UB40 - Swing Low Lyrics

Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry he home

I looked over Jordan and what did I see
Coming for to carry he home
A band of angels coming after me
Coming for to carry me home

Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home

If you get there before I do
Coming for to carry me home
Tell all my friends I'm coming too
Coming for to carry me home

Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home
Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming for to carry me home

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UB40 Swing Low Comments
  1. Dannibee Hill

    Ah well go buy a tree and put it up myself xx make a red velvet and yule log myself xx love u my baby's xx

  2. Ariel Regev

    Thanks guys!😪😪😪

  3. Willem Moonen

    I was doing time in jail for 9 month came out and 4days in freedom i went to concert ub 40 in mecc maastricht in holland, that visit changed my life for ever. i was complete diferent after this i never did any criminel activity ever since it hits my hart forever love y willem

  4. Grandas Girl

    My bar better be sorted lol xx Lisa hold fort xx letter going tomorrow xx

  5. Grandas Girl

    Ribs wraps curly fries and BBQ sauce xx jam rolly Polly and custard oh and Christmas money xx

  6. Grandas Girl

    U tell me or ur gf will no skin off my nose

  7. Maddie Hicks

    played at a close friend of mines funeral :( Rest In Peace.

  8. YouTube Funny Moments

    screw england

  9. Kris Laverick

    Disappointed with final better team won on the day. England for ever

  10. John Malcolm

    Last 24 hours for us have been so emotional! Boys have played incredible, bring on RWC 2023!

  11. Claire Whiting

    Come on england, bring it home boys!!

  12. dan mosquera

    Come on England we've got this

    Thomas Shelby

    dan mosquera RIP to England

    dan mosquera

    @Thomas Shelby alright

  13. Jackie Wilson

    Come on England let's win the 2019 world cup it's coming home

  14. Posh - Josh

    Englands world cup run brought me here. Anyone else?

  15. Bailey AJ

    England let’s goooooo! Into the WC finals🏉🌹

  16. C.Cons84

    Come on boys 2019 final

  17. John Carter

    Listening to this 7 hours after England dethroned All Blacks

    Eclipse Phaze

    John Carter one game relax it’s just one game

    Charmy Pappitson

    England was too good

  18. Captain_Chronous

    On to the finals lads 🥇

  19. Caenzyy B

    England through to the 2019 RWC FINALS 🔥

  20. poppy nicholls

    Song wont die

  21. Inosly B

    listening to this before the quarter finals against Australia


    Still swinging in 2019...

  23. Milad Alkhatib

    Maybe better mic but still fire

  24. Nomade Drift

    Meeeeee i love it

  25. Remmy Robs

    Who is still listening to these great guys to-date!(2019)

  26. Vinnie Page

    I hope England can smash the world cup a gen good luck to the other countries in the world cup to

  27. Apriliani Putri

    I love ub40,from indonesian flores maumere

  28. Kaelib Allen

    Cmon lads in japan bring that world cup home like 2003!!

  29. Dan Street

    Hope to hear this blasting in Japan next month 🌹🏉

  30. Paul Mateo

    this will be England's #1 rugby union song

    Immanuel kisting

    yeah right it is an African American song commemorating the struggle of what they had to go through during the slave era

  31. Victoria Madison

    August 2019 yeah love this song ❤️💕

  32. Mark Aspey

    best version ever

  33. Merea Maihota

    Good the musique

  34. Blessing Chipote

    classic.......round of applause ub40

  35. JamJamNV Gaming

    Still one of the best song

  36. TheAILLC1

    R.I.P Captain Michael Mtukudzi.Gone but never forgotten.

  37. DJDMG 47

    2019 hello.

