UGK - Purse Come First Lyrics

[Pimp C:]
Already bitch
Trunk full of yay bitch, P.A. to H-Town nigga
Get on yo' money motherfucker
It's really goin down in the South
Sweet Jones biatch!

(Uhh) Flippin' and dippin', sippin' and grain grippin'
Watch him lie through my rearview mirror, I ain't trippin'
I done rolled with the best and acted bad in the worst
Dick is a commodity bitch the purse come first

They say they with animals, my mouth is perverse
Ain't overstandin us nigga, my life ain't rehearsed
Ain't no rewind button like DVD
They never show the real neighborhood on TV (TV)
Ours ain't prison and "The Wire" ain't dope
President is the supplier, government got all the coke
Wouldn't depend on Noriega is it wasn't for no Reagan (Reagan)
While all the Christian holidays the same day as the Pagans (as the Pagans)
I look like this, I don't talk it, I make 'em think I'm dumb
I keep dick out they eyes, don't see where I'm cummin' from
I lay between thighs, she put it in her mouth and hum
Life is a pussy motherfucker, I'm gon' get me some

(Uhh) Flippin' and dippin', sippin' and grain grippin'
Watch him lie through my rearview mirror, I ain't trippin'
I done rolled with the best and acted bad in the worst
Dick is a commodity bitch the purse come first

[Bun B:]
Look up in the sky, it's a bird, it's a plane (plane)
No it's just another drone spyin on us mayne (mayne)
It's a new world order, at least that's what I read (read)
And big brother is watchin, I just heard somebody said
Jesus was married to Mary (Mary) and they both had a kid (kid)
And it's a piece of history that the Catholic church hid (hid)
Man fuck the Da Vinci code, fuck Illuminati~!
Only secret society is Rap-A-Lot and John Gotti (Gotti)
This Halliburton contracts and war profiteerin' (teerin)
With Cheney on the board, is you motherfuckers hearin'? (hearin)
They send us off to war, kill our kids and got paid to
America, open yo' eyes (for real) these niggas played you (man)
And played me too, shit I pay taxes (taxes)
They let these bitches wage war against the evil axis (axis)
Pull up all the e-mails, memos and the faxes (faxes)
So we can really see what all the facts is, you bastards

[Pimp C:]
(Uhh) Flippin' and dippin', sippin' and grain grippin'
Watch him lie through my rearview mirror, I ain't trippin'
I done rolled with the best and acted bad in the worst
Dick is a commodity bitch the purse come first

[Big Gipp:]
Yea, yea, yea
"Now where ya been Gipp? " Gonnnne 'round the world with Nelly
Leave it up in her jelly, swisha sweet we blowin smelly
We don't blog, we don't surf, we don't search neither
We don't trust, we don't pass, we just touch people
We hit 'em three times, ain't lyin/line like Adidas
Surrounded by killers and dealers and club geekers
Summertime, Dapper Dan, candy ridin coupes
Wintertime, snow suits with the Louie boots
See the purse came first, the love came later
The pussy got wet and captain D came greater
I do it for the Bun and I do it for the Pimp
For the hustlers and the gangstas doin' time behind the fence

[Pimp C:]
(Uhh) Flippin' and dippin', sippin' and grain grippin'
Watch him lie through my rearview mirror, I ain't trippin'
I done rolled with the best and acted bad in the worst
Dick is a commodity bitch the purse come first

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UGK Purse Come First Comments
  1. Jay W

    Welcome to John C Windom Collection. I want to share with you some of my exclusives from my Collection. I'm the designer of all the shoes you see. I have more to come but I'm starting with my favorites. Enjoy the unique one of a kind shoes that you can not find anywhere else in the world.

  2. Jay W

  3. Ghost Bey

    I don’t kill on camera bitch

  4. Ghost Bey

    I’m very unexpecting

  5. Ghost Bey

    Can’t steal it

  6. Brandon Allison

    This what you call trill

  7. Larry Stevens

    I done rolled wit the best n acted bad in the worst 😎🍄🌲🌍🔥🔥😁😈😇

  8. Larry Stevens

    One of the G'st songs ever made.... America only in the middle east to suplly prescription drug companies with opium to make prescription opiates. As well as gasoline and nuclear power....

  9. Travis Adams

    Oz ain't prison and the wire ain't dope.



  11. Dante F

    Jewels early mourning from pimp and bun! And big gip on here too..gtfoh shit fi

  12. Ronnell Rogers jr

    Sippin & grain griping 🔥💰💰💯

  13. Tecumseh Bey

    I noticed caucasians avoid their peoples liar system as usual. Pimp & Bun exposed a piece of the biblical truth that is hidden. This is what gets artist murdered not foolish conspiracy theories like Nipsey.

    Fuzzy Panda

    No, artists get killed for exposing the occult. Christianity is on the brink of extinction.

