UGK - The Pimp & The Bun (Here We Go Again) Lyrics

[Bun B:]
Say UGK shit just ain't that solo shit
Nigga this, that Bun B Pimp C shit nigga

Well it's the Pimp and the Bun, we back in the game
It's the Kingz of the Underground (ground) remember the name?
I tell you niggas got fat (fat) while Pimpin' was gone
Now you fixin' to cough it up, yo' ass was dead wrong
So it's best that you head home (why?) bitches the lead's blown
Then half of yo' head's gone, we'll be buyin' yo' headstone
From the land where the Feds roam (for real) bleeders done bled strong
While they packin' that infrared so break bread and just get gone
With them jazzy red-bones (bones) roam just like cattle (cattle)
That's where you find them gangstas ridin' tall in the saddle (saddle)
Can't fuck with P-I-M-P or that B-U-N
You thought that UGK went away bitch but here we go again

[Ron Isley:]
Here we go again (oh, here we go)
Here we go again - thought what we had was over
Here we go again (oh)
Here we go again

[Pimp C:]
It's the Bun and the Pimp (Pimp) steak and the shrimp (shrimp)
Write my name cross the sky in a blimp
It's UGK, I keep a trunk full of yay (yay) Swisher full of good (good)
Robert Davis in my deck (deck) diamonds up against the wood (wood)
I was gone for a minute, hoes tried to steal my dream
Bun B kept it poppin' fo' years back on the scene
Got mo' better hoes now (now) boatload of money
Think my Bentley got a cold cause my paint's so runny
I'm so cool to the shit, nigga I'm certified
Lookin' yellow sad bitches and niggas off in they eyes (eyes)
You don't wanna see the Pimp free gettin' paper (uhh)
Here we go again, fuck the law, fuck the haters

[Ron Isley:]
Here we go again (oh, here we go)
Here we go again - thought what we had was over
Here we go again (oh)
Here we go again

[Bun B:]
Now what's up with the tough talkin? What's goin' on with the cappin'?
What's happening with all that "I'm runnin' the game" and you're rappin'?
You musta of realized you the porter, I'm the captain of this vessel (yeah)
Suggest to gettin' out, commence to steppin'
Reppin' niggas like a gear-o, the game need a hero
Not another fake-ass Pacino or wannabe De Niro
A real pistolero bandito that's "muy malo"
A certified from Nickelson Gardens to The Apollo
That's mo', ghetto than Rollo, ask around, take a census
Of fingers pointing back to the brothers in matching Benzes
We don't need no mo' friends (friends) got enough as it is (is)
Cause we all about the biz bitch so here we go again

[Ron Isley:]
Here we go again (oh, here we go)
Here we go again - thought what we had was over
Here we go again (oh)
Here we go again

[Pimp C:]
Now what you know about it bitch? It's "UGK 4 Life" (life)
A pistol to your Hilfiger, dick up in your wife
Got the pound pump for three, cause you know I just pay one
Nine past half hoes got ten then did none
Man you know we got the [?] in Mexico going for five
I'm a step on that bitch twice, still spray water to your eyes
When you hit it with the soda it's gon' bubble up and rise
Got no cheese to get me up out this bitch, I'm going live
Still signed to Jive, I'm Rap-A-Lot mafia (uhh)
Trill Entertainment perfect, no it ain't no stoppin' us
UGK Records is an institution
[?] freed the Pimp, it's goin' down in Houston

[Ron Isley:]
Here we go again (oh, here we go)
Here we go again - thought what we had was over
Here we go again (oh)
Here we go again

Oh here we go - baby, woo!

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UGK The Pimp & The Bun (Here We Go Again) Comments
  1. Don Snow

    Still Banging 2020 Rest In Power Pimp Chad Butler

  2. GFM Steezy

    Bun B ate this track mane

  3. Aydron Gamble

    Still going dine in 2020

  4. Sanchez Escobar

    This track is still better than every track that's out now

  5. Montre Anderson

    "You don't wanna see the Pimp Free, gettin Paper..."

    Allstar Mobile

    Here We Go Again
    Fk The laws Fk the haters

  6. J L

    True Hustlers

  7. J L

    Still here 19

  8. Kevin Williams

    UGK is a institution. Laura Redman Freed the Pimp now its goin down in Houston. 👌👌👌👌👌

    Montre Anderson


  9. Ralph Richards

    You Don’t Wanna C The Pimp Free! Getting Paper.

  10. Clarissa Rodriguez

    UGK 👑4life

  11. Baby Wan

    "My Bentley got a cold cuz my paint so runny" go head pimp

    Cedric Tyler

    Sho nuff jack

  12. Brandon Roberson

    This some real gangsta shit

  13. KEvans730

    It's 19... errtime I cut dis on it feel like it jus came out... str8 fye

  14. Sanchez Escobar

    Damn I Miss My OG Pimp C!

  15. marquis kingsbury

    Laura Redman freed tha pimp its goin down in Houston

  16. NonStop Soundz NonStoppuhSounds



    No lie by you some pussy ni52A

  17. Martiveon Walker

    Miss you Uncle Chad
    Rest In Pimpin

  18. Money Man

    Still bumping this right now today long live the pimp

  19. Lee Wiggins


  20. Dustin Nixon

    Thought what we had was over...... here we go again🎶🎶🎶

  21. Darren Robinson

    2018 still swangin to the pimp & the bun

  22. Mac Vee

    Dope track! Go Check Out Pressures Of Street Life By Mac Vee

  23. Tymeisnow Wright

    So fly so jazzy so authentic. No body can do it like UGK. UGK 4 LIFE. R.I.P. PIMP C

  24. Freedom Fighter

    Ok ok ..

  25. Klippa Ken

    bun b ate that first verse

  26. Ron Bryant

    Neva get old

  27. Shirley Franklin

    We got 💰👀🍷💦

  28. Z Dubb

    PUT SOME SOUTH IN YA MOUTH BITCH!! Long live the pimp, R.I.P Chad Butler

  29. Kingcobu Pierson

    lord i love this song.
    them folk went in on Ronald Isley.

  30. Edward Luster

    ugk n 8ball n mjg legends rip pimp

  31. Moni Bone Bone


  32. Sanchez Escobar

    Still in 17. One of my favorite UGK songs of all time

  33. fyb 1213

    ayyyyyye that's live

  34. Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made


    Bluie Castro

    Shayla Johnson they from Da trill Port Arthur to be exact they not from H town

  35. cindy ortiz

    thats my shit brings back memories

  36. cindy ortiz

    thats my shit brings back memories

  37. home stead


  38. Craig Edward

    htown texas

    MzTee Lady

    already 👌💪👍