  38. X_Hey_Its_G_X Grace

    This will be played in loving memory of my godfather this Friday in the church after I say his speech god bless you Elijah age 85. 16th April 19' 💔✝️

    Andrew Bull

    Izzy grace, please accept my sincere condolences, i hope your godfather is resting in peace
    Take care ,all the best

  39. Elaine Asher

    Still a banger in 2019 man like Ali Campbell absolute legend tune still goes on and will

  40. one love music

    The phoenix shall Rise !!! RIP miss you 😥😥😥

  41. Tyrone Robinson

    i enjoyed it

  42. Sarah Oleary

    R.I.P Kevin O'Leary... this was your tune leaving the church...you will always be UB44... ❤❤❤

  43. Viboto Chophi

    This song really motivates me.

  44. Chaze Banfield

    Like if this is relaxing 😎

  45. Fish Taco

    Good work beating Ireland lads

  46. MISI TAU

    This song shall carry on!! #2019

    Jade Neeld

    And ever and ever

    martin nghikongelwa

    Indeed it shall



  47. Drickson Santos

    Country music

  48. supelicious

    Who is here from Conair

  49. c c

    I love UB40 all there songs are amazing, they have such great voices and such quality music.

  50. Justin Venables

    U can’t beat ub40 they are world class n bring so many memories to me my husband n to u all , proud to be a un40 brummie RIP Lloyd x

  51. Anna Jasinski

    @Daniel Hampson... unser Auszugslied aus der Kirche bei unserer Hochzeit😍😘

  52. Winner

    askins v okolie

    Jamie Newton

    winnertaker 😂😂😂😂


    you watched that fight too? was bad wasnt it

    Jamie Newton

    Yh totally

  53. Family Matters


  54. Tim Brooke

    who else is listening to this in 2018

    Caterina House

    3/10/19 everyday

    one love music

    2019 this song 🙌❤️ was. Played at my brother's funeral great tunnnnee 💞💞💋❤️

    steve h

    me in 2019 lol

  55. DJHaz Beats

    This is a classic, I love this song. I play it really loud on my stereo system and it sounds awesome.

  56. Paul Brightone Ahao

    I'ts sand that the pain of makers of the original song endured that has been forgotten and now their sweet soundly words are stolen from them by a white man and claimed under their name

    Amin Mecci

    Brighquan Emperio who wrote this song and what pain did they endure ?

    Jamie Newton

    Shut up you little pussy whole

    wing mcwingerson

    Oh well. The whites did it better. Get over it

    Goldie Stewart

    @wing mcwingerson whites always do it better

  57. Mike

    Rest in peace. It was an honour to carry you into church today. Miss you. Sorry we couldn't save you. I tried my best to get the emergency services to you in time. I managed to find two first aiders within minutes, but the odds were tragically stacked against us all. You were too badly injured :-(

    Blitz Kritz

    Mike what you on about dude

    Ethan Scott B1V

    bro are you ok?

    Ethan Scott B1V

    @Blitz Kritz I'm so confused what's he on about

    pure writers

    @Ethan Scott B1V leave that guy alone, he is high

    Ethan Scott B1V

    @pure writers yh ok he might be high but is he ok?

  58. Lesley Forsythe

    Brilliant xx

  59. Ivam Sousa

    eucimto flauta diunfilho quando discuto esirrgui elisdorava mas deu levou co14 ano todas musica eu ub40 eligostava

  60. Helen Otolo


  61. Wolfhungry

    h r the flash !!!!

  62. Anto Sajosh Poovelikunnel

    best song

  63. Ulises Candelario Martinez

    saludos desde México the best music

  64. Gloria Todd

    this song sounds so mush better than the other awsome

  65. Steven Decube

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_Low,_Sweet_Chariot - It's an 'American Negro Spiritual' song! How ironic is it that the song is most associated with the English Rugby Union Team - a predominantly 'white' sport.... Great track though I didn't realise it was from 2003

    G I G H T K I N N

    A predominantly 'white' sport... Dominated by the All Blacks!

    K Paul

    Up the All Blacks!

