UGK - Touched Lyrics

Listen up I got a story to tell
Ay fool, listen up I got a story to tell
Say dog, listen up I got a story to tell
Say man,listen up I got a story to tell

[Bun B:]
Now once upon a time not long ago
A nigga like myself had to strong arm a hoe
Now this is not a hoe in the sense of having a pussy
But a pussy having no goddamn sense, try'na push me
He used to hold dick now he wanna be in my shoes
Hatin' like a baby mama 'cause I'm payin' my dues
Tryin' to hold on to my little chunk but not a punk in the parking lot bumping his gums
With his ki's in the trunk, oh what I'm supposed to jump 'cause you got a pump
You aimin' that bitch in the sky you chump
Point that motherfucker this way and dump
Oh what you scared to go to the penn
Thinkin' them niggas gon tap your rump
Man I thought he played bold but he ain't even fuss
Man the nigga was way swole actin' like he wanted to buss
But his trigger stayed cold I wasn't surprised
I recognized that fast breathin' and fear in his eyes
Unmask his disguise a sheep in wolf's clothing
On their prey, he tried to hunt the hunter
And got hunted down his goddamn self in V-A
Niggas it's where we stay
Ain't none of that K-K-K'n or playin' so see a
Or e up out your life or you test yourself
And make a nigga break you off a piece to rest yourself
Oh yes your health is what's in question
And I hope this ass whippin'
Teach you a motherfuckin' lesson

Speak the wrong words man and you will get touched
'Cause deep down in the South boy's come up cold
Talkin' down on my name and what it's all about
You niggas better get some cut and get my name out
'Cause I dunno why you have plex with me
Testin' me but I'ma pull my ship and let you see
That all that carry the jack ain't able to survive
So you haters need to quit with that bull bustin'
And take another ride

[Bun B:]
Niggas jumped and crossed the line
The movies got the boy fucked up in the mind
Not to mention the wine and the codeine syrup combined
Easy access to 9s
And shit talkin hoes that's fine
And all they got time for is four swisher dimes
Commititing crimes amped off water
And some exaggerated rhyme
So if bein' hard ain't in your heart
Then don't start niggas'll tear your weak mind apart

[Pimp C:]
Bitchy old man talkin' to me like I'm in school
He don't know I hang with killers we'll erase that fool
Wouldn't give a fuck about him but he kin to my son
If you think I'm that nigga then you picked the wrong one
Cause I live by the gun die by the gun
Hot bullets burn some say that can get ya stunned
So raise your own children and don't try to raise mine
And when you see me step with caution cause I'm bustin' for mine

Speak the wrong words man and you will get touched
You done crossed the line now and you will get fucked
I already told you before but you ain't barring that
So this time I tell you man I go' fi erase you off the map
Such a shame but it's all in the game
And since the early 60's aint a damn thing changed
We got haters over here and haters over there
But I got my pistol and it ain't pointed in the air

[Pimp C:]
I see you trippin' off that water and you feel like you bad
'Cause yo bitch done chose a pimp and that pimp was Chad
I see you hurt 'cause I fucked your girl
Put big dick in her world and bust nuts in her curls
When I hit it from the back she said baby I can't take it
You a simp ass nigga you told that bitch that you love her
But I'm straight up fuckin' the pussy like that nigga off in colors
But I ain't get shot cause you ain't shootin' shit
The best thing you can do is go and try and beat that bitch
'Cause this man's style showstopper pistol popper you ain't ready
If I let this hot thing hit you fool, your stomach like spaghetti
Fool you talkin' loud but you move too slow
Tellin' niggas all your plans got you tied up in a van
Nigga what the fuck is up in the place to be
First I want the money nigga then I want the fuckin' ki's
Kidnap robbery 'cause you said you wanted me dead
Since you want a nigga dead
Buck that bitch off in his head
Just like E-40 nigga I be comin' fed
Got the sawed off pump with night vision infrared
So play me like a pussy and you will get fucked
Nigga I'm hangin' out the truck b-buck buck
Hit your nigga in the leg hit your bitch in the gut
But we know where your ass stay
So your ass will get touched

Speak the wrong words I'm high on them herbs
And you will get touched cause yo ass deserve
To get bucked real bad in front of your kids
Just to show you what a real type bitch you is
And it's your boy Mr. 3 to the 2 forever stayin' true
Just a player man cool and I gotta tell it to the
Whole wide world how you got bitched razor necked just like
A motherfuckin' girl

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UGK Touched Comments
  1. new philmz

    There go Jay-Z stealin lines again...

