U.D.O. - Heavy Metal Heaven Lyrics

I Am Untouchable
I Am Invincible
I Am The Lord Of All The Visible
I Am The King Of Kings
So Touch My Iron Wings
I Am The Cure So Kiss My Metal Ring
So Hold Me High Up Unto The Sky
To A Heavy Metal Heaven
Through The Storm And Sea
I Will Set You Free
With An Ever Burning Heart
My Golden Crown
Never Let You Down
You’re In Heavy Metal Heaven
With A Screaming Sound
We Shout Aloud
You Will Rise Up To The Stars
You Have To Feed Me Now
You Have To Heed Me Now
You Have To Hail Me –
Bow Your Head To Vow
I’ve Got An Eye On You
An Iron Sign On You
I Am The Metal God That’s Over You

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U.D.O. Heavy Metal Heaven Comments
  1. Gustavo Alves Barrios

    Caramba, coloca heavy nisso.

  2. Annete Bailey

    UDO tells it like it is

  3. Jeffery Wold

    Udo is carrying the torch for Heavy Metal