    Fuzzy Panda

    No, artists get murdered for exposing satanism in the industry. Christianity is on the brink of extinction. It gets mocked daily. The real liar system is the fact that we are heading into a new world order because people have no idea how our entire society is controlled.

  14. Dreddhead Lucas

    Lengendary Pimp

  15. Imago Deí

  16. Samantha Soto

    Ugk for life

  17. I'so Xoduz

    💭 Aaawwedy though HuH CHuuuuuuuCH 💯 ☝ TRILL spill Sweet'Jones spitting FACTS!! innerstand, overstood, innerstood, overstand ya'dig 💭

  18. LC Starr

    MF used to watch me at work so hard saying I'm not working manage said how you know he ain't working that mean you ain't working due to the fact you have to stop from what you during to 👀 me one of the coolest MF manager I ever had fast forward that boy Chad Butler said exactly how I was feeling back then before this song ever came out wow GOD do not make no mistakes Sir Jones was spitting 💩 that I wanted to say but couldn't MF JOB was a must talk about sending the World a Blessing I probably would have died if it wasn't for They call me Sir Jones due to me holding my👅 causing inter chronical pain .... Get on your 💵 MF should be became a Holiday seasonal theme on a particular date dedicated to 64 💵 cologne

  19. K H

    listen up


    Sweet Jones! R.I.P 2019

  21. Clem Fivekiller

    Pimp c was a true pimp you can hear it in his voice, r I.p.

  22. Umar Chaudhry

    2019 Long live the pimp


    You got to comprehend this shit south4life

  24. Travis Adams

    That chorus though

  25. yung tazz

    Life is a pussy mf im gone get me sum

  26. Almighty Walk

    Rip chad butler 💙 one of my biggest inspirations for years now

  27. Marcus Love

    Get on yo money mf...

  28. Wesley Taylor

    Pull up all the emails & faxes so we can see the real facts you bitches

  29. Wesley Taylor

    Its just another drone spying on us mane!!!

  30. Major Caville

    if you notice The man never bit his tongue, and I respect that folks..I done 81/2 flat in prison, read a lot.. but knowing your history...the real history..not that fake biased lied watered down untruthful shit.. but what how when...& if you can why...why? cause if you don't know how and why you came from and went through..then you won't know what to expect/where we're going. pay attention to the signs.. cause I'll tell ya once never tell ya twice self EXPERIENCE make a nigga understand life. Man I ain't got all the time and answers, it took me 15 yrs, studying to get to where I'm at.. but to my white Mexican...any shade of color.......START ON YOUR KNEES WITH THAT BIBLE. ASK GOD TO TEACH YOU WHO YOUR ADVERSARIES ARE? Starts with Satan. The people that run this country and European surroundings... NATO/ UN..
    ARE ALL LUCEFERIAN WORSHIPERS. FROM THAT FOUNDATION RIGHT THERE..... YOU KNOS WHY THESE FOLK SO EVIL, HATEFUL, VINDICTIVE, AND WANT TO MAKE OPPRESSION SEEM LEGALLY RIGHT. THEY USE CATCH PHRASES.. TERRORISM, ISIS, TALIBAN, INSURGENTS, RUSSIAN MEDDLING IN ELECTION.. IRAN MAKING NUCLEAR WEAPONS.. NONE OF IT IS TRUE. THEY ARE SCARED THAT AMERICA WILL UP AND TURN ON THEM. THEN LIE TO WORLD, OR pay em off....shhh?? Ask yourself why we have surrounded Iran and parts of Russia's ability to export and in return import oil. Chess not checkers. but God ain't missing a beat. oh in yr. or two. paper $ won't exist. it will all be done electronically. That's what the 175 huge, gigantic fema, internment camps are for. if you take THAT chip in your hand or base of skull, revelations 13-14:9!!# will open up your eyes. its gonna be bad here in a yr. or two.. maybe sooner. God Bless y'all.. love y'all.
    Prayer it's so crucial..
    each 1 TEACH 1.
    Ask Christ Jesus

  31. O Dogg

    "Why all the Christian holidays the same days as the pagans" ~Pimp C~

  32. spacegalaga

    purse first purse first walk into the room purse first 🅱️🅰️♏️

  33. Oliver Hernandez

    Man never heard this song

  34. Cory Smith

    Gipp did not need to be on this one, when I first heard the track.its a little way over his head.