  2. Dwain Wilson

    I hope gay z gave these guys a big cheque.

  3. Duke Watkins

    99 problems by Jayz this is ware he gets his verse from 💯💪🏿

  4. M L4

    Speak the wrong words mane and you will get touched!! In 2019

  5. Arman


  6. Kelvin Swancey

    The south!!! God come back to this music.....yo ass will get touched!!!

  7. Moonlight Numxaboo

    I'm here because of JAY-Z.

  8. omar alcantar

    just like E-40 niqquh i be comin fed
    got the sawed off pump
    with night vision infrared!!



  10. Tyler Smith


  11. bhillboy37

    "Point that mothafucka this way and dump. Oh you scared to go to the pen think them niggas gonna tap your rump." Bun has lyrics for decades.

  12. slofever512

    Bun coming with that 🔥🔥🔥💯 💯 Long Live Chad Butler and 3-2

  13. Fantom76Keyz

    I bought this CD in the Clearance Rack for 39.Cents.
    Along with UGK ALL SCREWED UP, VOL. II
    No one was Fuckiiiing with Texas in The Beginning. !
    I was most Definitely ! Ever since I scored my First G.B
    Tape. The Good Ole Days ! Rest in Peace Pimp C , Mr. 32
    The Legendary DJ Screw ! #88eyz


    You was winnin

  14. Clint Price

    Chad was flowing on this bitch!!!! Still pumping this shit in 2018!!!!!

  15. ChocGirl80

    Good stuff

  16. New World

    Great fucking song

  17. Wham Bam Bigelow

    Mr. 3-2 cold on that hook....RIP 3-2....RIP Pimp C.


    Hold-up ! That's Ronnie Spencer on the hook Playa.

    Landon Jernigan

    @Fantom76Keyz Nah, that's Mr. 3-2 mayne. RIP 3-2 and Pimp C.

    General Khan

    @Fantom76Keyz that's 3-2

  18. Terrance W

    RIP Mr 3-2

  19. Sweety

    jamming my shyt on an erli Sairdi moynin

  20. Lucifer Caligula


  21. Jacktripa78

    He don't know I hang killas we'll erase that fool wouldn't give a fuck about em but he kin to my son...

  22. TomatoOtters

    the intro to this song is an sjw's worst nightmare

    T Dente

    fuck em

    Sir Babz

    good.... anything that pisses them off is good with me 👍👍👍

  23. Zach Hunter

    Can anyone tell me who sings the hook?

    Rockstar Jhonnie

    Zach Hunter fuck no dummy Isley Brothers sample ass


    little. muthafuckin. GIRL. this song the truth

  25. trilltalk1


  26. J Florez

    One person wants tobget touched

  27. Justin Tuck

    "So play me like a pussy and will get fucked"

  28. Nelson Cruz

    But we know where yo ass stay so yo ass will!! get!! touched!!!!

  29. biggcnile1

    they helped each others stock..cuz ugk was already a fixture well b54 big pimpin..jay needed the south so he made a G call 2 the southern royalty of the time & aligned..

  30. wayElite

    ugk 4 life


    Or plagiarism.

  32. VIMaggotVIBrainzVI

    You gotta love 3-2 on that hook

  33. SkylordJagster

    This shits raw! Love it!

  34. Dano The Man Tho

    FUCK JAY Z this texas biiiiitch!!! UGK 4 LIFE fuck how u feel about it.... n for yaws info. pimp c never wanted to do big pimpin... he said it too commercial n not his flavor.... why the fuck u think he threw up texas in that song

    Timtation The man

    This is jay Z's favorite album that's why he quoted them


    He bought the album 30 times

  35. Anna Dornbusch

    Love this song, always gunna b haters(: fuck um.

  36. Vackra Amina

    biting is biting is biting is biting is biting... not only did he bite from this song but the hook for 99 problems was from ICE T... it's like he went through his record collection and picked pieces from other artist... MAN IF ONLY WE COULD ALL GET RICH THAT WAY.

