U.D.O. - Underworld Lyrics

I’ll Wipe Away Your Tears
If You Kiss My Frozen Smile
My Soul Is On A Voyage
Aflame With Golden Light

The Guardians Of The Dark Land
Will Kneel As I Pass By
And Guide Me On My Journey
To The Land Of Ever-Night

Dressed In Mortal Finery
The Coin Placed On My Lips
I’ll Meet The Final Referee
The Ferryman’s Been Tipped

Give Thanks For All The Mysteries
That’s Why I’m Not Afraid
I’m Headed For The Underworld
The Helmsman Has Been Paid
Although I’m Cold Of Body
And Though I’m Not Alive
I’ll Watch You All There Down On Earth
You’ll Run But You Can’t Hide

So Put Away The Memories
A Life Against All Odds
A Shining Dream Will Satisfy
The Payment To The Gods

Shadows Form In Darkness
I Hear The Beckoning
Those Who Fell Before Me
The Final Welcoming

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