  35. Hunter Monzon

    "Only secret societies is rap alot and John Gottis"

  36. Mitchell Chandler

    They never wanted to listen to the south

    Larry Stevens

    Yeah its bullsh*t imma whiteboy in new mexico i play this sh*t all day n no one heard it the first time i showed it. All the new rapper straiggt jhotos

  37. Mitchell Chandler

    Purse come

  38. jamie whitmire

    Pimp C is a genius.... way beyond his time.
    Hope you smilin babe

    Brad Spence

    jamie whitmire You know he is 💯✊🏻

    William McDonald

    jamie whitmire Already!!

    ace eugene

    a rap savant he was rip

  39. Corey Banks


  40. Solar Panel

    RIP To the Pimp n all the prophets that keep tryin to warn us about what we are NOW living in. We gota boycott all their businesses shop at local stores boycott all their technology start living in harmony with mother earth we only get one earth. KILLUMINATI

    Fuzzy Panda

    Pimp c was not a prophet

  41. vondrae hawkins

    Organized Noise on the track

  42. Niqueo Suavé

    Still bumpin in 2017. #Trill4Life

  43. Tim Escalona

    Only secret society is rap alot and john gotti

  44. chris shakur

    Fuck Trump and everything he stand for!

  45. Derico Terrell

    This shit hard as fuck

  46. CJ Fuqua

    Jesus was married to Mary and they had children. A piece of history hid#TheyStillPlayinUs...

    Mat Truth

    O Dogg the Statue of Liberty there's actually a statue of Ishtar and then if you look at a statue of Baphomet it's depicted in the same fashion as a statue of George Washington if you do a little more research you'll see that the hand gestures that Baphomet George Washington and Jesus Christ are all one in the same imagine what would you say if I told you people been worshipping the Antichrist this whole time they're white Jesus

    P Nizal

    He saying that shit fake Devinic code some fuck shit. Really listen to the words homie

    Fuzzy Panda

    @O Dogg he was middle eastern

    O Dogg

    @Fuzzy Panda no such thing as the middle east. thats just north africa. africa and israel sit on the same landmass they are only seperated by the suez canal which is a manmade thing

  47. Heather Harris

    Preach preach the straight truth

  48. Sunny Colligan


  49. Tez Scott

    Pimp.c respect big homie

  50. RAYMOND Palmer

    167 ya ya

  51. Mike Jones

    Life is pu$$y muthafugga, ima get me some!

  52. Erik Bautista

    legitimately a pimp slapper.

  53. Way too Real TV

    only secret society is rapalot and john gotti

  54. Mike DeLeon

    ugk 4 life

  55. Cullen Redmond


  56. Manuel Gonzales


  57. daniel che

    bitchs talk shit about pimp reed a book bitch game 1974 a sum ho

  58. Brandon Scott Master Wicker Programmer 36

    Pimpc rock for rock br36 Brandon Scott wicker programming

  59. Brandon Scott Master Wicker Programmer 36

    #'s 3-18 23 28 33 36 66 68 69 71 88 99 22 21

  60. Brandon Scott Master Wicker Programmer 36

    Mazter programmer dallas texas lmnop

    Jonah Tyree

    Brandon Scott Master Wicker Programmer 36 ei motha fuqin o

  61. Reggie Daniely

    pimp c the man

  62. Sanchez Escobar


    Solar Panel

    man real talk Big Krit kinda did it for a min but its foreal gone with the Pimp them organ beats n shit was too hard

    Desi Tha Dude

    ASAP Rocky turned trill to a got damn fad.

    Sanchez Escobar

    @Desi Tha Dude blasphemy to real Men fam!

  63. Morgan Williams

    It's 2016 and still must listen to it twice......

  64. Jurado

    "I done rolled with the best and acted bad in the worse"..

  65. Inferno Setfire

    Ain't no rewind button like DVD

  66. Pvk Jhilk

    FUCK YEAH coming from a metal head

  67. Gabriella Enriquez

    OMG wtf is the purse I've been trying to figure it out for years hahaha

    W B

    The purse is the money


    Gabriella Enriquez $$$Money$$$

  68. Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made

    #southern luv♡

  69. Pvk Jhilk

    illuminati confirmed

  70. OneLove Loner

    Wow UGK was on so much knowledge... people wonder why Pimp C died... they couldn't let this man live after spreading this much truth along with him having great influence on his listeners. I seen Bun B with a 666 shirt on a couple years ago in a picture... I don't know what the freak is going on with that situation... Just google search "Bun B 666" and it'll pop right up....

