugly God Back To The Basics Comments
  1. matthew oost

    Me when I get back on dou lingo

  2. Ellius Townsend

    Kinda sounds like like a maverick 🤨just me ok

  3. Drew goodrich

    dude if only people can listen to ugly god again there missing out


    The 36 ppl who disliked are some bitches🤣

  5. gemmy pooh

    I have a opera house

  6. gemmy pooh

    my arts sauce I got a museum

  7. gemmy pooh

    I got more

  8. gemmy pooh

    yall done

  9. gemmy pooh

    how much quapos I got... hmmm trump has to figure out how to get out of debt he dont care tho he love me.... companies.... companies I have fucking companies I OWN SHIT

  10. gemmy pooh

    #basics dont cross me 🤞🤞🤞

  11. ISL Warrior

    He make a nigga wanna fuck a milf

  12. ISL Warrior

    I'm tired of these hits

  13. ISL Warrior

    On gooddddddddddddd !

  14. Trooper AMS

    “Yo bih got Ebola” I felt that 😢

  15. Dyonte Bragg

    29 seconds no breath wow

  16. Mason Daniels

    Hell yeah smoked a wood currently 5:06AM shits smooth 🌊 🌊 🙌🏽

  17. Produced By J.R.M.


  18. YBNcapoツ

    THIS FIRE AS FUCK🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. gemmy pooh

    I like vans.

  20. Officer Earl

    His lisp makes the song sound better🤩

  21. wilbur krinkov

    Been waiting for this song since he posted a snippet on no jumper

  22. CorbtasticTV



  23. 凸21 Savage


  24. MR. KILLR

    "eat her like pasta"🥖

  25. Malcolm Battle

    1:27 lmao Ok bro.........

  26. Simion Wilson



    Asf 🤧

  27. BoNilla Bold


  28. Lil' Weez.


  29. Joe Mama

    He's an underdog how are you not nba youngboy famous

  30. Nicolai Campbell

    From d time beat came on I knew dis is going to be a banger 💯💯🔥

  31. Kim Shaw

    The first 50 seconds he had do die or he has no lungs😂😂

  32. Jas Mine

    " I don't do yoga I'm cold like a soda" I felt that

  33. TITAN Marcel

    ZoNe 🗽

  34. mrbluejean

    I might go back to the basics

  35. AirfulEdits

    When you have to go back to the gray pistol after you hit the respawn😂 Back To The Basics

  36. Jeremy Slah

    On .75x is crack!!! I’m on shrooms rn

  37. Ishail Evans

    Royce you did this

  38. usama bouali

    That 2017 boat flow 🔥

  39. gemmy pooh

    jimmy neutron 🧬

  40. Blackedy *lil black*

    Way to close to the mic bud

  41. Ed Duke

    This guy is a virtuoso with words, my god, his syllable control and rhyme schemes are next level, he went off on this

    K!NGTee TV

    I think it's the best on the album

  42. Micheal Wilson

    This song so damn fye

  43. Alwin

    This sounds just like « Like a Maverick » still fire tho 🔥

  44. Ghost Pixel

    This is one of the hardest songs on his album don't @ me 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪🙉🙉🙉🙉

  45. Nick M

    Big headed like Jimmy Neutron. 🔥
    The real ones felt that heat.

  46. 919 CHI

    My boy ryno produced this

  47. Dccooks you

    I pull out that choppa it sing like a oprah 🔥

    darian foster

    Dccooks you *opera


    Underrated and raw

  49. TRIP ABN


  50. Drippy kage

    Don’t tell people it’s gonna get to mainstream

  51. Lucifer Morningstar

    Ugly God back at it 🖖

  52. Xify


  53. iamdkz

    FAV song on the album😭😭😭😭🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  54. ima hang myself lol

    why tf did all theses go private

  55. J3rold

    Me: 5 favorite rappers
    Ugly God
    Ugly God

  56. eduardo rivas

    Shit went hard

  57. Faded Elevaded

    Fire ass song

  58. Accordin' to Jordan

    *w e m i g h t b e r e l a t e d*

    Say what now?

  59. King Taylor


  60. Jholani 8

    Headphones + full vol = fuck you dumb bitch

  61. Tyla B

    I just wanna say I hope I can make some 🔥 like this oneday😂

  62. ltsJustNick


  63. Kile Hillson

    Holy shit that is some real bars, fuq these whack rappers. Ugly god and lil Tj w/ mad flow and bars. A real rapper

  64. DatBoiDrew


  65. SO T H I C C

    its been a week, and yet its still beautiful.

  66. Gasman Gwap

    Bankroll Fresh flow.

    Tony Dorsey

    I said the same shit when i heard this

  67. Drew Covarrubias

    Yachty 2am type shiiiiii

  68. Yeeter •

    Just name the album back to the basics

  69. Lil Jockey

    making a music video to this song. subscribe to me so you don't miss it!

  70. brian sims

    Definitely a song I want to listen to again

  71. Donnell W

    Thanks ugly god 😐

  72. TTV_codiebone33 M

    Shits fire 🔥 👿🐍

  73. TrippinVivid

    Imagine being one of the 5 people who disliked

  74. lysergic acid

    Cool 😎

  75. Chance Butler

    Its anime titties wihout all the perverted shit

  76. I flamed I

    my middle name is Jason now

  77. Trueix Is Daddy

    Who else remember the leak for this song a while ago....

    Just me okay

  78. Dayo B

    Need a video 4 this joint here 👀


    all heat🤗🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  80. Jonathon Lewis

    Scientists say the replay button for this song is more addicting than heroine

  81. Juan Tapia

    Wish I could go back to the first time I heard this 2 days ago

  82. Hunter Griswold

    This is the real UGLY GOD, ON GOD🤧😤

  83. Josh Mac

    When you move to a new town 1:36

  84. ilovetokyo

    One of the hypest songs in the album

  85. Murtajiz Mehdi


  86. trillboyyserg

    When you die in Minecraft, Back to The Basics

    Mecca Freeman

    trillboyyserg dying by lava 😢

    Sondekhon 123

    Minecraft gar bage

  87. S I I Z E U P

    Omg 🤘🏾🤮

  88. Enrique Diaz


  89. Lorenzo Gomez

    visusal needed

  90. Alex Grinnell

    Hardest on the album

  91. Always Marsman

    When he hit that *Pew...pew pew* we all felt that 😲😵😶


    Omm jit 😩😩😩

  92. quoxkstar

    😭wait run that shit back , i listened to 4 so far and thought they was the best but this shii🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  93. WaLLoW

    Goddamn he just took off 🔥🔥🔥 this shit fye

  94. Chouquette Parkour

    Thermic shock😥

  95. 50k subscribers

    This nigga said he richer the ophra 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😂