U.D.O. - Devil's Rendezvous Lyrics

I walked on through the hallway
Turned right to purgatory
An angel of the darkness
Invited me to stay
I had my invitation
Not knowing what to do
and this is what had happened
At the devils rendezvous

At the devil's, the devil's
The devils rendezvous
At the devils the devils
The devils rendezvous

The nasty girls were dancing
Eternally aflame
A thousand eyes were watching
And played the devil's game
And bones on the piano
Shattered by the booze
And this is what you're up to
At the devils rendezvous

[Chorus x2]

You got cheap red whine and a lot of time
Whisky and cigars
In the dim red light there's a ball tonight
At the devil's dancing bar

[Chorus x2]

Do not begin to like it
You're better off without
Your final rest created
That's what it's all about
The cards are stacked against you,
The words are never true
There might be no returning
From the devil's rendezvous

[Chorus x4]

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