    Texas_Raised_ Texas _Made

    +Mike Lister htown#

    John Michael

    shut up he died cuz of leab

    Ronald Pope

    Loving Chandler bin Laden's

    Fuck The New World Order

    Loving Chandler. yeah and bun b sold out talk about TRILL

    Fabian Hernandez

    Bun b is a fake ass nga

  71. Travis Adams

    Oz aint prison and The Wire aint dope

  72. Kid Tony

    Pimp c the king of the south

    Brandon Miles

    he is the creator of the south rip pimp

    White Foote

    +Brandon Miles i agree

    James Anderson

    Kid Tony king of rap period

    King Suavea 870

    Pimp C Is The 👑

  73. day cee

    Flippin and Dippin, Sippin and Grain Grippin
    ''Watching life through a rear view mirror I ain't Trippin'' 
    I done rolled with the best and acted bad in the worst
    Dick is a Commodity bitch the Purse Come First !

    day cee

    +Angel Vasquez Wtf lmao you funny asf

    Quintin Banks

    Daisy Cardoso : )

    Rodney Cobbin

    Daisy Cardoso I have frfr

    Lorenzo Sal

    Daisy Cardoso tru

  74. james sanders

    who's idea was it to put big gipp on this track? #waterandoil

    Matthew Duckworth

    I agree they could've let bun spit another verse or call jay-z I'm sure he would've killed it.


    +james sanders verse was kind of hot though loll...


    +Johnathan Stallworth gipp & pimp were close af lol

    Tim Escalona

    Matthew Duckworth i only disagree with you because u said jay z.... personally i dont fuk wit jay z. Hes about as weak as kanye west

  75. Rodney Gilmore Jr

    21 brainwashed carbon copies

  76. abbas224

    Man, Bun B is the best rapper in the south.

    Ham Z

    i think outkast come first

    king nc

    @Ham Z zro

  77. The Teflon Don

    pimp c was a straight hustla 

  78. James Powers

    I'm a square ass white Boy Butt I know Art when I hear it.  Great Beat and something worth hearing being Spat.  Thank You!

  79. Misty Wallis

    realllllliest shit   fuckkk i love ugk

    White Foote

    i Second that

    Kevin Green

    Misty Broniste no shit u right bro preciate cha

  80. smokedogggg420007

    pimp c bitch so what the fuck is up

  81. White Foote

    Shut up Barbra you a stupid Disrespecting real shit says u a fake Bitch. RIP PIMP C

    Rodney Cobbin

    Melanie Foote frfr bitch

  82. Ab 313

    Fuck the illuminati

  83. Barbara Berts

    i hate pimps- I like only hoes like Bunny Clinton- this rap sucks why does she like this group??? what is this

    White Foote

    Just look at that bitch. No wonder she would hate some real shit. Go buy a wig bitch and shut the fuck up. Pimpc is the shit.....

    babyboyojo goodluck

    Real talk stfu

    Misty Wallis

    die hoe

    Ricc Mitch

    even yall UGK fans sound dumb af but u is hatin hard af to actually look up Pimp C music to hate on him 🤔RIP PIMP FOREVA TRILL UHHHHN! YUNG BITCH

    Celeste Gonzales

    Barbara Berts go fucc yourself. UGK is intelligent souther artist tell the truth LISTEN TO THE LYRICS AN STOP JUDGING SHIT YOU HAVE NO CLUE ABOUT

  84. Barbara Berts

    Bunny Clinton got me here- 

  85. cec555555


  86. Aaron Wiseman

    if you had a''better brain you wouldint have the mark of the beast in your youtube account

  87. Bust Nevr

    Dont you ever hate on Atlanta. Bitch.

  88. res2397

    You sure about that? because bun b had lil wayne on his album"2 trill" which released in 2008, this album came out in 2009. Stop preaching on shit you know nothing about

    Flipdodge 392

    Pimp passed away in late 07... Notice how gay the game really went in 08?

  89. smokedogggg420007

    bun b has been bought to keep his mouth closed working with drake and lil wayne

  90. chuckie oliver

    I need a download link for this song

  91. res2397

    if the "illuminati" killed Pimp C than why is Bun B still alive for speaking the truth on this track

    Flipdodge 392

    Cuz he didn't expose shit compared to Pimp. Bun was speaking on the general corruption, Pimp was speaking on the Secret agenda shit which is on a different level, he was also trying to save the culture and put a lot of knowledge in his music. Same case with 2pac and Biggie. #LongLiveThePimp

    James Anderson

    res2397 pimp speak about this way more than bun

    Tony Montez

    Fuck the illumanti only secret society is rap alot and john gotti

  92. Terrence C

    LOl i tihnk dude was high as fuk

  93. Aaron Amestica-Erlendson

    fuck the davinci code fuck illuminati

  94. MurderSquad247

    "Why all the Christian holidays the same as the Pagan's?"

  95. Gabriel

    Fuck Illuminati!

  96. Demon Queen tv

    Elated I uncovered this vid. Love You tube for this type of information!!!My relative was formerly bullied. He said he was about to get bigger. I chuckled... Til out of thin air he gained 40 pounds of full-strength muscle. He used the Muscle Building Bible (look in Google). He doesn't get bullied anymore. :-)

  97. John Jackson

    follow trillkilluminati on instagram

  98. Meredith Ramos

    The Purse Come First. UGK4Life! R.I.P. Chad Butler

  99. MrPiraka123

    What are pagans