U.D.O. - The Bogeyman Lyrics

What’s That Shadow On The Wall
And Did You Hear That Noise
That Painful Sound Of Nails On Glass
The Trembling Of The Toys
The Whispers Of The Trees Outside
The Rustling Underneath
The Room It Seems To Come Alive
Very Hard To Breath
He Is The Bogeyman
He Lives Inside Your Head
He Is The Bogeyman
He Never Will Be Dead
Puts Your Mind Into Reverse
Your Heart Is Beating Fast
A Knocking At The Door Inside
The Time To Run Has Passed
Impossible For You To Scream
To Think Or Make A Cry
The Grip, The Heat All Over You
Eternal For A While
Don’t You Mess – Go Straight To Bed
Don’t Tell Your Mum And Dad
He Can Perceive You – Will Deceive You
If You’re Good Or Bad

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U.D.O. The Bogeyman Comments
  1. Ignacio Glucklich


  2. Natalya V. D. Brock

    Such an amazing song 😍😍😍 for some weird reason it reminds me of my dad 😂😂😂. I guess it's cause my dad is also called Udo.

  3. Two B

    Bad ass!

  4. Ortega XLR8

    Vaya pedazo de álbum y con la entrada ya te cagas

    Carlos llor

    Ya te digo!!

    oh hi mark

    i "plbrt" don't "plbrt" understand "plbrt" your "plbrt" accent "plbbbrt".

    Alex AE

    @oh hi mark Fuck you! asshole.