UB40 - Plenty More Lyrics

On the radio wave the call to the grave
Is wrapped up in glory to fool the brave
They tell a tall story of all those that gave
All that they had fot the freedom they'd save

On the TV broadcast they said it won't last
All over by sunday, consigned to the past
The cleanup starts Monday despite the bomb blast
A brand new beginning the die has been cast

There's plenty more where that came from
Five megatons of oblivion
Sent with love from the Pentagon
On a laser guided Neutron Bomb

But a satellite link said it's worse than they think
They can't find the body: it's causing a stink
The guy in the Oval is back on the drink
And Uncle Sam's poodle's in need of a shrink

It's been a full year, the families can cheer
Their sons and their brothers are now in the clear
The war is all over but it would appear
That those left behind are all living in fear


Loot shoot gunfire salute
How many innocent die every day
Loot shoot gunfire salute
Innocent die from the games that you play

Deceit and deception there's always some deception
Like the unjust executions dat they forget to mention
You stop, stare and wonder but a you mek di blunder
Your enemies draw near wid di sound like rolling thunder

Torture and detention there's always some detention
For the fall guy, the patsy, the one dem never mention
You play your war games and play with innocent life
You keep the dice rolling with elaborate lies

Loot shoot gunfire salute
How many innocent die every day
Loot shoot gunfire salute
Innocent die from the games that you play

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UB40 Plenty More Comments
  1. The.garfieM.

    Yep!👍 “Plenty More Where That Came From” 🤓 Me Thinks! 😉

  2. Anand Naidu

    Long live UB40...but sadly so they break up god bless all the band members they entertained the world for the past 30years

  3. Angel Daniel Munive Garcia

    Colombia's government, how many innocents die every day???
    Gun fire salutes all the time in our mountains. Don't keep playing the same game you've been playing all these years. Thanks UB40 for the lyrics...

  4. John Waddington

    My fav. Well after 'After tonight', 'Things you say you love', ' Kiss and say goodbye', ' Good situation', Ok, basically all the others, even 'bling bling'. Reasons, many, er, actually just one, I hate I hate hate songs, too confusing.

  5. Houari Khelifa

    always in the top. we love you

  6. Akon Lover

    I love how happy Robin is here singing this song......They obviously love what they do and that’s why they have lasted so long (even though they are two different bands) : (

    Gabriela Menichini

    They both look happy, Robin and Ali, now none.

  7. Mary Hastilow

    Would appear the words are still relevant today unfortunately

  8. Migue GARCIA

    Que vuelvan estar juntos por favor,la mejor banda de regee que escuche!!

    Gabriela Menichini

    Si, la mejor. Yes, the best.

  9. Stuart Cannon

    cool I'll be UB40 fan for last 42 years


    Stuart Cannon Me Too!✊ Respect ✌️

  10. Calder Bruyninckx


  11. Lewis Farthing

    Love you Ali ... still got the best voice ever!!!!!!!!


    Lewis Farthing Yep!👍 Agreed!✌️

  12. Clint Jones

    great song so true are the lyrics clint love you long time ub40

  13. kirta pic

    i love you ub 40 so much can you tell me please the name of the singer

    Yvonne Wheeler

    kirta pic Alie Campbell is the singer .

  14. mark doyle

    Is this on a album

    Mofazul Ullah


  15. Dominic Donnelly

    when alie on tour biringamm again any boddy no

  16. Mariama Manneh

    am really happy for you UB40 is good that you are back on track again I really like you guys alot

  17. nathalie dubois


  18. agustin xD

    gracias ub 40 grosos totales

  19. Cristian Anchia

    ub40' que dicho eso muy bueno

  20. Maria De Jesus Camacho Romero

    me gustan mucho


    Ub40 me encanta como cantan

  22. виктор мазилов

    Fantastic song!!!

  23. Fco Javier Torrente

    What concert?

    Herve Machou

    Sorry no answer back !

    The Drummer and the Gamer

    Fco Javier Torrente It is not a concert. It was a recording session in April 2005