UGK - Still On The Grind Lyrics

[Intro: Pimp C]
Steady long, steady wrong nigga Check one-two one-two one-two bitch Tony Snow, know'm talkin 'bout? Jack Tripper, "Three's Company" hoe Percy Mack, Sweet Jones, check it out

[Pimp C:]
Uhh, I stay on the grind, fuckin hoe defined Get ten all the time, lay my life on the line Sippin, smokin 'dro, pimp dick on yo' hoe Legs are on the stove, P-I-M-P on the low Gators swangin out, swangers hangin out Never bangin, I got work I slang it out Keep a yellow pro, and a brown horse And a squad too, I'm the player's choice

[Bun B:]
So pimpin save your voice, hold your breath, shut your lip Hoe you can't handle Bun and you can't fuck with Pimp We like surf and turf, they call us steak and shrimp Know we shake and lames are famous but make it simp' Trillest ever born, G'est ever built Fuck with us you'll be the deadest hoes ever killed Live from the corner, direct from the hood via satellite bitch, we the Kingz grippin wood and it's good

[Raheem DeVaughn:]
Hey, if you a hustler, it ain't easy Da, da, do-dahhhhh Da, da, do-dahhhhhhhh And we're still, still Still on the grind Da, da, do-dahhhhh Da, da, do-dahhhhhhhh Yes we're still, we're still We're still, still on the grind

[Pimp C:]
Uhh, I keep candy girls, big dick in they world Messin up they curl, bowlin ball paper swirl Gotta trap it white, baller candy bike I don't light it though; get too high, stay too low I live by the code, extra credit mode Fuckin with that prince I keep a bankroll Livin by the land, P.A. by the C Any nigga fuck with Bun he gon' die by me I'm my brother's keeper, not no movie shit My life is a film, I'm on some groovy shit I ain't Smoochie bitch, make girls do this dick Rich or tongue-in-cheek, bitch you's a +Super Freak+ Bitch my name ain't Rick, bitch you think you slick Askin me for rent, you better find a trick I ain't payin, you need to be payin me Pussy a dime a dozen but the dick ain't free

[Raheem DeVaughn:]
Da, da, do-dahhhhh Da, da, do-dahhhhhhhh Yeah we're still, said we're still, still Still on the grind Da, da, do-dahhhhh Da, da, do-dahhhhhhhh And we're still, still, still, still Still on the grind

[Bun B:]
UGK back in the game, bringin that crack and the 'caine Swervin 'Llac in the lane, swangers click-clack in the gang We paper stack in the game (game) what you lack in the game Solid foundation, my nigga, no cracks in the frame (frame) Bun B, that be the name, P.A.T. that be the town (town) You see fingers up, that mean that haters down (down) And G that is the code, big body slab is the load (load) We get throwed, we the shit nigga, ask the commode We get skeptic mayne when shit get hectic mayne Roll with the trill, we don't deal with the skeptics mayne Bring it on record mayne, what you expected mayne (uhh) Bun and Pimp is back so just respect it mayne (yeah) We affected the game (game) we are not gonna change (change) Scrap with lames it go brrrap-brrrap at your brain (brain) We insane singin licks with them bricks 36 in the mix with no tricks, get a fix for your cliques

[Raheem DeVaughn:]
Da, da, do-dahhhhh Da, da, do-dahhhhhhhh Said we still, every day We still, still on the grind Da, da, do-dahhhhh Da, da, do-dahhhhhhhh We still, we still, every day We still, still on the griiiiind Da, da, do-dahhhhh Da, da, do-dahhhhhhhh We still, we still, hoooo Still on the griiiiind, griiiiind Da, da, do-dahhhhh Da, da, do-dahhhhhhhh Said we on the grind, we on the grind Still on the grind The grind, the grind The grind, still on the grind UGK for liiiiife

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UGK Still On The Grind Comments
  1. Unorthodoxed Destiny

    Grind 2019!!!

  2. Jamiqus Smith

    My niggaz


    Jacck trippa

  4. Doug Salley

    This shit gets me motivated 2stay wit it!!!

  5. Kam Love

    That beat tho! 💦💦👌🏿

  6. Desma Robinson

    Rahiem Davaugh Ate that hook tho...😎😌

  7. Joseph Hollowell IV

    I'm the fast* choice

  8. Bad Blacc Hendo

    can't nobody fuck wit these tx boys PeNutt CTB all day

  9. Warren Thornton

    classic album

  10. Wil Vay

    I love the pimp, but Big Dik Cheney be giving it to they ass too!!

  11. ZipCold Rea!!y

    Rest In Paradise Chad Butler!

  12. King Afrikan DEEWILL-Tha God Aka Jesus

    They got that old school feel on this song. Favorite song on the album

  13. Denise Haynes

    UGK 4 LIFE

  14. Wil Vay

    Rest on Tony Snow!! #UGK 4 LIFE!!

  15. joemakesvideos


  16. tapiwa josh

    real hip hop........i stay on the grind......Bun B

  17. 504girl3

    this is real rap music waaaaay before rappers started not giving a fuck, wearing skirts, and having bipolar disorder! I don't know what the hell is going on now!

    Scott Ford

    504girl3 amen never thought see the day. bring back the old school.



  19. Coleman McFarland


  20. Outer Drive Films

    This is Dope!

  21. Jeff Chedwick

    My name ain't Rick bi*ch U think U slick

  22. beau williams

    sweet jones 

  23. beau williams

    i love this song 

  24. Vincent Morales

    the sh*t




  26. allencharles100

    Steak and Shrimp

  27. ThaKronDon

    UGK best songs are always the least talked about. I will always love UGK for that reason they are the real underground kings in so many ways

    jimmy young

    This why I don't listen to the new rap game don't need to.

  28. Ray Butler

    A DC 2 PA Raheem and Ugk

  29. Big Homie From The D

    from D-TOWN TO H-TOWN mayne... what it do!

  30. 512trill24

    tha jam right here

  31. izzy cruz


  32. James Harrison

    Hardest song on the album