    Pasqualino Greco

    we all bleed red in sports

    Pasqualino Greco


    G I G H T K I N N

    All Blacks are white too

  66. Even Stephen

    sounds like one dance

  67. Black Pill

    this version is better. thought they were singing about cherries again

  68. Tangi Hetaraka-Manukau

    ❤️love this song

  69. romeo abramo

    I'm gonna go home too..........

    Elina Refit

    I love this song

  70. Anthony Enos

    makes me wanna praise Jesus!

  71. Royal Coyote

    Its English and will be for as England Stands

    Thomas Simms

    this was a song sang by slaves waiting for a chance to escape from slavery that the English had for the most part them in. i find it ironic that you think this song should stand for England. but i guess to each his own or what he/she thinks is hos own#

    Peter Kehoe

    +Thomas Simms +The Wolf is referring to the fact that Swing Low and this version is the supporters anthem of English rugby.

    Royal Coyote

    Yes thanks peter 

    BadcatV smith

    Thomas Simms bless.
    That was then.
    This is now.
    England - our rugby anthem.

  72. fossy4321


  73. Steve Brummie Weaver

    we are england we claim what we want!


    +oswestry69 Except for the cup :o

    William Poole

    Except America.

    Head The Ball,

    bobobob83 Bob's definetaly your aunty not yer uncle,🤣😃😂


    You know this isn’t a rugby song right. It’s an anthem to freedom sung by slaves.

  74. Paula Samples

    my father in laws song

  75. Paula Samples

    my father in laws song

  76. hellobabe7

    Best version to me!❤️

    Jack Macaulay

    hinatababe97 it is isn’t it

  77. Cee Dee

    Rick Ali you are an idiot.  UB40 are singing the song not claiming it. Maybe a look at this will help you.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swing_Low,_Sweet_Chariot

  78. Jonic Auramental Hedgehog III

    I finally found that song tails was singing from adventures of sonic the hedgehog e.27: Boogy-mania!

  79. Rick Ali

    its a american song who the fuck is english to claim it

    Harry Rayner

    you really are thick not everything on wiki is true you can edit it and it doesnt say who claims the song so your digging yourself a hole

    Harry Rayner

    id rather not thanks


    are you doin this just to stir up the wog? the song was a mournful song of hope by US slaves. when they heard it sung in the fields by the women only they knew an underground railroad "train" was stopping to pick up slaves trying to escape. who cares? it's beautiful. enjoy it and your rugby!


    Rick Ali It's called a cover and an English version!! Tell that to all the rich, popular and famous singers doing the same to other songs. It's not like UB40 said this was an original of theirs! This is by far the best version.

    Ro Maniac

    Why are you so butthurt?

  80. rex de leeuw

    hello im rex de leeuw i have cancer :( its my birthday today i want 1 present ub40 come to my house :) but i know it cant

  81. Sandro rodrigues alves

    very good,brazil

  82. supascholesey

    Lol I take my comment back. Just watched the wilko kick and final whistle on here. They did play it. Must have missed it all those years ago whilst jumping around my living room haha

  83. supascholesey

    Didn't play this around the ground after we one. Shocking. Best country World Cup song seen fee lions and they didn't even play it when we lifted the trophy. So disappointing

  84. Wellington Sharpe

    Want to wake up every day to this musical arrangements..

  85. Kade

    Gives me goosebumps every time, makes me feels so proud, would go as far as saying that I'd have it played at my funeral

  86. Savana Waitokia Taylor

    beautiful song

  87. Ryan Hadfield

    I want to be played at my funeral when I die

  88. Dragontail1992

    I like this version :D

  89. Sean Taylor

    Brings back those happy childhood memories :)

  90. Devin t


  91. Devin t


  92. Michael Williams

    I could listen to this all night!

  93. Nathan Chan

    Nice song


    Musique bien mais moi je n'aime pas rugby

  95. Harry Midgley

    this is a tune ngl its epic love it to bits

  96. Babygirltashx