  37. Vackra Amina

    Yall are a bunch of losers.

  38. Al-Nashir Bandali

    Maybe Jay had to pay royalties to UGK for those lines anyway... ?

  39. GarbageDork

    yeah, it was an homage, nothing more. and given how much Jay-Z helped their stock on Big Pimpin, I'm sure they didn't mind

  40. jeromy booker

    Since when? why? cuz YOU said so? You want the "best rapper alive" title? Better be rappin your OWN shit.

  41. Anna Dornbusch

    Nd i hope dat this ass whoopin teach ya a muthrfuckin lesson

  42. catdogcirca1990s

    the black album samples this track

  43. 1stLTroastabotch

    B at his best. bring this kinda shit back. it will sell

  44. matthewjamal

    a guy named mr. 3-2.

  45. matthewjamal

    i had thought the singer was nate dogg lol

  46. usl2p

    worrdd ofc man bless!

  47. cmsmhmwm

    jayz the best biter of all time face facts kids

    Tim Sanchez

    cmsmhmwm paying homage

    The boi

    Jay z is known for biting Biggie lines too

  48. Lisa Rose


  49. usl2p

    bitch yo old man talkin to me like im in school, he dont kno i hang wit killaz really raised dat fool!

  50. coolio dragon

    @GorillaTactics this guy knows whats good

  51. Charles McCray

    Lol he made a ference to the movie colors the part in the movie wear the cops shoot the dude while he was fucking his girl they tht he was rocket if u seen the movie then u knw wht im tlkin bout loll

  52. Charles McCray

    Qoute other peoples lyrics is part of hip hop but to say Jay z is better than pimp and bun nigga u sick

  53. Adventurous Red

    FUCK JAY-Z... Fake ass G

  54. Iffah Ullah

    fuck that i never heard a gay z song where he ain bitin - dont like the fucker for some reason - like nas said - how many of biggie rhymes gon come out your fat lips!

    Jerrell Johnson

    I never saw the big deal about Jay-Z. Jay-Z is and was a boring-ass rapper to me! All the 20+ years I been listening to rap, I never been a Jay-Z guy!!! 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾!

  55. FoeOneAllDay

    @GorillaTactics Word/Real talk,

  56. GorillaTactics

    Yo, Jay-Z ain't bitin', he's paying homage. Dude's done multiple tracks with UGK.... Shouting out lyrics from other rappers is a part of hip hop.

  57. Rickthomas7

    definitely not a jay z fan but if you're gonna be mad at him for quoting bun then you gotta be mad at ugk for jacking prodigy's line for the chorus. we should all just be happy that this song is in our lives.


    This mf here.. 🙄

    Duke Watkins

    Man this shit came out before Mobb Deep

  58. J GIB

    @Wgivens93 bein hard ova tha net is tha last thing im tryna do im jus tired of muhfukaz like u not payn homage 2 tha south. jus imagen tha game wit out us

  59. J GIB

    @Wgivens93 nigga shut yo bitch ass up dat nigga wuz jockn off this TEXAS shit!! n it look like u r 2...u clickd tha shit

  60. OnThatPowder

    we got the red drank,orange drank, purp drank, laugh @ these mark hoes sayin they aint hearda drnk

  61. detroitMC313

    FUCK JAY-Z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. detroitMC313

    @1c00lz1 I know, I had this song on my iPod and I couldn't belive it. FUCK JAY-Z... I know he bites people, but WOW!!! Wtf??? I now have absoulty no respect for jay-z. WHO THE FUCK bites 4 whole bars??? That shit is rediculous.

  63. Cedric Coleman


  64. Taylor Brown

    fuck jay-z homie

  65. frasian78

    my favorite ugk song

  66. Isaac Whittle

    Man my buddy had a highschool fight and I let him listen to this before to get him pumped up. and let's say he went 5 rounds with the dude and kicked his ass in everyone. The dude had to take a break inbetween because my friend knocked his shoulder out of place haha.

  67. Isaac Whittle

    Oh yes yo health's whats in question and I hope that this ass-whoopin' teach you a muthafuckin' lesson.

  68. RICKEY Madison

    bun b and pimp c went off